I just got married

Some people have to casually married, some people dare to knot marriage. You are the dare to marry “casual” woman?

This year I participated in several times the wedding, are unexpected joy.

Some have been dissatisfied with the boyfriend, we all feel broken up sooner or later,

One day suddenly received invitations, people want to marry this boyfriend;

Some of the words to marry to love, suddenly U-turn married to spare tire.
They have a common characteristic, age 30+, a room with car income stable, before because too good or busy working, has been single.

For their marriage, a lot of blessings, questioning quite a lot of. Just last week’s wedding, there are people who say the bride, you are not independent women do, why so casually put their own married?

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman Twenty-four five-year-old no room without car Want to love when a bunch of people to persuade you to find someone who has a car room to marry it, no longer married left. Marriage is the best praise for men to women.

Wait until the thirty-four-year-old house when the car decided to marry people, there are a bunch of people to persuade you, you have a house car independent women, and Han is not missing, why marry trouble, that men with the basic Not you, you marry him, is simply to give him benefits.

From marriage is a man to give you welfare, to you marry a man, is to give him welfare. We are accustomed to assessing a relationship with the pros and cons, but rarely ask the parties, are you willing

Some people think that marriage is to love, some people think the conditions are more important, but I think the marriage of this thing, the only reason is “I want to get married.”

This time, placed in front of a woman seems to have only two roads, one is early to marry their own, so when the students married when your child can be a flower girl, and in time to do life winner.

The other is the so-called independent women’s road: make money, promotion, see the world, to the big city, and then marry a good man, either more young, or more money, or more love. To say, two roads or a road, is to marry a hero.

I am next door aunt Wang said her daughter: “pick pick pick, and finally marry such a thing.”

Wang aunt’s daughter thinking I was small. Sisi’s boyfriend, IT white-collar workers, looks in general, income and thinking thinking almost. On the hardware, thinking 10 years ago can marry a man better than him. The key is Si Si is not very love him, may only love only 67 points.

Sisi married, in the eyes of others, that is, the girl pick and shit, an old age married. But think not think so. She felt 10 years ago, she and her present, the biggest difference is that the past 10 years, she experienced a real love, after a real struggle, marriage in her eyes, no longer necessities, but luxury Goods. She can choose to buy can also choose not to buy, do not think you must buy a lifetime. And then expensive things, if not appropriate, she was thrown away.

At Sisi’s wedding, hear her loudly say to the partner “I love you”, my tears almost flow down, not for her love, but because of her freedom.

A progressive girl, not easy to grow, not only to bear the pressure from their loved ones, but also need to pay a lot of bitter, experienced a lot of unhappy, in the pursuit of dreams in the process, slowly see the reality. Finally one day, she calmly choose an ordinary way.

This choice is not against who, nor is the history of retrogression, why so many people are not satisfied? Because it is too funny, not inspirational.

There is an epidemic, called “inspirational cancer”. In the eyes of inspirational cancer, if you decide to chase the dream, before the age of 30 do not get married, we must make life winner, 40 years old to marry small meat, or 50 years old married media tycoon. If you can not, single or Ye Hao, because you are noble, capable, independent, so rather lack of abuse; you are an example, like a TV drama alive.

Really want to say bad language. His aging mother so hard, not by you when the example rack in the air, but how to think over how too.

10 years ago, maybe every woman wanted to marry the prince, 10 years later, we finally admitted that the Prince of this identity, is hereditary. On the surface of the people will give you the opportunity to compete, in fact, as early as the set. Did not marry the prince, 10 years of hard work in vain? And not.

10 years, your best years, because there is no marriage to the frog, so have the opportunity to love with the prince;

Have the freedom to fly around the world;

Have the opportunity to dream; have the opportunity to dream of Daguai upgrade, from the band into a team with the people.

10 years, you do not add value in the marriage market, but in the life of the battlefield has accumulated more experience and wealth.

Only 10 years after you, calm and objective, like a decision to decide to get married.

“It is easy to get married after it is determined.” It is like the line of the woman in the Tokyo Women’s Guide.

It is easy to get married after making up your mind. Marriage is for you to get their own value, rather than be sure to find a better person than your condition to marry.

Marriage is not a kidnapping of life, but a choice of life. When you want to choose it, should not be kidnapped by anything, or even love. You have the right to choose to marry love, but also have the right to choose to marry the right, and even you may be married to their own willingness.

Timing you got married, as to who, it does not matter.

Even because they want to have children and get married, but also responsible for their own. After all, in China, the door of single women’s birth has not yet opened.

After thirty years old, want to be stable, want to get married, want to have children, like eating hot pot to drink ice water like the toilet, is your freedom, neither shame or face.

You are so hard, not to marry, but not to not marry, but to want to do a thing when the bold to do. Choose the right, there is wisdom to enjoy, choose the wrong, have the ability to go after the poor.

“For a woman who wants a child, her husband is a gift,” this line, ha ha ha

Perhaps 10 years ago, you want to buy a dream package, now too lazy to look at, and then you look down on the plain happiness, but now heart to read. Everyone is constantly adjusting the gap between themselves and reality, and by constantly getting dreams, and constantly destroy the dream.

If the next time someone says that you are an independent woman, the condition is so good that you can not casually. Please tell him, because I am an independent woman, dare to casually marry their own.

Do not expect marriage to change life, do not expect life as a daughter pet.

Marry a woman as a mother, just a choice, an experience, want to do it, is the greatest responsibility for their own.

Really smart people, not only into the retreat, but knowledge advance and retreat.

And its hard to become inspirational idol, it is better to live into their own heart to become like, this is the woman’s greatest greed –

Not any identity and people kidnapped, your life, to afford, but also to put the next.