Indelible Chinese Red

 Sweet red wine, fragrant coffee, sweet chocolate … they embellished my study abroad life, but all of this beauty was clouded when the Spring Festival approached. To be a stranger in a foreign country alone, the Spring Festival will be the best time.
  On the day of New Year’s Eve, I made a pot of food by myself, and ate meals with family members thousands of miles away across the screen. The more one eats, the more sad it is, not envying that the food on their table is richer than mine, but regretting not being able to celebrate with them.
  On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese organizations in Bordeaux joined forces to hold a New Year’s event. After hearing this news, I immediately asked some friends to rush to watch and look forward to meeting with my fellow citizens. Perhaps their enthusiasm can dispel the loss in my heart.
  The dragon and lion dance team departed from the Victory Square and followed the gongs and drums along the way. It was not only Chinese people who came to see the performance, but also many French people. The French originally loved to join in the fun, and the Spring Festival, the most representative of the mysterious oriental culture, attracted them deeply. The entire square was surrounded by crowds in three layers and three layers in an instant. The French police were also standing by and keeping order at the scene.
  In the sound of gongs and drums, long dragons and lions made of colored bars were instantly given life. I can’t see the expressions of the compatriots hidden under the veil, but from the harmonious and lively movements of the dragon and the lion full of spirit, I feel their sincere heart for the motherland. Taking off this outfit, they may be students of the school, perhaps senior executives dispatched by domestic enterprises, or workers working in foreign countries. Although they came from different places, they came to one place because they had the same Chinese heart.
  Language has borders, but cultural exchanges have no borders. Many Frenchmen followed the lion dance team, and the children jumped with joy and laughter. The profound and profound Chinese culture is displayed in front of their eyes today. Presumably, they will be more interested in our ancient Chinese civilization in the future.
  The long and neat dragon and lion dance team walked through the longest pedestrian street in Europe. When they met Chinese shops, they entered the store and performed. The dragon and the lion brought joy, and the Chinese shopkeepers smiled. Counting how many Chinese businessmen are on this street along the way, I deeply feel that China’s power is growing infinitely. The Chinese live in every corner of the world, even if it is a very unremarkable alley, the Chinese language can be heard.
  God doesn’t make beauty. Bordeaux started to rain moderately when it was about a third of its journey. But the cold ice and rain in winter can’t stop the pace of the performers, nor does it diminish the enthusiasm of the followers.
  In the wide square, the dragon is soaring, the lion is leaping, and it is a professional and wonderful performance that makes the onlookers applaud. Due to the heavy body of the dragon and the many movements that need everyone’s cooperation, the performing compatriots are somewhat weak. After a short rest, the children swarmed up and got under the dragon’s belly, dancing like a dance. My heart melted a little bit as I heard the children ’s childish laughter.
  Even if it is thousands of miles away from the motherland, I still yearn for the taste of the year. Is n’t the scene in front of me the most intense and special Chinese red? This redness not only burned in the hearts of our overseas Chinese, but also lit up the eyes of foreign friends.
  The last stop of the dragon and lion dance is located in front of Bordeaux City Hall. The Ssangyong lined up, unfolding a banner with Chinese and French bilingual blessings, and the two lions jumped alive in the center of the square. The flashes and shutter sounds of mobile phones and cameras are coming and going. This joyful scene is not only kept in the photos, but will always be engraved in the hearts of every viewer present.
  Thanks to my fellow compatriots for letting my solitary boat find a dock. On New Year’s Day, following the team of compatriots, I found the new yearning.