Inventory of exotic entrepreneurial projects

  In the era of mobile Internet, some people say that starting a business is difficult, some say that starting a business is easy, some seemingly promising projects are dead, and some seemingly weird projects have succeeded and even won the favor of capital.
  Ducks called a
  project in which the industry is catering takeaway O2O mobile Internet, it is wonderful Tags: duck called to meet all legitimate fantasy female compatriots to duck.
  Just looking at these four words is amazing enough. The founder just wanted to use the “hint” to rely on female users’ self-propagation to hype: satisfy all your fantasies about ducks, and achieve good communication effects without spending a penny. In poking, today’s young women like the “Call a Duck” show photo to brush the sense of existence and lead the mentality of freshness.
  Calling a duck only relies on “single product” roast duck. It has received 6 million investment in 5 months after going online, and the valuation is 50 million. In addition to hype, the product is the most critical drop, and the VC purchase is the first step and the most important It still depends on whether the “gods” can buy your duck bill.
  Ma Jiajia was able to capture the hearts of Diaosi and the uncles, and called a duck to capture the stomachs of the goddesses. Later, a competitor called a duck-Goose God!
  Goose drop god!
  Goose God is a startup company focusing on roast goose takeaway. Since its opening, it has relied on WeChat terminals and the word-of-mouth communication of fashionable people in the circle of friends to quickly rise, and in a short period of time, it has become an O2O restaurant brand that has begun to take shape. Just listening to the name “Goose Drop God” can not help but make people shine and impress.
  This is not Tong Xiangyu’s mantra “Goose Di Shen” in “Wulin Wai Zhuan”. It is an emerging brand of O2O catering-this is the delicious roast goose takeaway brand “Goose Di Shen”. Go Di Shen advocates “Enjoy the mystery and eat the ultimate”. Speaking of the original intention of starting a business, the mysterious founder Yi Ge said: “There are only two things in the world that can not eat cancer, one is whale and the other is goose. We offer the best goose in China.” Tasty goose. During the three years from 2010 to 2013, Yi Ge visited more than 100 domestic goose masters. From the first proofing to the current finished product, Goose Dishen has undergone more than 100 adjustments, from cooking techniques, to secret recipes, and even the import of goose materials, all of which are the efforts of the Goose God team. Exquisite and extraordinary roast goose brand, mysterious and low-key came to the world.
  Dead circle of friends
  of the project, called En snow angels, it is wonderful Tags: online buy cemetery to grace snow angels, angel miss a person to miss. The Enxue Angel project is an e-commerce platform that uses the cemetery as an entry point to enter the funeral and interment field. It tries to improve the user experience and marketing methods to add some fresh blood to the traditional funeral industry, so that the funeral and interment field is no longer the Internet. Outsiders, but participants.
  In order to allow the platform to retain more indirect consumer users and gain more attention and stickiness, as well as the diversified development in the future, a supporting blogging social network with the theme of “Share every angel anytime, anywhere” was developed. The content of the deceased is generated by the user, so that relatives, friends, and supporters of the deceased can be nostalgic and interact anytime, anywhere through the PC and mobile terminals. It is not only a self-revolutionary product, but also an attempt to subvert the traditional model of online worship and commemoration of the dead, making it easier to miss an old person.
  In order to ensure the security of the transaction between the two parties, Enxue Angel launched a “group-buying network” payment solution. By connecting to Alipay, online negotiation and payment are realized, and offline consumption is made by phone and verification code. The main purpose is to protect the rights and interests of consumers, improve user experience, reduce business operating costs, and facilitate settlement, through which it is easier to gain the trust of users and consumers, and further cater to the future O2O Internet and offline entity customer groups.
  Call to death
  On November 16, 2015, Mr. Zhang, a private enterprise owner in Wucheng, Dezhou, was harassed by unfamiliar calls on his mobile phone. There were more than 7,000 missed calls in three days and he was blackmailed by 950 yuan. Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Wucheng, Dezhou said: When he was about to get home, he called me and said, if you don’t call me the 950 yuan, it’s okay. Now I change my mouth and ask for 10,000 yuan, which is less than 10,000 yuan. If you don’t call me, I am connected to all your company’s assets. The phone calls will harass you.” Mr. Zhang called the police and failed to solve it, so he was forced to change the number.
  Will someone who harass others be annoying others’ harassment? “Death to you”, also known as automatic VoIP follow-up system or mobile phone bombing, uses low-cost VoIP as a calling platform, and adopts international advanced VoIP communication technology, which can easily set up any part and any area of ​​the follow-up call. Fixed telephone and mobile phone numbers. Nowadays, this kind of “call to death” software has quickly become popular on the Internet and is adopted by many ordinary netizens.
  It is reported that this software was originally developed by the urban management department in a certain place to control psoriasis advertisements, but it was used by criminals to blackmail.
  While playing the game, while blood
  two players from Canada Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson produced a Blood Sport (Blood Athletic) handles its traditional gamepad has been transformed, joined the blood equipment. If your character in the game is injured, then you will really get blood drawn. The two founders said that this design is used to change the way of donating blood. Traditional blood donation is where you sit quietly, and blood competitions will make blood donation fun.
  So the question is, if you plug in this thing and play “Cat Rio”, isn’t it equivalent to suicide? Of course not. Before you start, you need to enter some information into the machine. The machine will evaluate your physical condition and give an appropriate amount of blood donation. To a certain extent, the machine will automatically pause the game and prevent you from continuing to play. The principle of Blood Sports is also very simple. It finds out the ports from the gamepad and adds the blood draw system. When the injury determination in the game is fed back to the handle, the blood drawing system of the blood competition will also be activated.