If the oxygen on the earth doubles, what will the earth look like in 100 years?

The earth is a planet of life. Most of the earth creatures want to survive without oxygen. Without oxygen, there will be no life in the earth, and no human beings will be born. Oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere accounts for only 21%, most of which are various other inert gases. Since oxygen is so important, can it make the earth’s oxygen content more good? For example, if the atmospheric oxygen content doubles to 41%, what changes will the earth have? Maybe after 100 years, what is the difference between the Earth and the present?

I believe many of my friends will realize that the earth’s oxygen content is afold, which will definitely have a big impact. I just don’t know whether it is good or bad. In fact, the earth’s oxygen is really double, and the current ecological environment may be one. The disaster, especially for life, will have a major reshuffle, and human survival will undergo major changes. What changes may occur?

Earth’s oxygen suddenly doubles, whether it is animals or plants, it is difficult to adapt, which will cause a large number of animal deaths, plants will also die, human beings are naturally difficult to adapt, although humans do not have oxygen, but too much oxygen Oxygen-rich diseases will occur, which will also lead to human death. But fortunately, human beings are smart lives. Once the atmospheric oxygen is found to increase in a large amount, measures will be taken in time to build some isolation environment. People can survive in an isolated environment without a large amount of time. Death.

I believe that friends who like to study science know that in the early days of the birth of the earth, the oxygen content of the earth is far more than the present. At that time, the earth already had abundant life, but the creatures at that time, whether plants or animals, were extremely large. . Now a little bee, the age of giants hundreds of millions of years ago, is as big as a dog, and you can fly without problems. There are hundreds of millions of years ago, and the length is up to one meter, which is the existence of the giant.

I believe many friends have to ask this time. If the oxygen content of the earth doubles, will it slowly become more and more earth and creatures, and return to the age of giants in ancient times? The answer is very likely, of course, this requires a process. When the earth’s oxygen content suddenly doubles, the first thing that comes with it is the death of a large number of animals and plants. Then, over time, the surviving animals and plants will evolve again in order to adapt to the new oxygen environment.

About 100 years later, the creatures on the earth will grow again, but the animals at this time are not small ones, all of them are big ones, especially insects, like bees, butterflies, ants, etc. The existence of tyrants, they will once again become the strongest of the earth. What about humans?

For human beings, they must live in an isolated environment at the beginning, but slowly new and old, humans will gradually adapt to the new oxygen-rich environment in order to survive, humans will evolve again, and our children and grandchildren will slowly It grew bigger and became the same as the giant. At that time, human beings had science and technology. Although there were giant insects everywhere on the earth, it brought many threats to human survival, but the hegemon of the earth was still human.

For the earth, biology has become a giant, this is a huge burden. To know that the body is getting bigger, the food and energy that it needs will grow bigger, the consumption of the earth will be faster, and human beings The spacecraft that explores space must also be built many times larger than it is now to meet the huge human body.

If human beings want to survive, they must emigrate to the outer planet. Otherwise, as the population increases and the human beings are giants, this area of ​​the earth cannot be satisfied. We must go out and find a new earth in the universe suitable for human survival. Earth-like planets like Earth are many in the universe, and most of them are larger than Earth.

It can be seen that the doubling of the earth’s oxygen content will not bring disaster to the earth, as some people have guessed, and will end human civilization, although it will have a huge impact on the earth and life, but nature. It is very magical. It has experienced five times of extinction in the history of the earth, and it has not let life disappear. But now, no, humans and other life will adapt to the new oxygen environment of the earth, in order to adapt to nature, will evolve again, maybe this is still a good thing.

It is possible for humans to evolve into more advanced life. The human brain has evolved again after tens of thousands of years of development. Humans will become smarter. With a smarter brain, technology will develop faster. The pace of civilization will be even faster.

Little friends, what do you think will happen when the earth’s oxygen content doubles? You are welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your own unique insights.