Life is a broader art

Life is a kind of art in a broader sense. Each person’s life history is his own work. This kind of work can be artistic or non-art. Just like the same stone, one person can carve it into a great statue, but another person can’t make it into a tool. It depends entirely on nature and training. The person who understands life is an artist, and his life is a work of art.

Living a life is like an article. A perfect life has the beauty that a top-grade article should have.

A good article must be a complete organism, in which the whole is closely related to the part, and it cannot be moved or added or subtracted slightly. The spirit that permeates the whole text can be seen in every sentence. For example, Tao Yuanming’s “Drinking Wine” was originally “Cher the chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, and leisurely see Nanshan”. Later generations mistakenly printed the word “Jian” as the word “Wang”, and the original expression of the encounter between nature and things was completely lost. This kind of artistic integrity is called “personality” in life. Any perfect life is a manifestation of personality. It is as big as advancing and retreating, and as small as the voice and smile, none of which conflicts with personality. Refusing to bend for five buckets of rice is a chapter in Tao Yuanming’s life history. If he misses this section, he will lose it as Tao Yuanming. He refused to escape when he was sentenced to imprisonment and ordered to pay his neighbor a chicken debt, which is a chapter in Socrates’ life history, otherwise he would lose his status as Socrates. This kind of life history can make people treat it as a picture to admire, it is a masterpiece of art.