If didn’t meet you

  The encounter with the film “Don’t leave me” is purely coincidental. I don’t know that the novel has been put on the screen, but accidentally confronted it in the movie channel. I don’t know which self-righteous mind, the name of the movie has been changed to “dangerous passion”, if not because of Penelope Cruz, I am afraid that seeing this lame, rough name will be changed. Not long after I saw it, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it was – “Don’t leave me”, although it was renamed Wang Er Mazi from Mona Lisa, but it was still.

  I didn’t expect Penelope Cruz to interpret the character so attractive, because she was far from Etrusia in my heart. Ilias in my heart has a simple mind, even a sense of humor that is not up to standard, eyes timid, and does not see any calculations for the future. She should have no taste, wear ordinary long hair, hair is scarce and greasy, and it is lack of beauty. The calf is a little bent, and the road is swaying. Because of the lack of calcium, there is no good tutor, so it is difficult to reveal an elegant posture. In short, Italia should be vulgar, miserable, and unattractive, but it is a young member of the underlying girl who suffers from suffering. Penelope Cruz is not suitable, she is too bright, it is a luminous body, even on the most star-studded red carpet, it is always easy to stand out, how to cover up the edge, and put on the ordinary look of the poor and the most beautiful? The key, in my impression, she is arrogant, unrestrained, changing enchanting, one second makes people lose their judgment, how can they become Etrusia, express that pity? But, like me It is difficult to speculate on how Lawrence Oliver can live freely in the “Old Sunset Bridge” in the “Love Sunset Bridge”. Penelope Cruz suddenly turned into a foxtail, and it was not a big deal, but it was light and clever. She mourned her face and involuntarily broke into the extramarital affair of the middle class and made a small sigh.

  Etrusia died, whether in a novel or a movie, she was a real victim and died in pain. As a doctor’s lover, Tim could do nothing and could only watch her dying so easily.

  Tim has a family, he is young and promising, and he is full of life and everything looks impeccable. His wife is elegant, charming, perfect, and has no margins to repair, almost impeccable, but I still have to quote the original sentence to prove his dissatisfaction: “Her eyes have only one expression, with the buttons on her expensive clothes. Nothing different.” Yes, he loves her, but still can’t help but describe her like this.

  That day, he drove to the beach villa to meet his wife, but because of the car broke down in the hot sun to get to know Etrus. When she first saw her, Tim was ignorant of her roughness and poverty with the taste and education of the upper class. She almost classified her as a funny monkey. However, he suddenly lost control, and the inexplicable ghost made him violently rape her. He frantically threw a few dollars and fled quickly, rushing to the arms of his wife on the beach, and regarded this as an unbearable episode of animalism. However, in the future life, I will not forget the soul, and staring at the goddess, can not help but remember the female ghost. So Tim returned to Etrusia’s dilapidated residence again and again, eager to have a relationship with her, eating her rough food, mocking and distressing the shabby furnishings in her house, satisfying and savagely throwing some money, Enron left. Until she was pregnant, she produced a miraculous physiological reaction of a healthy woman after his many predatory raids. She lives in a place almost ruined, like a wild dog, but she is pregnant. The child is a surprise, giving people a direct view of their heart. Compassion, dependence, pity and other complex emotions sprang up, and Tim found that he could not extricate himself, and fell into the emotion of stealing chickens and dogs. He excitedly looked at this ever-worried poor girl, kicked out the morality, and bravely gave birth to the urge to fly with her.

  It is a pity that fate gives the opposite arrow. Just as Tim is waiting for a showdown with his wife, another fact is like a blue sky. Dear, I am pregnant. With his wife’s happy smile, he got another good news. He has two children at the same time, and this one is more bright and straightforward, more logical, with a marriage seal. The determination that has just been determined is falling apart. The man who is going to be a father will be torn by his conscience.

  Unlike the usual third party, it is quite aggressive, and Italia stands in the corner forever. She did not ask for anything, never refused, and the occasional crying was so short, so there was not enough energy. He gave her money, she stuffed it into the jar, but never used it; he pressed her under her body at any time, she quietly matched, no extra sound. When she learned that Tim’s wife was pregnant too, and witnessed their marriage and beauty, they made up their children. She calmly lay down on a rough bed of a Gypsy woman and completed a miscarriage in a place that seemed to be a tattered market. She said to the doctor’s lover in an understatement that the so-called surgery can be regarded as a grasshopper, as if life is not precious in her eyes, just like a dirty rag, where it can be left free.

  Suddenly, it was unexpected, but it was reasonable. It didn’t take long for Etrusia to die from peritonitis caused by dirty surgery. His love pushed her to a complete desperate situation, and even her life. At that time they were avoiding the reality of the journey, her face pale and coma, he tried his best to find a small hospital, but looked down on her fallen life. So awkward, she died desperately in a small hospital with an unknown language, and hurriedly ended her unclear life.

  Many years later, the children born in his fashion have grown into 15-year-old girls, vacations, villas, cocktail parties, family of three and Yi An Yi. The middle-aged Tim pokes in a warm and comfortable life, no one can see his heart. The injury. Until her daughter was almost killed in a car accident, she fell into a coma that was alive and dead. Doctor Tim and Dad Tim are as helpless as lover Tim, and can only pray for God’s blessing. He was anxiously guarded in front of the hospital bed, and snarled, and opened the scars of the soul to the daughter who had not escaped. Both novels and movies start here, a mean middle-aged man full of owed and remorseful memories…

  I hate that the love film does not play in the old days, but it is difficult to find the love that has been in the middle of the road. How do you describe it? Is it straightforward to the people, or is it touching? I can’t choose the exact vocabulary. Its peaches are generally soft, the iron is generally hard, and the madness of throwing out a runaway heart is thrown out. Of course, I know that the author wants to express not only a slap in the face, sin and punishment, spirit and flesh, destruction and salvation… However, I was dragged by Etrusia, and she pity her too terrible sacrifice. It’s not the first time that the world is unparalleled, but the ordinary woman who has learned a lot of money has gradually developed a chemical reaction that she is also confused. Hesitantly hesitated but could not stop halfway. The more incredible, the more difficult it is to correct. If a person’s appearance, intelligence, conversation, and so on are all the same as your vision, then you love him to fall in love with your own judgment, tailor-made, and love is like obeying. The most terrible thing is that you look down on him, don’t look at him, think that he is a blind guy, and he runs counter to his own aesthetic, but still can’t stop, then you have no choice but to escape, because you are encountering an authentic day. Lei slammed the fire, such as the fake cut and cut the chaos. Yes, nothing can stop it. If it happens, you have to go through it, no matter how smile or tears, until the most complete joy and sadness. Because of this moment, love is like a wolf, you are a lamb.

  I thought that the success of inheritance and fine-tuning from novel to film adaptation is also related to love – Sergio Castrito is the husband of Margaret Mazantini, the former is the film director and starring. The latter is the author of the novel, and they use the sad and sharp stories to match. I deeply remember the plot that seemed to have never been in the book: at the entrance of the small hospital, Tim was holding the red high heels he bought for Etrus, and his eyes were crushed by despair. The man has gone, the shoes have no way to go, and Tim continues to follow the life with his guilt and pain… The red shoes are full of suffocating, red and wolverine, red withered, red and tears.