If the situation than the martial arts, uncle who also have their own level


Wulin grading, love situation is no different. Today, Ji sister to everyone for the dismantling of several types of mature men in the love situation on the different performance. After reading you may ask, the find a junior or senior players move? This is recommended that you still tailor. I look pretty cute, but simple enough to make you less romantic. The master is unrivaled, but can you hold it?

Super rookie type

Love field rookie is exposed type, and you talk when you stare at your chest to see. Such a person is like a big gray wolf and greeting greetings directly say “Hey, I was a wolf, want to eat you.” Stupid not stupid, to see such a person, of course, far away from the woman feel that Close to this satellites too terrible, at any time there is danger.

Adam belongs to this class of people. He met the high up, look down, obviously can not be obvious, the idiot can see him look at what parts of the people. Although this person has come to the man looking at the legs of the year, but the experience still stay in the early days of puberty puberty, did not grow into a little bit.

Every time I see him, I want to keep the distance, so I often “cold cough”. It was a good body, and when I saw him, let me feel disgusted (Make Me Sick). Some of my girlfriend is very unfortunate, tragic Adam tofu. Obviously Adam is not like this, to seize the opportunity to a Bear Hold (Bear Hug), hold the big bear, a wet kiss on the crush on the cheek, under the bear bear hold The hands of hard to pinch the others buttocks, which makes people caught by surprise, was scared Huarong pale, fled and fled.

When Adam secretly chanted, do not he know that this crush will not be on him later? Or do he think that people are short-term memory (Short-Term Memory), so free to make a vote is a vote? When I and the girlfriend to discuss Adam’s character problems, I thought Adam is not the next generation of reincarnation to do the handsome guy foreigner.

This kind of love scene rookie is like the bottom of the martial arts, walking rivers and lakes art, knives and guns at the same time, the ground stood the broken baskets and bowls have their own mind to announce the world: “I want is your money”!

And dancers and guns of all moves, and people have been duel before the people to the end of the duel. Like Adam this, the color of the eye to replace the money for the broken bowl, obviously “I want is your color”, and dancing knife to play to see you, I was this effort, three axes: “Bear hold, Wet kiss, pinch “. Fierce point of crush, unwilling to be eat tofu, will also be a slap in the face. And Adam will only silly smile, get off a “as long as not killed by heroes, I will be the future technology will be heavy” ruffian.


Intermediate player

In contrast, the situation in the hands of the martial arts as the middle of the hands of the catcher, the means of natural than the rivers and lakes of the situation of the rookie rookie much higher.

The mid-level hand is half-covered. They will not stare at your chest, but you can vaguely feel that they are watching you, eyes from time to time to your chest or hip floating. It is like a big wolf hiding in the trees after flickering, you can not be sure he is not a wolf, so let him slowly close, but you still hold vigilance.

Justin belongs to this class of people, a romantic suave like children. He will not love the rookie Adam so blatantly in any environment to kiss people, but will see the timing, secretly start, just right, very natural. For example, in a nightclub to see crush some drunk after the handle from the crush of the waist back to the hips, and close to the eyebrows, drunk eyes hazy, gently steal a kiss.

Although the crush will push him to pretend to be unhappy, but because Justin shot the opportunity “reasonable”, start “gentle”, crush or secretly secretly enjoy, enjoy this logical flirtatious, semi-semi-local ambiguous, because in the This environment is not ambiguous really wasted. Every woman wants to be taken seriously, not to mention the beauty of investment for several hours of dress, in order to defeat other crush to get your favor.

So, Justin is better than Adam, knowing that under what circumstances the crush will be willing to take up, not only the success rate of eating tofu than Adam high, the scale is bigger than Adam, but start gentle, win more women’s favor.

