Marriage Transactions in High Society

Marriage is a deal for many people. When the two sides cannot win – win, most people choose to endure silently, while others will stop their losses through divorce. Today’s story comes from a divorce lawyer. While helping the gold owner to split up his family property, the author is also lured by money.

The gold owner who lured the author seems wise and kind, and has a consciousness of awakening beyond that of other women, but in fact he has not put aside the traditional Chinese women’s concept of ” maintaining family stability wholeheartedly”.

There is a sixth story about a profession

Story time: 2016 – 2017

Location of the story: a coastal city in the south

After graduating from master of law, I entered the law firm and dreamed of becoming a partner with a high salary. At first, I wanted to go to the financial project department of the law firm. I guessed that the commission here was relatively high.

After the interview, the boss assigned me to the marriage and family department. Only later did I know that the marriage and family group was the highest performing department in the institute.

After going to work formally, the boss told me that the coffee she bought should be half a spoonful of sugar and two spoonfuls of milk, not more or less. The set meal should be vegetarian. Garbage cans must be placed in a fixed position.

In the first half of the year, in order to be ready for business trip, I wore a T – shirt, jeans or sportswear with flat shoes every day.

At the end of the day’s regular meeting, brother Zhao of the same group joked, ” why do you women work so hard in this job? However, in this line of work, you can get in touch with many big brothers and seize the opportunity to jump the dragon gate with carp. ”

He turned to look at me, smiled and said, ” But it is useless for some people to have big chests. A salted fish is like a salted fish after turning over.”

I looked at the boss in the office, dressed in expensive gray suits and with neat and short hair, and decided to turn over a new leaf instead of wasting the heavy eyebrows my parents gave me.

The next day, I wore eyeliner, lipstick, my favorite white shirt and khaki suit pants, a beautiful silk scarf and tie, a brand-name A bag, and high heels of 5cm. I went to work in high spirits.

” Today is very different from yesterday?” For the first time in six months, the female boss looked at me carefully.

On my bright day, I happened to welcome one of the most important VIP clients of the law firm, the legendary Chen Tai. Chen taiyuan’s original surname is Fang, and her husband’s surname is Chen. they have come to invest, start a business and settle down in the area with their husband, because they have always shown their love for each other since their marriage. they are so honored.

To our surprise, Mrs Chen entered our department. Before that, Mrs. Chen had worked in the marriage and family department in the future. her company and Mr. Chen’s company were busy listing. she basically went to the finance department.

The boss has always been calm, but this time he was greeted with a smiling face. The two men sat on the sofa and talked for a long time.

” Is Mrs. Chen finally getting a divorce?” The assistants outside the office began to talk a lot. Chen Tai’s husband’s affair has long been an open secret.

After talking with the boss all morning, Mrs Chen finally came out. The diamond necklace around her neck was so bright that she smiled and nodded at us.

I have a good impression of Mrs. Chen, starting from the bottom but with aristocratic temperament. After going through Qian Fan, she is already the hostess of an economic kingdom. After Mrs. Chen left that day, everyone in our group received a rare fruit basket and 1,000 red envelopes.

After spending half a year in the department, for the first time, I especially expect others to divorce.


After Mrs. Chen left, the boss called us to have a busy meeting. Ordinary divorces do not require intra-group union, but this time involve huge amounts of property. When the boss had a meeting, he specifically called the finance section.

However, the boss said at the meeting that in the early days, Mrs. Chen did not intend to go to court. No transfer order can be applied to the court, the accounts of the four major banks and other banks cannot be checked, and the asset investigation can only be checked by the court.

” A month later, we will give Mrs. Chen a preliminary report on her assets. Everyone cheer up. Xiao sun, you will go to hong kong tomorrow. The credit card company over there needs you to contact. ” The boss is as serious as ever.

I can only answer: ” okay.” How can we find out without disturbing the parties or the judges? I am like falling into a cloud.

After the meeting, as usual, I wrote a work contact letter to the unit to be contacted. The boss came over, ” don’t write, you can go directly tomorrow. There will be a special person to receive you. ”

I went home in the middle of the night and slept for a while before heading to Hong Kong the next morning.

The customer manager of the credit card company personally came out to meet me and took me to the VIP lounge. I handed over the credit card information and a stack of information to the manager. since Chen tai’s and her husband’s accounts are mostly joint accounts ” tied up by husband and wife”, Chen tai first provided us with some information.

Then, I was called to another room and met with several programmers and algorithm engineer. Over the next few days, we gathered together ” strange information” about credit cards and worked with accountants in Hong Kong to make a pair of accounts for related items.

There are many credit cards to check, many consumption records and large amounts. Programmers and engineers are responsible for the collection and collation of ” big data” ( big data is only for one business group here ).

