Heavy three bottles of water

  The drought is raging in the southwest of China. There are three bottles of water that enter the eyes of the author –

  The first bottle of water, in fact, only half a bottle, held in the palm of a girl in the southwest, she said: “I want to rely on it to drink a whole day.”

  The second bottle of water was placed on a row of tables in the conference hall. It was just unscrewed and drunk for a couple of times, and people dispersed.

  The third bottle of water, recently displayed at a famous brand drinking water fair, 750 ml, priced at 198 yuan.

  The half bottle of water in the girl’s hand is holding her life. This may be a bottle of water in the bottled water of the caring people. She also wants to share it with her brother and sister; this may be a bucket of water from her parents who is not far from the mountain road, except for people who drink it. Livestock, watering the fields.

  The bottled water at the venue is completely drinkable or not. At the moment, it is not a hot day. How many people will drink a few hundred milliliters of water? How many people will take the unwashed water away from the venue and go back to drink slowly? The usual situation is that after the meeting, the staff is busy cleaning up the venue, saving a little, checking the bottle caps, throwing them away, leaving them open; not afraid of wasting, all the brains are swept into the trash. Think again, how many of the meetings are going to be done every day, and how much precious water is “discarded”?

  The emergence of a bottle of “high-priced water” of 198 yuan, the focus is not on how manufacturers choose water sources, how to process packaging, nor in who buys and sells water that is more expensive than oil. Instead, it gives us a lot of alarms. — Now, a bottle of water less than 1 yuan, water like waste paper, and water that is “wasted” will not be difficult to buy at the end of the day. When climate change is aggravated by humans, when extreme weather is frequent due to humans, the “habitual drought” area may be further expanded, and when “water quality-type water shortage” cities may increase further, what should we do? At that time, is the price of 198 yuan per bottle of water still expensive?

  These three bottles of water cannot be circulated in each other’s bottles, but the thinking about water is the same: What can people who drink water do for those who have no water? Today’s drinker can do something for tomorrow’s drinker…