How did I avoid detours in the beginning?

I think that a writer’s ability to feel life is an essential quality for literary creation. At ordinary times, I also contact with some amateur writers, saying that there seems to be nothing earth-shattering in our life. Everyone lives in an ordinary way. How can some people’s works become novels? How can I find nothing strange and become novels? On this issue, I cannot but admit that literature needs genius. However, the ability of literature to feel life and the degree of a writer’s ability to feel life also play an important role in their creation and development. For example, to experience life, to go to the countryside ( or to another place ), to make bedrolls, to eat, live and work with farmers, is also one way, but it is by no means the only one. Therefore, literature comes from life, and it is true that it is in ordinary life. The key is how you feel about life.

What is feeling life? Feeling life is actually feeling life. Experiencing life is also experiencing life. After extending this meaning to this level, you will not be limited to the discovery of only one thing in life.

How did I avoid detours in the beginning? I think that every writer, first and foremost, should consciously seek sensitive areas of his life. Because, although talented writers are very clever, he cannot be all – inclusive. I can’t be like Jiang Zilong. The grand scenes, ups and downs of emotions and momentum in his novels are not the sensitive areas of my life. If I do not find this and suddenly find that Jiang Zilong’s works are very famous in the society, then Jiang Zilong writes about reform, and I also write about reform. He writes a ” Director Joe’s Note on Taking Office”, and I will also write a ” Director Zhang’s Note on Taking Office” and a ” Director Li’s Note on Taking Office”, which will fail. That is a very foolish way.

Where is my own sensitive area? Through a period of time, I found that among those ordinary people and things. It is precisely because I am sensitive to it that I cannot attract people’s attention. When I found it, I grabbed it and pursued it. In this way, I finally found the sensitive area in my life. After finding this sensitive area, I took fewer detours in the practice of literary creation. This kind of situation often occurs among amateur writers. He goes all out to pursue what he is not good at. As a result, he takes many detours, causing misery in his creation, misery himself and much misery for editors.

Before I was engaged in professional creation, I worked as an editor in a literary journal and received many amateur writers from the grassroots every day.

One day, two farmer writers came, claiming to be fellow villagers with Shen yuezhong, and also suggesting to our leaders that ” writing can only be done if it is converted into commodity grain” ( laughter ), saying that they work very hard. Shen yuezhong now eats commodity grain and always writes every day ( laughter ). Our leader said: ” Shen Yuezhong first wrote his works before turning them into commercial grain. You also wrote your works before turning them into commercial grain.” The two of them left with great joy ( laughter ). A few days later, I wrote a novel and attached a letter. When I looked at it, I said let’s ” read the novel and quickly turn to commercial grain.” ( Laughter ) But what about the novel? It is totally about their very unfamiliar life. In the parks of the city, under the willows, on the chairs, there is a man and a woman named ” Date” and the woman named Nina. I think, if they are interested in literature, where is their sensitive area?

I am definitely not throwing cold water on everyone. Young people who are really interested in literature should first examine their feelings. A famous person once said that there is only one thing worse than making mistakes in the world, that is, being slow. Do you check your sensitivity to life? Life is still very ordinary, as long as you find your sensitive area, you don’t have to be afraid that others will also write it, because you will always find your own perspective.

When we consciously search for our sensitive areas, the following is a conscious discovery. Chekhov said: ” Novice always wins the recognition of society by unique things.” I think this ” uniqueness” is a new discovery. Therefore, it serves to show that discovery is crucial to literary creation. We cannot beg apples to become cherries, nor can we force cherries to become apples because they have their own characteristics. After we understand this, we can pay close attention to the big or small discoveries in our life.

Therefore, there are two points that deserve our attention. First, keep the freshness of life. Everyone’s daily life is almost the same. Only when you keep the freshness of life and have the needs mentioned above, can you find meaning in the uninteresting things and write down the meaning of the uninteresting things. The second point is that one should deliberately cultivate one’s feelings towards life. The depth of one’s ability to feel life varies from person to person. So how to cultivate them the day after tomorrow? In my opinion, you should also cultivate your own keen vision of life and turn this into a habit.