How to get along with the “villain” in the workplace?

For the CEO and the manager, there is nothing more than the so-called villain juggling let the staff look down on the. You know what kind of people I am saying, these people usually do things like this:

One or both.

Give the boss an informant to please the boss.

3. Bring the boss with personal benefits, and these benefits are generally the most in line with the boss rather than the company’s best interests.

4. Behind the slander, framed competent colleagues, because they are a threat to their position.

5. Manipulate those who do not know the skills of the boss.

6. Playing politics is more accomplished than completing a task.

7. In the eyes of the superior than in the flat and subordinate eyes can do much more.

8. Only care about keeping your position, not the needs of anyone else, including the bosses that they flatter vigorously.

9. can be on their own behavior or failure of the blame and criticism was thrown away

10. Think of the competent person as a threat, fear of a contrast to expose their own incompetence.

11. They will blame others, make up an excuse or weaken their criticism, so that anyone can not smell their incompetence and not upright.

12. In order to wrap the fire with paper, nothing to use its pole.

It is such a person to “political” the word coated with stigma. It is often necessary to play a politics when doing important work. But as a mere means of people, for their own private do nothing, the villain has always done this way.

The biggest key to understanding villains is that they are not worthy of the job, and they are deeply aware of this. There is a saying: people who can not take advantage of the opportunity – the first action, innovation, proficient in business – will use people. This is the villain routines.

This routine is quite crazy, because in the long run, they will almost and all enemies. Class and subordinates will quickly learn to despise them, try not to give any support, the top will eventually give up, because the final will find them to the department or even the whole company brought disaster. But before that, the villain will be able to hide the colleagues do not complain.

How to do?

If you have a good performance, threatened to the side of the villain, and he used to manipulate your own technology to destroy you, how do you do? Unfortunately, if this person confuses your boss, then you do so well, the boss will not change your point of view. You have no chance to stand up, like the face of a completely denied their children to steal things, lying parents, he felt his children particularly cute, how can you convince the parents?

Here’s a way for you to think about it. In fact, the villain has two main purposes:

1. Bundled boss

2. hide your own incompetence

So, this method is to help villain to achieve these two goals. But it is clear that this may affect your relationship with other colleagues. Also, remember that this person you help will never treat you as a friend or helper, because you are always more than he is, so you have always been a threat, but if you can follow his style, you can at least from the enemy Become enemies and friends, so that his threat to you is not so big.

practical steps:

1. come up with a villain has a really great and unique advantages.

2. and villain to discuss how to use this special talent.

3. To help villains to make a plan, and the successful implementation.

4. think of ways to let the boss take note of the results of this success, so that the boss praised villain.

Villain may doubt your motives. Because he has been trying to suppress you, why do you still help him? If he asks you this question, get the answer. The easiest answer is to tell him: “I support you, is hope to win.” If the other side still doubt you, you can add: “I know a lot of people who complain, they are here very bad, is their own I decided to take action and did not become one of them.

Friends never betray, but more close to the villain.