Love field intermediate hand like martial arts in the casual charge. His hands carrying the knife knife, reveals a little sense of danger, so you have to be vigilant. But his casual clothes and see you inadvertently eyes, so that you can not guess in the end he is a hero of the heroes of the fellow, or the government’s spies. Shot arrest, and never reckless act, and people recklessly, but by the other side of the alert to relax, see the timing, set trap, hand to capture. So that the arrest of the people had to admire the head of the skills and tactics, to break through the heavy line of defense, lurking in their own side, and in their most fortified time, captured in one fell swoop. Love field intermediate hand with a similar approach, so that crush down the wary, slowly close, quietly latent, and then wait for an opportunity to hand to hand.

Although the situation in the middle of the game than the love of the rookie clever way, but after all, the middle of the hands of that erratic eyes, like the hands of the catcher in the hands of the knife, how much to the other side of the vigilance, and love field killer, much worse.


Love field killer

Compared with the situation in the field, the field killer as martial arts master camouflage more clever, completely hidden. At the party, their eyes go to the audience, and will not stay in a place for too long, so you can not see them watching your good body. But when you talk to someone else, they may have been from the top, from bottom to top looked at you N times.

So carefully observe and of course let them get important information, such as your chest Cup Size, is not pad out, you wear a thong or ordinary underwear. Just as women sometimes feel that men wear flat underwear (Boxers) and tight underwear (Briefs) represents a different character, men will be what you wear underwear analysis.

For example, Europe’s most high-end women’s underwear brand, La Perla, are selling ultra-thin, translucent bra. Why? Because it makes women more sexy and can fully demonstrate self-confidence. If a woman is small but choose not to pad a thick layer of bra, this woman must be very confident of the appearance, such as loudly declared to the world: “I am my, I am comfortable in my own skin!

Love field killer in the eye after the scan to obtain the information to be analyzed, to determine the character of the target, to take appropriate countermeasures, carefully planning the hunting program.

Love field killer girl technical first class. Even if the ambush was deer hit, the upsurge of emotion, they will not hands and feet. To touch you is the kind of physical contact with the right, so you feel all kinds of gentlemen. It is like a big gray wolf put sheepskin, so you completely lost the alert heart. The real martial arts master, looks like the power of the hands of the chicken weak scholar, or on crutches, walking with the waves of the old man, absolutely do not see within a hundred paces, take the general item on the first easy to kill the killer The

Martial arts master from the conventional warships, because the kung fu deep, everywhere available daily necessities can be used as a soldier edge, so it will not be like a catcher in the hands of the puddle people feel alert, but not like Take the rivers and lakes of all the skills of the whole sun out. Love field killer is the same, well aware of the eyes and hands the most easy to let people exposed, so never like a rookie, let the ready-made fat hand shorts, color eyes staring at you, flowing saliva against you grievous these acts exposed Own oneself. Master more brains, because no one can see what you are thinking.

And they are good at attacking the mind, the strategy is basically to take a long line to catch big fish, very patient, never like a love rookie, like anxious like a woman’s body. They know that once captured the woman’s heart, the body will naturally access at any time, easy. Layout, show weakness, excitement, and want to escape and so on different tactics, will be hunting for the target character, and selective use. If the other side strong self-confidence, and victory, it will set the Council will be excited. Like martial arts master in the tea stall can take a big fight from the bench, love field killer also choose the most common things in daily life as a weapon to deal with you. What is the most common in everyday life? Is more ugly than you a woman, filled with streets are.

He will be a lot more than you rotten woman (you are eight or nine, she is five or six) expressed interest in let you super uncomfortable. Your self-confidence and victory heart let you unwilling to fail, loss of reason, must be from the ugly hands to grab him back. So you put down the figure, and ugly competition, take the initiative to flatter, and he is the fisherman profit.

If the target soft-hearted, sympathetic, they will breakdown their own grievances and pressure to win sympathy, so that young, inexperienced crush after compassion, self-cast network. Encounter extroverted crush, it will suggest that they are Mensao, need to lead out of the crush, the trapped self freed from the heart. Like the challenge of crush, then use to wipe out the longitudinal, the crush ignore, confused crush, I thought other men are my groupies, skirt under the minister, how this person so pull? The more the challenge, the stronger the challenge. Well, in order to my self-esteem also to pull this man pull friends.

In this way, the public eyebrows are love field players play round and round.