Little gray has a caterpillar

The caterpillar is a dog Xiao Hui picked up from the construction site.

Grey, with dazzled faces, as if he had just rolled in the mud, but unexpectedly beautiful.

Xiao Hui was just in his sophomore year in high school, and he would see this dirty dog ​​every day after school. Like all stray dogs, it maintains a very high alert for humans. Xiao Hui threw the fried skewers leftovers he bought at the school gate in front of him, and he ate it with relish. After eating in a couple of bites, it looked up at Xiao Hui, and Xiao Hui looked at it too. This pairing was so dramatic that Xiao Hui thought it was about to speak.

That was the first time Xiao Hui saw it and showed his favor. It’s different from the pet dogs of classmates who can play tricks for food, and have their tails wagging to the sky.

After school, Xiao Hui was the first to rush to the fried chicken shop almost every day, “Boss, two chicken chops, one without salt!”

Until the senior high school uniformly added evening self-study, Xiao Hui had to go through a deep alley to go home, and it would be dark at night. At that time, there were no chicken chops after class, but the stray dog ​​waited at the alley almost every day to accompany her all the way home. At the door of the unit, it sat there still, watching Xiao Hui enter the elevator. A few times when Xiao Hui came to the house and thought of the movie “The Hachiko”, he looked down from the balcony, and it was no longer there.

After that, Xiao Hui didn’t see it again for several days. Xiao Hui was desperate every day, thinking that she would never see it again. As a result, one day after half a month, when Xiao Hui went home, it unexpectedly came back. As if nothing had happened, it fell asleep on the stone slab of the construction site, with bloody scabs on its paws. Xiao Hui didn’t call it, but ran home, rushed to her mother who was still in the kitchen, panting and saying, “Mom, I want to raise a dog.”

Xiao Hui and her mother took it back. During the bath, the little flower dog lay wet on the ground, her stiff body buried in the bubbles of the shower gel, probably due to the slippery touch on the floor tiles, it twisted its buttocks carefully, Like jumping rumba.

Xiao Hui was amused by its funny look, “You will call it a caterpillar from now on.”

With this name, the story begins.


Caterpillars are different from other dogs. It never barks, does not go to the bathroom at home, and does not grin at the guests. It lay on the balcony, silently watching everyone in the house. Only when Xiao Hui came home from school, did he rush to the door when he heard the sound of the key turning, and then lay down by the door, pretending that he just happened to be at the door. Take the caterpillar downstairs to play. It never uses a rope. Freedom is where it comes. The loyalty of a stray dog ​​does not need to be tied around its neck.

Xiao Hui is very young, and the caterpillar will guard the door when she takes a bath and sleep on the ground at her feet. The caterpillar is always not interested in anything, and never afraid, Xiao Hui thought it must have seen too much of the world outside.

After another year, Xiao Hui went abroad and went to the United States. When I went to the airport, the caterpillar was sent off, Xiao Hui did not dare to look back.

When studying abroad, Xiao Hui called home almost every day to ask about the caterpillar. My mother reported truthfully every day, saying that he would not eat at first. Later, Xiao Hui sent a video to her mother. Caterpillar heard Xiao Hui’s voice in the pad and ran in from the balcony like crazy, paws scratching on the screen, whimpering. Mom couldn’t bear to stop it, letting it scratch the screen several times. Xiao Hui cried when she saw the caterpillar. That was the first time she heard the caterpillar’s call.

Xiao Hui finished the four-year university course in three years, and then hurried back to China. As soon as he entered the house, his father, who doesn’t usually love puppies, couldn’t help shouting on the balcony happily: “Caterpillar caterpillar! Look who is back?”

The caterpillar raised his head lazily from his nap, and Xiao Hui was standing at the gate. The caterpillar climbed up from the ground, slipped a few times before standing still, and rushed over frantically, but hit the unopened glass door hard. Seeing the caterpillars who always look cold and embarrassed like this, the family laughed. The caterpillar bounced away desperately turned around to the door of the next room and ran out.

Xiao Hui recalled that although it had gained a lot of weight, it was no different from when he first saw the caterpillar. When it accidentally approached it for the first time on the way home, it jumped up and flew away like this. She paused and said, “This time it’s different, it’s running towards me.”


The year the caterpillar was lost, Xiao Hui was twenty-three years old.

One day the grandfather who came to work overtime for the Chinese New Year took it downstairs for a walk. Grandpa heard a loud fire from the front, and the caterpillar was gone when he rushed past. Xiao Hui, who received the call, rushed home from the company and spent the whole night asking and searching from house to house in the area. There are only fragmentary clues, “There is a dog that seems to be passing by”, “Wearing a red vest”, “Hua dog, right? I ran over there!”

From the moment it was lost, it turned back into an unnamed dog. Like the sound of twelve o’clock in the night, the magic faded, and everything turned back to its most awkward appearance.

But Xiao Hui did not give up.

Xiao Hui took a month off, looking for dogs all over the street. She took out the deposit to offer a reward to all those who provided the information, and promised that everyone who saw it to provide clues would be rewarded with 10,000 yuan.

Seeing that hope was getting diminished, she quit her job, printed thousands of flyers, and went out to post them every night. Look for district by district, street by street. Xiao Hui said that he could only look for it in the middle of the night. The people on the street dispersed, and the stray dogs came out to look for food.


In order to alleviate her sadness, her friend started a company with her. She told her that working hard to make money can build an organization to adopt stray dogs from all over Xiamen. Hearing this idea, Xiao Hui started to fight. Put yourself into work. But no matter what time it was, as long as the person over the phone said that a certain dog was like a caterpillar, Xiao Hui rushed over without saying a word. But none of them. Xiao Hui went to too many corners and corners. She took pictures of dogs that looked like lost in the street and posted them on the Internet, hoping to help people who are also anxious. One owner after another retrieved his dog with her help, but the caterpillar never came back.

It’s the second year now, and Xiao Hui’s life seems to be back on track, but every time she walks on the street with her and encounters a puppy flashing by, her eyes will unconsciously catch up with her. We all know that she never forgot.

If you see a little flower dog on the street, please tell him, Xiao Hui still lives there.