How time walks

  The wall clock on the wall was once my favorite scenery in childhood. I have an indescribable worship of it, because it controls time, and our work and rest seem to be dominated by it. At the appointed time, we have to get to bed, do inter-class exercises, and be snarled by our parents to go to bed. Although it is sometimes said that we haven’t slept enough to get up, and under the moonlight outdoors, we haven’t played enough to return to bed, we must obey our parents’ orders because of time. The words they screamed at us were closely related to the wall clock: “What time is it, can’t get up!” Or it is: “What time is it, and I’m still playing crazy, go to bed!” Cigarette pot knocked the cruel old man in our head, fierce and stubborn, really wanted to overturn it to the ground, so that it can never walk again. In my imagination, it is a parent who is invisible, harsh and old-fashioned. But sometimes it is also tender. On New Year’s Eve, every step of its footsteps brings us happiness. We can get the coveted New Year’s money after the sound of the subclock, thinking of using this money to buy sweets to sweeten our mouths. , Really want to roll a few freely on the snow.
  I naively thought that time was put in the wall clock by a pair of mysterious big hands. It walks all the time, not panicking, calming down, not slowing down because of the luscious beauty of birds and flowers outside the window, nor will it speed up because of the raging north wind and heavy snow. Its feet are the most tempting feet in the world, and they always follow a fixed path. I like to hear the sound of it moving forward, always a rhythm, like a warm lullaby. Time is in the wall clock, and we are experiencing wind, frost, rain and snow, and rising and falling tides.
  After I went to junior high school, watches became more popular. I saw time hiding in a small disc and dancing on my wrist. It jumped quietly, not as crisp and sweet as the wall clock on the wall, and the sound of “tick-tick–” kept coming. The time in the watch is a little less imposing and majestic, so when the class time is clear, I will still spend a minute or two and then enter the classroom, so the time in the watch seems a bit lonely.
  Later, life became more colorful, and there were more places to live in. The necklace pendant can hide time and make time and heart beat together; the desk calendar is inlaid with time, time and day complement each other; time is placed in the toy, time has a bit of game component; as for computers and mobile phones, as long as we Open them and there will be time to see them first. Time flickers everywhere like stars, and more and more it becomes more and more rushed.
  One day more than ten years ago, I first found a trace of time in Beijing. When I combed my hair, I found a white hair, which stung my eyes like a bright snow line in the early morning light. I know that time has actually been walking quietly in my hair, only this time it showed traces. I also saw that as time walked in her mother’s mouth, her teeth fell off more and more. I understand that when time lets a flower bloom, it will also make a flower bloom in the corners of people’s eyes-crow’s feet. Time makes a young tree grow more and more leafy, the spokes of the wheels are more and more stained with rust, and an old house gradually humps.
  I finally understand that the time on the wall clock and the time in the watch are just an appearance of time. It exists in a richer everyday life-in the rising and dry rivers, in the laughter of children playing, in the flowers Blooming and falling, in the migration of migratory birds, in our faces of different ages, in the face of the table and chair constantly adding new scratches, in the process of a person’s voice becoming crisp and hoarse, in One after another went to the cold and flying snow. As long as we are walking, time will walk. We and time are a pair of partners, nestled together, immortal, it will lead us to go to the world without knowing it.