I’m here to love you

I am not afraid of many hardships, that is, God is jealous of the beauty of our love.

What a mysterious book time is! In 1919, she was born into a missionary family. In 1989, she got Alzheimer’s disease. In 1999, she died: in 2009, he died. The code word of time, the collection is two people feel moving far away. Mywood BLOG

Her name is Dai Naidie and she studied with students of the British royal family, but she fell in love with him because of her childhood in China. His name is Yang Xianyi, and he is a self-funded student from Oxford University. She found him very interesting and proficient in Chinese classical literature, and fell in love with him. Because she loved him, she simply changed to Chinese and became the first person to study for a Chinese degree at Oxford University.

” Translating Lisao into English” is their infatuation language. Profound is ancient poetry, clear water is two hearts in love. She told her mother what she was thinking in spring. Her mother was shocked, then angry. After living in China for more than ten years, her mother said to her daughter, ” If you marry a Chinese, you will surely have no good end in your life.” He also said to her: ” My country is experiencing war. The situation is not very good. You will suffer if you follow me.” But she paid no attention and said firmly, ” No matter how difficult it is, I will follow you wherever you go.”

In 1940, he graduated. That year, the couple started a lifetime double journey from Southampton with only 50 pounds. After a long journey, they finally arrived in Chongqing. He never dreamed that the beautiful girl around him would make a mess of porridge in the family. His mother suffered a serious illness because her son brought back a blond British girl. when his aunt heard that he was going to marry a foreign woman, her daughter-in-law burst into tears. They all think that the children born to foreign women are so scary that no one dares to ask for them. The husband’s family is so absurd that as the daughter of an English missionary’s family, her grievance is palpable. But love has become a delusion, she still does not regret not to change, finally, she became his bride.

Since then, her fate has turned a corner. She successively taught in the central university, Beibei branch in Chongqing, Guiyang normal university, Chengdu Guanghua university and other universities, and came to Chongqing national compilation hall with him in 1943. In order to make a living, the couple are constantly running from city to city in southwest China, living extremely hard. After going through all kinds of hardships, the two people’s feelings became deeper and deeper. She learned Chinese for him, she can write small letters in block letters, and she can also write small stories in classical Chinese. He kept her early life habits in England and only spoke English, which made her unable to speak Chinese well. He loved her and remembered her hardships after she came to China. He said in perfect English: ” Dear, I have made you suffer.” She tossed her blonde hair and picked her blue eyes. ” I do. I came to love you, not to enjoy it.”

The years were long, but the bitter water of life was not evaporated by her ardent love, instead, it became more and more turbulent, drowning her and him. From the time of the war, ” how can a beautiful young English girl follow him to China with his ugly face” has been asked for a ” spy” hat for her. Because of this hat, she and he suffered a lot. During the ” Cultural Revolution”, not even one colleague dared to speak to her blonde. People hid from her like plague. Some radical students shouted ” Down with American and British imperialism” in front of her. In April 1968, he was arrested, and half an hour later, she was also taken to prison. In prison, she still loves cleaning and brushes the prison walls with toothbrushes. She was still polite and said thank you to the people who sent the prison food every day. In the injustice, her every move was still calm and elegant, even he was surprised: ” fate is too unfair to you and me, how do you …” she smiled affectionately, as if to comfort him: ” I am not afraid of many hardships, that is the god is jealous of our beautiful love.” Mywood BLOG

Love is really beautiful. In the translation field, the cooperation between husband and wife like them can be said to be unique. They used love as ink, chanted Li Sao, studied Zi Zhi Tong Jian, and translated hundreds of Chinese literary works such as Lu Xun’s Collected Works and Shi Ji Xuan into English. Every translation, after his name – must follow her name – Dai Naidie!

How real and lasting it is!

She was originally a weak woman, and eventually she was overwhelmed. That year, the eldest son was mentally split because of his parents’ involvement. The treatment did not improve for many years, and finally he died by pouring gasoline when he became ill. She developed depression into a disease and finally got senile dementia. Perhaps it was only because he was in front of her that she kept smiling. her white curls were soft and soft, and she slowly hung down beside her red cheeks. her eyes were pure as babies. In his eighties, he took good care of her, wrapped her in napkins, coaxed her to eat, and talked to her: ” Flowers are brought into the house for me to raise, and women are brought into the house for me to love.” He never tires of saying such sweet words until she died in November 1999. Mywood BLOG

After her death, he stopped all translation work and his life seemed to have gone with her. For ten years, people have not seen the names Yang Xianyi and Dai Naidie appear in the new works, and it is absolutely impossible that only the word ” Yang Xianyi” has entered the eyes. Facing all the invitations, he said, ” she is not here, I will not show up.” He died in November 2009.

A broad-minded love went to heaven, and the names Yang Xianyi and Dai Naidie appeared in heaven from now on. This time, perhaps it was his turn to say to her, ” I have come to love you.”