Is the “X”-shaped unidentified object near the earth an abandoned spacecraft?

  Since human beings entered the space age, they have begun to realize the vastness of the universe and their own insignificance, and they have also become curious about whether there are other intelligent life and advanced civilizations in the universe. In order to search for extraterrestrial life, humans began to launch various information and artificial satellites into the universe around 1960, but so far they have not received a clear response.
  Recently, a foreign astronomical observatory specializing in searching for alien life accidentally observed an astonishing scene during an observation mission: an unknown luminous object crashed into the solar system at a very fast speed.
  At first, scientists thought it was just an ordinary comet. After all, there are still a lot of comets flying around the earth every day, but after careful observation, they found that the head of this “comet” seemed to have something similar to an antenna, and it The peculiar flight path seems to indicate that it has not been captured by the sun’s strong gravitational force. Therefore, many scientists believe that this so-called “comet” is probably a spacecraft controlled by intelligent creatures.
  In order to find out what this thing is, the scientists immediately contacted and used the Hubble Telescope to conduct a more detailed observation of this mysterious space visitor. After tracking and shooting the object for a period of time, it was found that it was as different as the scientists thought. Unusual.
  First of all, it is in the shape of “X”, this shape is very similar to the appearance of the alien spacecraft in the movie, and there is a very bright luminous object on the right front, which is like a tool for collecting information, and there may be a solar wind behind it. The blue track blown out.
  According to observations, the width of this mysterious object is about 2,400 kilometers, and the speed has reached 17,600 kilometers per hour. If it were really a comet, it would have been torn to pieces under the strong gravity of the sun, and it would certainly not be like this. Intact.

“X” shape unknown object

  Scientists believe that this mysterious alien is definitely not a natural stellar body such as a comet, because under natural conditions it will not form such a regular “X” shape, and the thing like an antenna further confirms that the unknown object is very likely to be The term man-made.
  In fact, in 2018, a long strip of “space aliens” visited the solar system. After a long period of research and observation on the object, Avi Loeb, director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, insisted that this is called “Omo The unidentified objects of “Mo” are probes or spacecrafts of alien civilization, and he has even published several papers to prove his research.
  So, is this mysterious “X”-shaped object observed by scientists this time as likely to be a spacecraft or probe as “Oumomo”? In fact, scientists believe that if this thing is really a spacecraft, it did not fly to the solar system deliberately. Judging from the blue matter behind it, it is most likely that it entered the solar system out of control because of damage to the hull. And if it keeps flying along this trajectory, it will eventually crash into the sun. If it weren’t out of control, it wouldn’t make such a move.
  Some scientists even pointed out that from the point of view of the speed and shape of the object, it can be basically ruled out as a natural celestial body, because most of the natural celestial bodies captured by the sun’s gravity are not fast and will enter the orbit around the sun. This object is obviously contrary to common sense. As for its true identity, it can only wait for further research, but it is likely to be the same as “Omomo”, nothing more.
  In fact, based on the number of stars and planets in the Milky Way, scientists have already calculated that the number of alien civilizations in the universe may far exceed human imagination, but why hasn’t any alien civilization connected with the earth so far? Scientists are also very puzzled.
  For this phenomenon, many scientists believe that perhaps the earth’s technological level is not enough to give enough attention to extraterrestrial civilizations; some scientists also believe that the earth may be the “laboratory” of extraterrestrial civilizations.
  In short, no matter what, what mankind has to do at present is to strive to improve the level of science and technology, and strive to raise the level of science and technology to another level, so as to deal with the crisis that may occur in the future.