I once mocked a snail

  Like many people, I mocked a snail. We held a leaf high and let it slowly climb to the top of the leaf. It looked away, there was no way to escape, so we had to return the same way and slowly climbed back to its starting point.
  Many years later, I couldn’t help but ask myself, what am I laughing at? Laugh at its powerlessness when it’s in trouble, or don’t have the courage to jump on top of the leaves?
  Now think about it, and feel that you are mocked instead. The snail climbs up and down at the same speed. Saying it is joyful or declining is just the imagination that people have imposed on it. It proves its indifference and elegance with the same speed.
  The United States, Mexico, Morocco, and several places in the world are intertwined because of a bullet that was accidentally fired. This is the story of the movie “Babel”. In the movie, I only saw despair and helplessness. Pete faced a life-and-death situation with his wife, no medical facilities, no language, no contact with the outside world, and his peers abandoned it. The despair and helplessness when the government was helpless; the Mexican nanny and two children were abandoned on the desert border, The sun is burning, facing dehydration, but unable to find the desperation and helplessness to ask for help; the Moroccan little boy fled after a major disaster, faced with police pursuit, his brother was killed, his father lost his reason, after his own resistance was invalid, he moved Kneeling on the ground with hands up, desperation and helplessness when asking for help to my brother … At some point, people are very small, and the things that can be changed are so limited, no matter where we are in the world, what kind of Language, we are all hurt. We can’t build a Tower of Babel leading to heaven. The bigger obstacle to communication is our soul.
  The TV series “Ten Commandments” directed by Polish director Krishtov Kislovsky is the modern version of the Ten Commandments. The plot of the first episode is this: There is a small lake in front of the eight-year-old Barber ’s house. Barber likes to skate there in winter. But the thickness of the ice is not certain. Only when it is thick enough can Barber play safely on the ice. Barber’s dad is a mathematician, proficient in computers, and believes that everything can be calculated using computer equations, such as the thickness of the ice surface of the small lake in front of the door. Before Christmas, Barber wanted to go ice skating. He turned on the computer and asked the calculation result according to his father ’s instructions. The computer said: “I am ready.” So, Barber put on the Christmas gift that his father gave him-skates, and went Ice. While Barber was playing happily, the ice on the lake broke and Barber was buried at the bottom of the lake.
  Look, how desperate this is, life is like a thin piece of ice, we walk forward, fearing that we might fall into the ice cave accidentally.
  The weirdness of fate will push different people to the top of the tower. What we have to do is not to leap forward, but to reverse the direction and slowly crawl from the tower to the ground like a snail.
  Use the same speed, up and down!
  The small, stupid, cowardly snails have become a sage that leads people to escape from despair.