Love your wind and rain

On November 8, 1916, General Cai E with Adam’s apple, stone, died of illness in Japan at the age of 34.

When Fengxian Xiao learned of the news, he was in great pain. High Mountains and Running Water sought a bosom friend. He was the biggest bright color in her life. But it was only a short moment. He flashed across the night sky like a meteor and disappeared from her life inside forever. How did she face the long life in the future?

After presenting elegiac couplet at the memorial service in Cai E, who “won the hero’s bosom friend and the peach blossom will last forever” (“Unfortunately Zhou Yu was short-lived, I knew Li Jing (Tang dynasty) was a hero”), Fengxian Xiao quietly left the eight big Hutong.

Since then, he has been displaced from place to place and married a teacher who died in battle. For Excuse Me For Living, she lived with a cook in inside, a bungalow in Hutong, Shouquan Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang. Because her husband’s surname is Chen, her neighbors in week all call her “Chen Niang”. She gave herself a meaningful name: Zhang Zifei.

Chen is an honest man. He vaguely knew that she was an unusual woman, but he did not ask about the past unless she said so. She didn’t have a job and lived on his meager income. The north wing room they lived in was only ten square meters narrow, and there was almost no furniture in the house. The only decent decoration was the small alarm clock that made him get up and start work every day. He always felt wronged her. Therefore, as long as she likes and he can do it, he will try his best to satisfy her.

Her only love is drinking, almost every meal to drink two cups, at that time, he would roll up his sleeves to get her two drinks, occasionally accompany her to drink two cups. Ordinary life inside had a little taste because of his warmth.

Her only pleasure is go to the opera. She was ecstatic when she heard a play. As if a generation had passed.

For him, for life, she also settled down. Don’t pay attention to wear, just love clean, often wash a few ordinary clothes clean, wear on her body, very different.

She had a small package with her. There was a picture of a handsome young officer in it. He asked once, she smiled faintly and answered softly: she is an ordinary friend.

The days are fast moving forward. Their life is getting more and more difficult. As a last resort, she became a nanny.

She met an old friend, that was the only connection she had with her former life. The old friend is Mei Lanfang.

At the beginning of 1951, Mei Lanfang led the troupe to visit the volunteers who went to North Korea to take part in the war, and performed through Shenyang. When she heard the news, she wanted to meet this old acquaintance in Beijing and ask for his help, so she wrote a letter and sent it to mei.

A few days later, she received a reply from Mei Lanfang inviting her to meet her. She was very excited and put on her best clothes and dressed like a festival to meet Mei Lanfang.

At this time, she is over 50 years old, suffering from life, suffering from Cang Sang, old friends meet, it’s a long story.

Upon Mei’s recommendation, she became a health worker in a government school. It was the happiest day of her life. She was very active and took part in various activities.

Only, she never told anyone around her who she was. In everyone’s eyes, she is just an ordinary woman Zhang Zifei.

When the movie “bosom friend” was released to Tenants Of Talkative Street, she also watched it in the crowd in inside. High Mountains and Running Water sought a bosom friend. Is it really she and General Cai that are the pair of blue people on the screen? The love affair between The Old Time and inside turned yellow, as if it were simply another life of another person.

She doesn’t remember much about life in Fengxian Xiao, China, Four arts and Picking Up & Dropping Off. Then Spark met the man in inside. He lit up her whole life like a light. Then the light went out and her life faded.

She lived with Chen/Chan men for most of her life. She never really knew him. She just used him to escape the memory in her heart. However, he gave her all the warmth of a home. She is a woman who understands. She does not understand that if General Cai were alive, there would be a good story between them, or that is all.

And he treated her sincerely. He hoped that all her injuries could be cured in the ordinary years when inside died, just as he made a porridge and a meal, but he usually raised people. She was very glad to meet him. He was always with her and gave her the most honest warmth. That’s enough, isn’t it?

In 1976, she finally completed her tortuous life and died at the age of 76. She fell to the public toilet beside her bungalow, inside, with a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. People carried her to the emergency room of the hospital and the rescue was ineffective.

Trembling, he put the photo that followed her all his life in her pocket, inside. Tears streamed down his ravine face.

In his whole life, he never said that word of love to her. He is not the bosom friend of Fengxian Xiao or the woman who changed her name to Zhang Zifei. However, some feelings have melted into the blood, inside, which is thicker than water.

That is also love.

The person who accompanied her through the last day of her life was not General Cai, but him.

No matter how many people love you in bright spring days, one person is enough to love you.