In theory, this information is not exposed, but programmers and engineers seem to be familiar with this kind of work. They told me that data can reflect people’s behavior habits. Once habits are broken, it means ” problems” appear. For example, there was no record of luxury goods consumption before a card, but in the past year, the record of luxury goods consumption has soared. This card is likely to change its owner.

The results of our final statistics and analysis show that many cards have changed their owners. According to preliminary estimates, these expenses are the expenses that Mr. Chen gave his lover. Moreover, there is more than one lover.

Following through, we also found many properties hidden by Mr. Chen. Some overseas properties need to be confirmed. We will first list out a few pages as the objects of follow-up investigation.

Consumption records can also reflect ” whereabouts”. I felt that I became FBI in an instant, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to find out the truth. I just felt ridiculous.


One month after returning from Hong Kong, the boss said that Chen Tai, who was very satisfied with my asset investigation report, named me to report on my work. Chen Tai and I had our first direct contact.

Chen Tai came here wearing a relatively ” plain” diamond necklace and replaced it with a single pearl necklace.

I started a debriefing report to the boss, Mrs. Chen and several core colleagues, describing to them the results of our team’s efforts in the past month, including Mrs. Chen’s assets that were ” a shoo-in” and Mr. Chen’s hidden assets that we found out first. The law firm kept a copy of this confidential material, gave it to Chen Taiyi, and finally handed it over to an unknown investigation company.

When it was time for colleagues to exchange experiences and make eye contact, everyone agreed that it seemed that Mrs. Chen had taken the trouble to make some preparations in the early stage and our investigation was ” green light”.

” One thing seems to have to be made clear in court.” Chen Tai, who has been listening, finally spoke.

Colleagues from the finance department said that Chen taijia’s company encountered difficulties in listing because of the problem of ” share holding” in the company. As the actual investor, Mr. Chen entrusted others to hold shares in the company in the name of others, but he concealed this part of the facts from Mrs. Chen.

Our next focus of investigation is to find Mr. Chen’s hidden real estate and the ” other person” who is acting on his behalf.

” Xiao sun, you appear in court this time. Don’t you already have a lawyer’s license? There is always a unique opportunity to seize it. ” The boss entrusted me with an important task again.

Since I joined the law firm, I have been an auxiliary lawyer. In the face of clients like Mrs. Chen, I want to prove myself and carry a lot of pressure.

This case of proxy holding is actually an important step to clarify the equity relationship and the distribution of benefits. In order not to make mistakes, I ran to the finance department for details of the case. Once, I was staring blankly at the data report before me. The passing boss stopped and said to me with a smile: ” Do you know what happened to the divorce case? The essence of divorce is transaction failure. A marriage contract is just like a contract. It is inevitable that some people will not perform the contract or that the contract will be fraudulent. ”

In the month before the court appearance, I read the materials over and over again, continuously simulating the debate scene in the cross-examination process, summarizing the boss’s charm in court, reminding myself every day that the statements in court should be smooth, free of manuscript, moderate and powerful, and gestures should not be exaggerated, etc.

But on the day of appearing in court, I still got stuck. I became very unsure and began to lower my head to read the manuscript. In order to jump out words, my hands began to make careless gestures. The opposing lawyer has been sniggering and the judge is frowning.

” It doesn’t matter, son. Take your time.” Chen Tai smiled and comforted me. The smile was very powerful. I calmed down and finally finished the trial.

My mistake caused some losses to Mrs. Chen, especially a controversial issue that I didn’t handle properly, otherwise I could help Mrs. Chen win more benefits. After the court, I didn’t hold back and sat at the gate of the court crying loudly.

Mrs. Chen patted me and invited me to have dinner. To say that this company is only one of her many companies makes me uneasy. I sobbed and ate, tears snapped and mingled with the meal in front of me.

At that moment, I was grateful to Mrs Chen.


Chen Tai’s divorce asset investigation and derivative cases, large and small, have been going on for five months unconsciously. According to Chen Tai’s original plan, we have found more and more hidden property of Chen. But Mrs. Chen did not take any substantive measures to promote divorce.

In the middle of the case, I went on a business trip. On the day of my return, I just stepped into the door of the law firm and saw several colleagues in the distance talking around the door of the boss’s office.

As the boss’s personal assistant and court assistant lawyer, my seat is next to the boss’s office. I looked at the boss’s office. A woman seemed to be quarrelling with the boss, throwing things while quarrelling. The boss drew the curtain calmly.

Before long, law firm security guards entered the office rack and took the strange woman away. In the corridor, the woman was excited and her eyes were red. Before she left, she kept shouting: ” Don’t think you are great lawyers! The same retribution will be meted out to those who have done things that hurt the heaven and the earth. Give me back my child! ”

The woman looks about my age and wears a work uniform. Although her facial features were distorted and her hair was untidy when she was taken away from the rack, a clear-sighted person could see at a glance that she was very beautiful but looked gaunt.

