Methods for improving blood circulation

Generally speaking, women with cold feet and cold feet are prone to various inflammations, such as breast, uterus, ovary and gynecological diseases. Mood is also easy to be depressed, and self-confidence is easy to fluctuate.

According to the scheme of improving circulation, all related inflammations and gynecologic systems can be solved in an all-round and one breath.

If men’s hands and feet are cold, they usually sweat, with red palms, red spots, red ears, rough nose and easy exhaustion. Most of them are the prophase of cardiovascular diseases.

What methods can improve circulation? Women and men should learn to bathe alternately in hot and cold. At the beginning, they can try from their feet and slowly to the whole body. When washing, enjoy and breathe deeply. If you feel cold, you are allowed to laugh! One minute at a time, singing and laughing. Even doing all kinds of exercises! It is very important to play heartily. Go back and forth ten times. From then on, you will change your complexion, physical ability and circulation.

Before washing hot and cold water baths, you must eat a nutritious breakfast for a period of time before you start. You must have protein powder, B, C, calcium and magnesium, Beilijian and good oil every day. Otherwise, exercise will become a burden and persecution. Any exercise without nutrition support is not exercise, but loss.

In addition to hot and cold water, you can often pat lymph and joint parts of your body, such as underarm, back of leg joints, and shoulders. Get into the habit of patting and beating each other if nothing happens. This is the second habit of promoting circulation.

The function of stretching body and yoga is this, stretching and unfolding.

Gingko Cistanche Herba is especially helpful for weak kidney function due to poor physical fitness, poor circulation, cold hands and feet. It can be used together with blueberry and fish oil, and myopia may be adjusted by the way.

Dosage, ginkgo cistanche can use 6 to 12, blueberry 9 to 12, fish oil 6 to 12, with basic nutrition ( protein, b, c, calcium and magnesium ) there will be many unexpected surprises, you can record one by one.

Nutrients to improve circulation, including gingko, blueberry, fish oil, lecithin, allicin, Q10, vitamin E, which and how much to use, usually the real problem is money! If money is not a problem, these can support the body from different angles. These are called functional nutrients, which are not needed every day, not everyone! However, for people with cold hands and feet, easy exhaustion, low mood, depression and frequent uneasiness, these nutrients, together with nutritious breakfast and happy meal, can change your character, even family harmony and even fate.

Another way to improve circulation is to play, which means that circulation is not good, rather than interacting with people. Too little passion, too little happiness, so the cycle is not good. Or it can be reversed, the cycle is not good, leading to depression, insufficient physical strength, insufficient self – confidence, not brave enough, not passionate enough, difficult to be happy. Nutrition changes character, nutrition changes destiny.