Marmot that can shrink bones

The Pamirs plateau in winter is deserted. At this time, like a sleepy old man, everything seems to be lost. The mountains are so lonely exposed to strong ultraviolet rays, day after day, Year after year, it becomes like a blood clot. The rocks in the mountains are scattered and scattered, big, small, round, deformed, cracked, all sleeping one by one under the sky, it seems that they will never regenerate their vitality…

Later the snow fell a little thinner, and the wind became more solemn, no longer rashly bumping. Suddenly, something started to move in the snow.

Life is good at sports, even if it is an unpredictable search, or it is unconsciously approaching disaster, but it will still move forward…It is a few marmots. The leading one first jumped on a stone and looked carefully in four directions. After confirming that there was no abnormal situation, he turned back and yelled at his partner. So from the cracks in the stone, in the grass, and in the snow, a group of marmots swarmed out like magic.

They got together intimately, some of them touched their heads, and some played and played with each other, and they looked very intimate. After a while, the hillsides were full of marmots, because with these lively little guys, the plateau appeared peaceful and warm.

Marmots are really cute. And what kind of people are close to them? For example, on October 13, 1994, a group of people who set foot on the Pamirs were complicated. They came from Beijing, Xinjiang, Anhui, and Henan, with different accents and different purposes. Seeing the cute marmot, one of them proposed to get a few back, and several others spoke the same two words with different accents-yes. They took the food from the car, spread it on the sand beams, then took off their clothes, tied the climbing rope to the corner of the clothes, and pulled the other end to sit in the car and wait patiently.

The smell of the food was blown away by the wind, and the marmots soon smelled it. They turned their heads right away and sniffed hard, it was indeed very fragrant. They were happy, jumping happily, rising and falling, and approached here. When they got closer, they first found a few iron guys (cars) lying on the road, some black, some white, shining. They seemed to have an ominous hunch, so they stopped, hiding their bodies behind the stone, and then slowly looked out.

They soon discovered that the iron guys were dead and were lying on the road so they didn’t have to be afraid.

They started cheering and jumped out from behind the stones. The tangy scent diffused over again, so they were fooled, one, two, three… quickly rushed to the food. The people in the car were staring steady, and when they swallowed food, they pulled the rope hard, and the clothes were covered like a large net, and they were covered inside. Realizing that the disaster was coming, they bumped into the darkness, but the soft things could not be broken through. After a few efforts, they were afraid.

The men flew forward, covered their clothes, and then reached in and caught the marmot. They were so happy that they lifted a marmot that only staggered its four claws, just like what they got. However, without waiting for them to be happy again, the sudden change made them shocked-somehow, the marmots narrowed their bones one by one in a short period of time, and fell out of their hands to the ground, and then restored in an instant, With a leap, he took off and ran deep into the valley. They were stunned and startled, and only half a day passed by, and they looked around blankly. They were frustrated. The pair of hands that had just held the “achievement” became numb, and they held it in midair for a while and couldn’t get it back.

They picked up their clothes from the ground and reluctantly returned to the car and went to another place. Marmots can reduce bones, and the fact that this happened in front of them makes them seem unbelievable. They cannot accept this fact. Obviously, they have a feeling of being teased.

“Marmots are so great, it’s a myth.” I sat on the other hillside that day and witnessed the scene. I feel sorry for the few people who have not been moved. It seems that they witnessed the myth but turned around indifferently. I turned my head and saw that the marmots were still frolicking in the snow, playing as much as they could, and those cars no longer knew where to go.

The Pamirs began to snow again, and the marks left by the marmots became blurred one by one, and soon they were overwhelmed by the snow. The lazy, numb old man in the plateau appeared again. In this silence and the vastness, the piece of snow that had just been staged before my eyes was drowned, and because the sky was dusk, everything became more and more blurred.