Last warm freeze

  There is a light rail in the city, the speed is fast and not the top, comfortable and clean, but I don’t know why, I still like the tram to walk slowly in the city, the face twisted to the window, watching the scenery every day.

  A glimpse of the city, there is a shoe repair stall, the couple in the country, busy every day, but always with a happy smile on his face. On the sidewalk next to the tram, the little couple holding hands, the boy did not know what to say, the girl’s face looked like a grumpy expression. The crowds in a hurry, slow down like a private car in a ox cart, trying to hold back the horns…

  A picture suddenly caught my eye. A young woman took an old lady’s hand across the road, and the old lady’s face burst into a childlike smile. I saw it, and there was something moist in my heart that slowly grew out.

  The last time I took my mother’s hand across the road, what year was it? Repeated search in the vague memory, then small, afraid to lose my mother, so holding the mother’s hand, the mother’s face is filled with love and care, happiness is like those balloons filled with hydrogen, flying more and more high. When did I start to spread my mother’s hand? My mother is old, go to the supermarket, go to the vegetable market, always alone, when I don’t have a car, I sprint through the long queue. In fact, we should always take the mother’s hand, like the mother cares and cares for me as a child.

  I remember a lot of last time.

  When was the last time I was arrogant under my father’s knee? Is it a new dress or a piece of buttered bread? The tears were blurred and the father shook his head and sighed. Finally, he took out the money from the food and bought the extravagant white dress. I remember that when I grew up, I always used my face to train my father. This is not the right thing to do. It’s not right, the way of thinking is outdated, and the angle of the problem is old. In fact, occasionally sprinkling in front of my father, even if we grow up, independence, let the father feel that he is still needed, let his father feel that his arms are still solid and powerful, we need his support, what is wrong with this?

  When was the last time I said thank you to my lover? At that time, Sheng Shihuanian, the fresh and beautiful love of the first love, even if the lover said a compliment, he would return a thank you. After the year, the lovers become lovers, and the relatives are diarrhea, the ears are busy, the lover is busy in the kitchen, washes for you, cooks for you, and cares for you, but all this has become a natural idea, even a thank you I don’t want to go out easily.

  When was the last time I played with my children? Playing sandbags, jumping plaids, playing checkers, grabbing computers, vying for TV channels, and screaming can knock over the roof. When was it? When the days passed, it became a serious old master, and there was only accusation and criticism in life. Say, why didn’t you finish the homework? The teacher called. I don’t study hard on Sunday, playing computer games, who gives you the right? I don’t know when it started, the relationship with the child became a relationship between the superior and the subordinate, and the expression of the face was rigid, and N would not laugh for a long time.

  Is trivial life blunting our hearts? Holding the mother’s hand across the road, saying that I love you, saying a thank you, is it really difficult? The answer is of course not. Starting today, from now on, from now on, incorporating these details into life, life will definitely be a brand new look, do not believe you try.