In the afternoon, the boss gave me a business card with only one name and one mobile phone number on it, and asked me to wait for this person on the business card to contact me in a couple of days. If he does not contact me, I will contact him again.

I was too busy to touch the ground for the past two days, which I left behind for the time being. Two days later, I was busy, and my cell phone rang. The number was exactly the number on the business card I saved two days ago.

” Hello, Mr. Jinxx?” I asked.

” Yes, it’s me. Miss sun, right? Do you have time to meet us today? There are some things you need to hand over to the boss. ”

The whole meeting process was like a spy connection. The meeting place changed several times. After the meeting, they were also asked to delete the number from their mobile phones. This Mr. Kim wears a cap on his head and a suit of overalls. He can see a telephoto lens in the car. Even if the brim of his hat is very low, his red eye ring and black pouch can be seen. I used to work as a reporter and often came into contact with this kind of people – paparazzi.

” I’ve been working really hard, but your boss will be satisfied.” With a proud face, he handed me a bag of things. ” Please let me know if you need me to contact the reporter.” Say, drive away.

I didn’t resist my curiosity and opened the package, which contained a stack of photos and a CD. The woman who made a scene at the law firm two days ago appeared in the photo. besides her own photo, there were also photos of her, Mr Chen and a child.

Back at the law firm, the boss was away on business and I received visiting Mrs Chen. I don’t know whether to show Mrs Chen the photos and CDs in her hand. It would be somewhat embarrassing for a woman to face up to her husband’s betrayal.

” Have you got everything?” I didn’t expect Chen Tai to take the initiative to ask, ” Have you seen it?” She smiled.

” It was originally impossible to expose one’s dirty linen in public, but now there is nothing to be ashamed of.” She took a sip of the tea in front of her.

” once your divorce is over, you won’t have to endure all this humiliation.” I drily ” comforted” Mrs. Chen.

” Who said I was going to divorce?” Mrs. Chen smiled at me again with a meaningful face.

No divorce? Then why have my colleagues and I been busy for more than half a year? I have a whisper in my heart.

” My son has stayed abroad for several years and will return home. A man is thirty years old, and I only want him to inherit his father’s and me’s family business. The important thing is that our family has only one son, so we can’t cut corners. ” Speaking of which, Chen Tai’s eyes reveal a chill.

” Well, I see.” I replied, in fact, I was a little scared.

Mission Impossible

After a few days, I finally got off work early, but I was stopped at the door by the woman in the last big law firm, that is, the woman in the photo.

” Girl, can you tell me where you hid my child?” She pounced, ” Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you told me.”

I am at a loss. ” No, you don’t. I really don’t know.”

She pestered me for a long time. The security guard came and she was dragged away again.

Looking at the way she cried and cried, my mood was a little complicated.

Later I learned that women worked in the local area at first, because their appearance was good and became the administrative reception for Mr Chen’s company. Her family has a younger brother who is going to college and a father who has been ill in bed for many years. But I don’t know where her child is, and the boss has never said anything about it.

” Mrs. Chen still doesn’t want Mr. Chen to lose his reputation. Let him know who is in charge of the family. ” The boss told me not to reveal these things to reporters.

Later, I took another photo with Mr. Kim at the law firm. he was accompanied by a reporter from a famous local media. Reporters eldest brother know my previous job, talked with me, I just learned that Mr. Jin is a famous private detective in the circle, ” read small three countless”.

” which of the local ladies and kuotai does not have Mr. Kim’s business card?” The reporter’s eldest brother took the hush money and told me without hesitation that he would give Mr. Kim half of the commission, which was calculated as ” thank you money”.

Before leaving, the reporter elder brother said to me, ” do you think you are the only ones looking into it?” We all know each other. ”

Hearing this, I felt a little shiver and wondered if I, who followed the boss everywhere, was also in the other person’s hand a photo? But I told myself not to think much and not to ask much. The boss said that as long as we are responsible for the ” professional” things.

Since then, I have never seen this woman again. Other colleagues at the law firm said she was ” dismissed.” As for the child, he was initially hidden by Mr. Chen, then found by Mrs. Chen and sent abroad. Chen Tai was very ” generous” and promised to give a large amount of child support every year, even contracted for the medical expenses of his third father.


I thought the woman had been taken care of, but the woman’s brother came to the law firm again and couldn’t find the boss. He found me sitting beside the boss’s office. In divorce cases, there are also many cases of extortion by the parties or their families.

” My sister is missing.” He cut to the chase.

Out of kindness, I told him what was at stake: ” After all, your sister was the first to make the mistake.”

” Another mistake is also our family’s fault. Do you want to pay for this mistake with your life? ” My younger brother has a serious face. His expression is not like the face of those who used to blackmail me, but a face