It is never too late to be yourself.

There is a young man named Chun Shui Uprising in Japan. After graduating from college, he became a surgeon, earning a lot of money. But this is not his ideal job. His hobby is writing. However, in terms of income, it seems crazy to give up a well-paid job to write.

At that time, he was already 30 years old.

Is it still too late to start writing?

Can writing make a living?

The spring water was indecisive, so she wrote a letter to the then famous grandmother Moshi, hoping to get her advice.

Grandma Moses was a famous American primitive painter in the early 20th century. She began to learn painting at the age of 77 and became famous at the age of 80. She was an inspirational idol of the young generation at that time.

Soon, Chunshui Uplink received a postcard from Grandma Moshi, which said: ” Do what you like, God will be happy to help you open the door to success, even if you are 80 years old now.”

Encouraged, Chunshui resolutely gave up his career as a doctor and devoted himself to writing. Later, he became a world-renowned Japanese writer – his pen name was Junichi Watanabe.

Different people have different talents and different achievements.

But whoever wants to be himself, it is never too late – God is really fair in this matter.

People looking up at the stars

There was a young man who missed many good opportunities to make money and suffered many setbacks in pursuit of his ideal. Over the past few years, I have neither earned any money nor found a girlfriend, and even have enough food and housing to make ends meet.

Seeing him like this, some of his family and friends questioned him one after another, while others shook their heads and sighed.

Some people say, why are you so stupid, hit a wall so many times and still don’t know how to turn back.

Some people say that after reading for so many years, it is better to be a bricklayer than to graduate from junior high school.

Some people say, what ideal is not ideal, honestly around daily necessities is the real life.

Some people say that he is just a nerd, and he can do nothing but stir up useless things.

This young man reminds me of an ancient Greek philosopher.

A great philosopher accidentally fell into a deep pit because he looked up at the stars. In his time, was he not ridiculed and ridiculed? In life, there are always some ignorant but self-righteous people who like to comment on the success or failure of others most, and the criteria used for evaluation are nothing more than their own short-sighted and utilitarian eyes.

Hegel once said such a sentence: ” Only those who always lie at the bottom of the pit and never look up at the sky will not fall into the pit!” Yes, obviously, the person who will not fall into the pit may be precisely because he has been at the bottom of the pit.

Life is real, but not so real.

Life lies in matter, but need not be all matter.

In terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation, one really does not need much.

Philosophers know in their hearts that although they are ridiculed by those who are short – sighted, those who make fun of him will never realize the beauty of the mysterious and broad knowledge hidden in the starry sky hanging above all things.