Looking for an account or looking for a job

  Lost the ideal with identity

  Five years ago, graduated from master’s degree, Wang Yu faced a life choice.

  Back to a small city or stay in Beijing? This is very simple. Referring to other people’s stays, comparing the pros and cons of the two places, he quickly chose to stay in Beijing.

  When the reporter is still in the state-owned enterprises to do the administration? Two completely different jobs were placed in front of Wang Yu, which really made him embarrassed. Starting from the interests and specialties, the reporter is undoubtedly elected. The fly in the ointment is not to solve the hukou; but in the state-owned enterprises to do the administration? The advantage is stability, hukou, the disadvantage is that the work content is boring, trivial, and has nothing to do with the seven-year major.

  Being a reporter is really thinking, no account is really panic… Wang Yusi wants to go, QQ has talked about no more than ten friends, the phone card has exploded several times, still can not be determined. One day, he saw a novel, “There are thousands of knots in the heart,” and he sighed, “Is there a thousand knots in the heart”? It was a room friend’s strong sentence to make a decision for Wang Yu.

  Strongly refused the position of a teacher in a Chinese-speaking institution. His reason is that “not solving the account, let me be a second-class citizen in this city forever!” When he said that he was unintentional, Wang Yu was shocked. “Second-class citizens ?! If everyone else has a Beijing account, then I am a second-class citizen. Doesn’t it seem that I have no ability?” “You can change after work, but the account has not passed this store!”

  Wang Yu signed a contract with a state-owned enterprise office building.

  He will never forget that day. He sat in the personnel department and waited for the sun to pass through the curtains and sprinkled on the glass plates of the two desks. There were several photos under the glass plate, and the photo was burned with gold letters. Gold, glass, and sunlight made Wang Yu’s eyes blurred. From then on, he wants to integrate into another life, step by step, and sit in danger; no matter what he is doing, he must be very busy; work is better, not as early as every day. Health is doing well…

  This is not the life he wants.

  When Wang Yu signed, his heart was gently tied by a needle. He pretended not to feel, and still politely smiled with the personnel manager. The manager said, can you be optimistic? The contract also has an attachment. Wang Yu nodded.

  Attached, Wang Yu signed a contract with the state-owned enterprise for five years. As a result of resolving the Beijing hukou, he resigned before the expiration of the contract. The liquidated damages were 4,000 yuan a month.

  Many days later, if you don’t do it, and if you want to sell iron, you will go back and forth in Wang Yu’s heart. It’s a “failure of one month and four thousand” to stop his legs and feet.

  “Do not do it” and “sell the iron to go” but it appears more and more frequently.

  For example, in the official records of conference proceedings, speeches, and various reports, Wang Yu gradually felt boring. He did not know what professional knowledge or thinking ability he had learned over the years. For example, when leading the cup cover, blowing tea leaves, coughing a few times, when setting up the work all the time, he clearly said that the subordinates clearly want to do nothing, but they all bow down and nod, saying that everyone can foresee and experience things. Finally, I have to start from the beginning.

  For example, the unit does not move the staff to reprimand the school as a primary school student. Once, the top leader “swinged” Wang Yu’s office, Wang Yu was making a form in front of the computer, and did not stand up in time to say hello. On the spot, Wang Yu “no family education”, a few days later, in front of everyone’s face, Wang Yu wrote the materials on the table, “What the hell are you writing!” No one dared to say.

  Such a work makes Wang Yu feel that his thoughts, ideals, knowledge, passion, self-esteem, and the beautiful things that have been cherished for many years and are most worth cherishing are slowly losing. He wants to go and sees many colleagues go.

  He can’t go. The contract for selling free-to-buy accounts clearly understands that four thousand a month means that he has to pay nearly 50,000 yuan for a year to go. This is a case for a family in Beijing, starting a family, starting a business, and buying a house. For his own foreigners, the loss is huge.

  Even if you can afford to pay, even if you are a lawyer’s friend, you can use the lawsuit to settle the liquidated damages. Wang Yu has never seen it. How can the unit detain the files of the resigned colleagues, the enterprise annuity… They ran around, At a glance, they were even locals and did not sign an unequal treaty with the unit.

  5 years, the day goes by.

  A job that is not suitable for you and can’t find fun, forced Wang Yu to pick up the pen and sleep on a sleepless night. Sometimes I look at the “Wang Yu” printed on the newspaper or magazine. He always stays for a while. Someone pushes the door in, and quickly folds it up, stuffs it into the drawer, looks at the viewer, and he becomes Wang Yu, a member of the class who is increasingly mediocre and willing to be mediocre.

  Time has come to 2010.

