How can people live happily?

Life is short, and everyone wants to be happy for decades. But many people live unhappy, not necessarily because they have no name, no power, or even because they don’t have money.

How can people be happy? In fact, it is not difficult at all, just to do two things, people can have a very happy life: one is the comfort of the body, the other is the joy of the spirit.

The so-called physical comfort should include the satisfaction of the two minimum requirements of the five levels of Maslow’s needs: survival needs and safety needs.

We neither live in Africa nor live in China in 1960, so the dietary needs for survival are easy to satisfy;

Nor do we have to worry about the kidnapping of children by bandits at any time in the 1930s, so the need for security is easy to satisfy.

The so-called spiritual pleasure should include the satisfaction of the higher three levels of the five levels of Maslow’s needs: belonging (social) needs, respected needs, and self-fulfilling needs.

It is not necessary to have a loved one around, children and grandchildren around the knees, just to participate in an amateur badminton team, can also meet the needs of attribution.

If you can get like-minded, intimate friendship, you may be happier than feeling affectionate; if you can get love and enthusiasm, you will be happier.

Although the needs of respected people are more difficult, they are not difficult to achieve. All those who earn money to support their families can get the minimum respect, and the more successful people are respected.

The former can only be respected by several family members around him, and the latter (such as an artist) can get more people’s love and respect.

But sometimes, metrics are not absolute, but relative. The degree to which people are respected is not always positively related to achievement. A mother who is poor and sick can make efforts and sacrifices for her children. A rich man has done more respect from his family.

Self-realization is the more essential happiness of a person, the beginning and the ultimate of happiness.

The most typical is Chuck Fini, who anonymously donated $8 billion in property.

He lived a simple and simple life, donated money, didn’t even name his foundation, and didn’t engrave his name on the donated building, just saw a donor who had donated a rabbit’s lip surgery. When the girl’s face is full of smiles, she is sincerely happy.

What he did was not even to get the respect of people, but to bring happiness to his heart just to save others.

Of course, self-realization does not have to be outstanding. Only everyone has a self. His self-fulfillment is his greatest happiness.

The great painter has painted a beautiful painting that is self-fulfilling; an ordinary housewife has made a dish that everyone is full of is also self-fulfilling.

Although the painter’s self is different from the housewife’s self, their realization can bring the same happiness.

With a minimum of comfortable material life, coupled with a happy spiritual life, people can live happily. I don’t think this thing is hard to get, as long as you really want it.

All those who are unhappy are, in the final analysis, he does not really want to be happy.

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