Living alive is love

  In the early morning of March 26, 21 years ago, a young man lay on the rails of Shanhaiguan, and a roaring train crushed his body. That day, it happened to be his 25th birthday.

  This man is the Haizi who wrote “facing the sea, spring blossoms.” This life is full of sap-sounding voices, calling on poets who grow food and vegetables and lie on the earth, ending this short life in this cruel way.

  However, this child, called Cha Haisheng, would not know in another world. On the morning of his birthday, his mother had already cooked a pot of red rice porridge in the smoke of the country. In this traditional way, she was in Beijing. The son is silently blessed.

  When a bloody life lay on a cold railroad, the heart of a mother could no longer withstand the crushing. End your life on birthday, maybe, this is the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

  In the rainy waters of the village in March, the ashes of the man named Cha Haisheng were sent back to the village where the mother lived. Just under the pine forest more than 300 meters in front of the door, a grave was built.

  Since then, a mother’s sight has not left her son’s grave. It is the mother’s soul to accompany the son to sleep. In the 21 years of the countryside, the mother and her son, Haisheng, cried their eyes. “Haisheng” is the name of the breast that the mother has been calling in her lips for a long time.

  At the age of 15, Haisheng was admitted to Peking University. A village was boiling, and the entire county was also sensational. The mother went door-to-door to distribute her long-night steamed white cake. After graduating from this son, he became a poet in Beijing. The first time I went to Beijing, I saw my son staying with such long hair. The mother just smiled and said, “Haisheng, go and cut it!” On the day the mother left, the poor poet found someone to borrow 300 yuan and insisted on advancing. In the mother’s bag. The mother’s bag, which contained 50 eggs at home, and the mother raised a group of chickens for her son in the country. After a few days and nights of train bumps, I arrived in Beijing, but one did not break. Mother always kept the cloth bag with eggs in her arms, because she believed that every time his son ate an egg, his pale face would be more rosy.

  The 300 yuan that her son had given her, I heard that I still lingered in my 80-year-old mother. The mother said that after her death, it would be enough to send her on the road with her son’s 300 yuan.

  After Haizi committed suicide, many people exclaimed that this is the fall of a comet. However, in the eyes of the mother, there is no comet at all, only a life connected to her heart. In the mother’s ear, only one child cried in the mother’s nightmare. A country can lose a poet. And a mother can’t lose her child at all. Haizi, he put the most painful poem into the land of his songs, and embedded it in the blood of a mother’s pain, in the atrium.

  Therefore, I always feel that remembering such a poet in the spring is actually a kind of cruelty to the mother. The vast expanse of the sky to the vast and innocent land, how to express deep love and gentle whisper, I thought, it is dense, light rain and rain. So, how does a child express the deepest love for her mother?

  I think there is only one answer: living well is the love for the mother. Nothing is better than a healthy and beautiful life, so that the mother who gave birth to life is happier.