  On New Year’s Day, Wang Yu packed things at home, and the labor contract was included in the master’s degree certificate. In four months, he can leave. I don’t know why, with the paper that “Party A solves Beijing account for Party B and Party B serves Party A for five years”, he suddenly burst into tears.

  I cried so much, I cried, I lost my voice, and I burst into tears. It seems that five years ago, he was hanging in the air. He sighed, “When you move to a household, do a ‘first-class citizen’, you haven’t seen you cry for a while…”

  Left the ideal lost identity

  If it is not a strong student, the work of foreign Han is not the turn of Li.

  The strong and the same class are the same as the door, the undergraduate is a teacher’s major, the strength is the same, the experience is the same. When he was internship with this Chinese-language institution, the leader of the institution was obviously biased. For the reason, strong is a boy, who is not willing to recruit a young and strong young man?

  On the signing of the contract, I gave up. He proudly said to Li, I signed a XX middle school to solve the account! On the one hand, she was grateful for her strong venting report. On the one hand, she was able to withstand the loneliness outside Beijing’s “sixth ring”. She rushed to the foreign Chinese education institution to soften the hard foam and signed a tripartite agreement. After that, the account returned to the original.

  Li is not a girl who gets away. It is purely helpless to work without an account.

  Li once had a famous saying that at the school BBS uploading, “Every field, non-hot professional, fresh, female students’ employment process is a youthful inspirational drama. One person, one inspirational drama, different characters, similar plot, center Thought is constantly hitting the wall and never giving up.”

  In the process of constantly hitting the wall, Li is gradually realizing that there are good jobs that are professional, interesting, stable, and high-income, but it is difficult to turn her. She always has to work, delete desires, delete interest, and reluctantly; delete income, how to live? It is best to delete and the hardest to find is only stability – the account.

  There is no choice for work.

  After three years of graduation, Li has been sent to teach abroad as a backbone for a period of time. After five years of graduation, Li Yanran is an elite in the industry. It is necessary to teach her and her professional knowledge. Someone has already dug her to start a business together.

  However, Li also has troubles. Seeing that the former classmates were paired in pairs, from time to time to receive the wedding, the child’s newsletter message, Li will be self-pity, hey, almost thirty, and Xiaogu alone!

  This is not, the weekend is strong, the joy of relocation, please gather together, and Li was asked by the mentor, the younger brothers and sisters about lifelong events.

  To be honest, Li’s conditions are good, except that there is no Beijing account.

  The instructor once introduced a doctor to Li, and after meeting with Li, although they did not fall in love at first sight, at least they were not bad. After a period of time, I quickly determined the relationship. Li once unintentionally mentioned that his account was not in Beijing. The doctor was shocked: “North drift!” Li did a good job, so I haven’t taken the account for a long time. Looking at Dr.’s surprised expression, she was disdainful and went away. That time, she thought it was the doctor’s personal problem. Later, she repeatedly failed for the same reason. Sometimes even the introducer said her situation, the other party was not even seen, Licai realized that the account is a big problem!

  She said that men who only value my hukou are not worthy of love, but I know in my heart that there is no hukou, and there are indeed many inconveniences in this city.

  For example, buy a house. Standing in a strong “luxury”, Lidun was speechless when asked about the price. Strongly bought is affordable housing, more than 2,000 square meters, nearly 200 square meters of houses are only four or five hundred thousand, which makes more than 10,000 square meters of the house to take advantage of the strong and strong is a straight line.

  The price is related to the hukou, not to mention the purchase procedure. Li felt that she had trouble when she bought a house. Strong and unbelievable, Li immediately used the mobile phone to search the Internet for a strong look. I was shocked and sighed, and Li shook his head.

  For example, if you buy a car, for example, if your child goes to school later, if you want to apply for a visa, you have to go back to your hometown and take the temporary residence permit forever. It is an outsider in this city…

  A few of the younger brothers and sisters on the side looked at each other, and the eyes were clear–“Be sure to find a job with a hukou!”

  It was until the grievances such as the drums and the flowers passed to the strong, and it was the turn to perform.

  Strongly said that every day is to go to class, change homework, maintain discipline, invigilate, watch time slowly crawling over the skin; 1 year, 5 years, I can foresee my appearance after 10 or 20 years. Really boring.

  He turned his face to Li: “Sometimes I really envy you, at least I have been doing what I like. Life after 1 or 3 years is fresh and unknown… Remember Wang Yu’s buddy? Our house, Want to be a reporter who later went to the state-owned enterprise? Recently, I have been working in the world to find a reporter… It’s so easy, I’ll come back from scratch, so I…”

  The younger brother and the younger sister looked at Li and looked at the strong. The confusion and embarrassment were a bit tragic when faced with the choices, and they were the same as Lili and Qiang.