In the future, how will artificial intelligence create a new generation of entertainment?

AI is a sensitive topic nowadays. Most people look at AI from a negative perspective, worrying about how AI will affect humans and even replace humans. Rarely will look at the impact of AI from the perspective of how AI will promote human progress and advance scientific development. But no matter what people’s views, AI will inevitably become the main direction of future development. From Google, Microsoft, Apple, and the domestic giants Baidu, Ali, and Tencent, the layout and importance of artificial intelligence have undoubtedly confirmed this. .

Of course, we can’t deny that the development of AI will affect our lives, including behavioral habits and lifestyles, and most of the work that replaces humans is inevitable. The author has also written that most of the simple, repetitive, and single work in the future will be replaced by AI, and those creative and thinking jobs are beyond AI. And as a special industry, how is the entertainment industry affected by AI?

In the precision of entertainment, all kinds of things in the industry can be digitized, and people can get accurate judgments.

At the T-EDGE Technology Life Festival in Titanium Media in 2017, Zeng Guangming, the first content operator of Fast Hand Video, made a detailed analysis of the current state of the entertainment industry. “The entertainment industry has encountered bottlenecks today and it is difficult to break through. New technology And big data can make the industry enter a new field. In the entertainment of precision, all kinds of things in the industry can be digitized, and people can get accurate judgments.”

In the traditional entertainment industry, we often encounter such a problem. In order to make a TV series or video, the crew usually spend a lot of energy on the actors, from the perspective of the protagonist’s face value, personality, experience and so on. The director who is the actor must also have a wealth of experience, because in some of the most core judgments, traditional entertainment is extremely dependent on experience, and it needs to be judged according to vague sensibility. It will be extremely difficult and challenging work.

If you can use AI to do this, it will be very easy. For example, in the fast-hand video, there are tens of millions of outstanding artists from all over the country. Big data will record the value of each artist, talents, fans and so on. Once we need to choose an actor, we don’t need to use traditional methods to find a needle in a haystack. We only need to list some basic requirements of the character, then mine and match through big data, and finally match all the matches. Excellent artists of the conditions can even dig out outstanding artists who may never be discovered using traditional methods.

The entertainment industry will no longer be a game for the rich, and grassroots can also realize the star dream.

Everyone has a star dream, especially for those grassroots artists and musicians. Every day, they are fortunate to work hard, so that they can become a big star in the future. Due to the reality, many original talented musicians and entertainers could not have a platform for display. Many of the music that could have been touched by people was buried in the deep soil of life.

Just now we said that AI can achieve accurate matching of people and unearth qualified artists. Of course, AI can also realize that every young talent with a musical dream can realize his own star dream.

In the AI ​​era, the entertainment industry will no longer be a game for the rich. As a grassroots artist, you only need to concentrate on researching your talents and music, and then continue to create through various video and music platforms such as fast hands, Netease cloud music and so on. And when there is a need, the platform will search for big works based on big data. Not only does it give the grassroots artist an opportunity to expose, if the work is excellent, it may even be signed by the entertainment company to become a real artist.

As Netease Cloud Music CEO Zhu Yiwen said, “Netease Cloud Music has the responsibility to let more independent musicians benefit from NetEase cloud music platform, let their works be discovered by more fans, let them do music, live Better.” Let every grassroots artist with a musical dream and a star dream show and expose his excellent works in the cheapest way.

At present, the entertainment industry has encountered a bottleneck, and AI will be a good model to break through this bottleneck.

The bottleneck that the entertainment industry is currently experiencing is not something that can be broken overnight. There needs to be a more advanced and appropriate model to innovate. And AI will be the most appropriate of this advanced model. AI is based on big data, and big data can achieve accurate matching of a large number of user data. In the future, we can find artists who fully meet the requirements in terms of appearance, character, talent, user population, and geographical influence.

Finally, the author believes that in order to break through this bottleneck in the future, the traditional entertainment industry must rely on the new model of AI to achieve new innovation and development in the entertainment industry.