How did you spend your weekend and spend your life on the weekend

After an unusually busy weekend, wake up this morning, I did not like the past, “every Monday paralyzed into a dog, alarm bell ringing does not get up.”

But in the alarm before the sound opened his eyes, a diving jump up, but also the first time to do the Dayton Dayton “pay attention to” the breakfast.

This state even my own are surprised, after all, I was “every Monday gunpowder”, so I began to compile this unusual weekend.

The best way to rest on weekends is never to sleep

This weekend, because the baby’s early teaching to adjust to Saturday morning at 9 o’clock, her husband and travel is not at home, you can only force yourself to get up, prepare the baby’s breakfast, class to bring things.

7:30 excitedly with the baby to go out to school and then to accompany the baby to participate in the course, but also took him to do a hand. Noon home has been tired of the burst, unprecedented down to make up for a nap.

2 pm and go out to a friend studio to discuss with her a marketing program, a long time do not touch this activity, excited to discuss the evening 7:00, not too tired.

Zhou early morning to send your baby to Mom, continue to communicate with friends program, to discuss the details of the implementation. Finally finished after the evening home and finishing a long interview article.

May be due to the weekend arranged exceptionally enriched, so Monday but not because of a sudden from loose to tight that kind of not used and burnout, all of a sudden into the working state.

My previous weekend is generally arranged such as: Friday to watch movies, play mobile phones, visit Taobao to 2:00 am, Saturday generally from 13:00, wake up in the bed to continue to play the phone, dinner out to eat ; Zhou repeated the rhythm of Saturday.

It is reasonable to say that such a rest frequency, Monday should be able to “break over”, but the cruel fact is that every morning I wake up every morning feel like the end of the world, get up to see people see the Buddha see the Buddha.

There are many such examples around, often heard small partners complained: “weekend paralyzed in bed for two days, Monday or no spirit, feeling tired, exhausted ~”

This unusually busy weekend, but let me completely break off, wake up on Monday morning, the spirit is particularly full.

This also gave me a feeling: perhaps the best way to rest on weekends, not bulkhead sleep, nest in the nest for two days.

But continue to maintain the usual healthy work and rest, while allowing themselves to use different ways than the busy day, activate the brain of some other cells, another brain loop to live, to the brain cells also keep fresh.

If the daily day squatting in the office computer paralysis, the weekend when they ran out, taking advantage of the spring just in the wild Caesar wild, activities activities bones.

So that the rest of the brain rest, idle limbs activities, can be considered a combination of work and rest.

If the working day is to do some copy of the work, the weekend can participate in an art gallery, insert flowers do clay, relax and relax the brain.

Tighten the week of the brain and then think about the weekend can not open the flowers, it is better to let it completely relax, give it a buffer period.

Working days have been sold to the boss, the weekend do not fight so, and their own back to their own.

Do what you really like to do, learn a skill you have always liked, to participate in their own interested club ~ two days a week, for their own live, not a waste.

Like to travel, then take advantage of the weekend when the other city to release the wind.

I have a friend, almost every weekend will travel to other cities, from the monotony of life jumped out, eating in a strange city to eat for two days, Monday is a hero.

The most important thing is, we must keep the normal work and rest, do not stay up late to dawn and then drowsiness to dusk.

Day and night upside down, not to love yourself, but for death. Want to fill the words, you can turn off some of the board on Friday night, take a bath to make a meditation turn off the phone early to sleep.

Whether it is for the value or recovery of energy, late 5 hours are not as early as 1 hour to cost-effective.

Good weekend, not only to make themselves more energy to meet Monday, to eliminate a week of burnout, accidentally let life open a hanging.

Can run a good weekend, life will not live up to her

Think about it, my side of the cattle people, excellent girls, are operating a weekend player. Never put the weekend as a remedy, but to play a variety of tricks.

WeChat letter recorded so many people, I like the brush is MOON friends circle.

Almost every weekend, her circle of friends are such a style: “ugly people are still bed and bed, the United States who have finished eating breakfast finished pot finished.”

Match is her Wyding circle mileage, high value to the deep-fried breakfast, as well as her weekly flowers, and occasionally there is the weekend beauty soup ingredients.

This circle of friends is usually sent in the morning 8: 00-8: 30, then she will go to participate in various activities, the salon.

Her weekend circle of friends, either to go to the debate, or to learn to do coffee, or to go to the tea society …….

If that weekend her friends circle is not updated. That must be because she has not repaired the map

MOON is a university teacher, although the salary is not particularly high, but she also took advantage of the weekend at their own expense to participate in a professional design courses, learning PS, PR and other professional skills.

Now she in addition to the normal work, but also often take some design work, friends circle will be drying her new work out. She told me that part-time design income has been more than their income, it is early to earn back the tuition.

I have never heard from her mouth “confused”, “anxiety”, “bored” these so-called young people epidemic, did not see what she complained about.

Think about it, she did not miss the weekend, can be so alive and alive, she naturally can better arrange their daily work and life, not to “anxiety”, “bored” take advantage of Opportunity.

She was so good at operating without KPI assessment, no BOSS staring at the weekend, life did not have the nerve to live up to her.

Adhere to get up early, running, do nutrition breakfast, so that her skin is particularly good, 27-year-old vegetarian look but also 20 years old;

Adhere to the study design, opened up her second source of income do not say, but also let her become a small celebrity design design coffee, and some works also won the award;

Adhere to participate in various activities, virtually expanded contacts, she is a lot of part-time design work are introduced to these friends, so that her part-time income stream.

Oh, yes, you do not say that life circle is small, do not meet the appropriate prospective boyfriend candidates, her boyfriend is in the weekend to participate in a riding activities to know, fun do not say, abdominal muscle feel also it is good.

Her state, is really confirmed that sentence: to run the weekend free time people, is the real life winner.

No matter how many flags in the social circle, how much planning to do, how hard to behave in the absence of supervision of the life of the weekend without quantitative assessment of the state of life, is your real life.

And how you spend the weekend, to a large extent on how you will spend a lifetime.