KGB Executioner Blokhin

It is said that during the Great Soviet Purge, the KGB established firing squads throughout the country. In 1937 alone, it shot 350,000 people, and in 1938 another 330,000 people were executed, and the number has decreased year by year. The KGB’s super executioner was named Blokhin, who had executed more than 20,000 people with his own hands. In the Soviet era, people mentioned his name with horror.

Born in a poor peasant’s home in 1895, Blohin was born as a shepherd boy. He joined the army in 1915. In 1924, he was appointed as the deputy commander of the 61st Division of the Anti-Revolutionary Committee. In 1930, he served as a Stalin guard and part-time in the firing squad. After he officially belonged to the firing squad, he went out at night and did not tell his family what he did. After get off work every day, he and the firing squad members were drunk and unconscious. He said that after killing someone, he didn’t drink a bit of alcohol to be shocked and couldn’t sleep at night.

Between April and May 1940, the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out an organized elimination of more than 20,000 captured Polish prisoners of war, intellectuals, police and other civil servants. Bloxin’s firing squad was directly involved in the Katyn Forest incident.

Tokarev, chairman of the former Soviet Union’s Kalinin State Committee of Internal Affairs, worked with Blokhin in the firing squad. He wrote in his memoirs that in the spring of 1940, Blokhin personally led senior officials of the firing squad of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Kaliningen Oblast to execute Poles held in Ostashkov concentration camp. Before every murder, Bloxin had to wear a dark brown leather trench coat, a leather apron, a leather hat, and leather gloves as high as his arms. Tokarev said that every time he saw Blokhin’s dress, he felt that he was cruel and cold-blooded.

According to Tokarev’s description, Blokhin must drink tea before and after the murder, and there will always be tea and tea sets prepared for him on the execution ground. During the execution, Blokhin took the Poles who were about to tie the execution ground out of the cell one by one, walked along the corridor to the end, turned left and entered a square room with a length of 5 meters each, with red hanging on the wall. Propaganda slogans in white characters. After the Poles were led into the house, Blokhin made the final confirmation of their identities, verifying their names and dates of birth. After that, they handcuffed the Poles and brought them into the execution room nearby.

Bloxin ordered his men to shoot from behind them, and they were to be killed with one shot. Blokhin executed the Poles himself. He was an experienced executioner. He never shot a person on the head, but shot at the neck obliquely, so that the bullet penetrated the person’s head and out of the eye or mouth, with little bleeding and one shot. There are novices in his team, with unfamiliar marksmanship, and they shoot directly at the back of the Pole’s head, splashing blood and brains. When Bloxin saw it, he cursed at them.

In the Katyn Forest, Blokhin shot 343 Polish officers himself on the first day, and shot another 250 in the following days. Under his personal command, the firing squad shot a total of 6,311 Poles in the Katyn Forest. After the firing squad killed, Bloxin ordered his men to open the back door and let the waiting truck take the body away. Every corpse truck has loaded at least 25-30 corpses. After the corpses are loaded, they are covered with cloth thatch. After that, Bloxin asked the soldiers to wash the blood and human brain tissue on the floor of the execution room with water.

The corpses are generally transported to the wilderness not far away, poured into large pits dug in advance, buried directly, and partly burned. After the incident, the firing squad rewarded him for his merits. Bloxin increased his salary, and others rewarded pistols, bicycles and phonographs.

In 1991, the Supreme Military Court of the Soviet Union opened a trial for Blokhin’s atrocities in the Katyn Forest. Tokarev testified in court that Blokhin ordered the criminal squad to use the German Walter pistol to execute the execution with the purpose of blaming Nazi Germany for the massacre. Tokarev himself, in accordance with Blokhin’s instructions, transported several boxes of German-made Walter pistols to the scene for future use. After the execution, Blokhin took all the pistols back, pulled them away and destroyed them.