He is sleeping in the wind

  A person has tasted three extremes in his life. For ordinary people, he is awesome. Some people have done this. He is the pioneer of Chinese painting and Lin Fengmian, the founder of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. He once said that tigers, gods and dogs, I have done it.

  Lin Fengmian’s life has a kind of precocious glory. When he was less than 20 years old, he was summoned by Cai Yuanpei. He was responsible for Europa for 6 years and was recommended by Cai Yuanpei. At the age of 26, he was hired as the president of Beijing National Art College. It is almost the same age as the students, and it is the highest institution in the Chinese art world. This experience is unimaginable in today’s eyes. But soon, because the warlords blocked the development of the art movement, he was forced to go south. After the south, Lin Fengmian was invited by Cai Yuanpei to establish the predecessor of the current China Academy of Art, Hangzhou National Art College. His classmates and foreign teachers have joined the faculty, and the faculty has never seen them before.

  Lin Fengmian wants students to break the boundaries of painting and choose painting according to their creative needs. He believes that the essence of painting is painting, meaningless faction, and nothing to do with Chinese and Western. Later, in the Chinese and even the world’s art scene, Li Keran, Ai Qing, Zao Wou-Ki, Zhu Dequn, Wu Guanzhong, and Xi Dejin, all from this golden decade, all came from Lin Fengmian’s door.

  Nowadays, people may not be able to imagine that from 1939 to 1942, Lin Fengmian was alone, living a seclusion life along the Jialing River. The direct reason is that during the war of exile, Lin Fengmian was incomprehensible because of the complicated personnel of Beiping and Hangzhou National Art College. He created the ideal of modern Chinese art and was once again frustrated. Without the campus that accommodated his high ambitions, Lin Fengmian turned and closed the door, and entered a new way of self-exploring Chinese art. In the warehouse, he kept painting from morning till night, sometimes even painting more than 90 pieces a day. He is still full of ambition, just a different way – he wants to create modern art for ancient China. The paintings on the mud wall seem to remind the visiting guests that the owner of the cloth is the famous painter and the youngest national art school principal in China. This kind of “hidden” and “independence”, people who have tasted the fun, can also be regarded as half a fairy.

  The “Cultural Revolution” is coming. Hearing that the friend Fu Lei and his wife both killed themselves, he did not want to believe. After confirming, he first shredded his paintings for decades, immersed them in the bathtub, waited for the paper to be soaked, then smashed into pulp, and finally scooped into the toilet. When the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, he returned to Hangzhou from Chongqing, throwing away all the luggage, and only brought back all the paintings when he got on the plane. But now, he is destroying them by hand.

  Even if the painting was ruined, Lin Fengmian was detained into the Shanghai No. 1 Detention Center in the summer of 1968. It was four and a half years.

  Lin Fengmian, the enlightener of modern Chinese art, wanted to lead the gold lineup in the miserable old China, and used aesthetic education to wake up the sleeping dragon and change the national character. Not to be favored by the current situation, his life quickly finished all of this and turned into a period of self-exploration for 50 years. He permeated all the worries on the drawing paper. He lived three times, tigers, gods and dogs have done it, but the age is still slower than him. Lin Fengmian, sleep in the wind.