He does not love you, you want to love yourself more

Some time ago, we have been hot music marks the subway incident scraper, and my friends circle is the same.

Among them, I think the most incredible is the high school girlfriend small shadow of the forward.

She was forwarded, excerpted one of the hot comment:

Before I always think, if one day I got married you must come when the best man, because we finally set foot on the red carpet;

And then I want to come to my wedding bar, to hit my field of it, to grab me, because I will go with you;

Finally, I thought, you still do not come, I’m afraid I see you, you do nothing, I want to go with you

The reason why feel touched, because I know that she said “you” refers to A Xuan.

I sent a message to the WeChat to her: “He has a girlfriend, and you made such a clear, is not it good?”

“I do not care, just want him to see.”

Even “the other is being entered … …” did not have time to see the show, I got the answer.

I have a faint moment on the screen, do not know what to say.

I and small shadow from high school to now has a close relationship, small to buy clothes to choose style, do not want to make a hole, big college entrance examination after the election, when looking for work, most of the things we will habitually consult each other, Will give some advice to each other.

But only on the A Xuan this matter, I said how many words, are advised to keep her a obsession.

High school, the three of us in the same class, is a very good friend of the relationship. At that time I vaguely feel that a small shadow is like A Xuan, and A Xuan also has a small shadow with the affection is not clear.

After the college entrance examination, the expected, they are together. But also I was ridiculed, said they carrying me “awkwardly rape”, said good to be good friends forever, the results left me a single dog.

Love in the small shadow bent and want to choose the same city and A Xuan, but fail to mention the parents and the teacher said, “the object can be found, the future is more important,” and ultimately to better school, two went to a different city.

This is almost a small shadow of the University of four years, the most regrettable thing. Because she and A Xuan just fell into love, they had to go directly to love in different places.

Separated from the two days of natural is better than to accompany the sweet side, the beginning of the two people is the daily information phone constantly, but with the university learning and pace of life gradually on track, two people always have a time difference.

Small video video, A Xuan is going to the students will meet;
Small shadow that every day to each other good morning good night, A Xuan always forget;
Small shadow to take advantage of the holidays to travel, A Xuan participated in the activities can not go with;
Small shadow to learn more things around A Xuan, A Xuan that there is no need to speak;
Small shadow that A Xuan and other girls ambiguous, A Xuan said you want to think so I have no way;

Thus, the original deep meaning of the two people were defeated by the distance, more and more contradictions. But after all, there are emotional basis, two people have been insisting on this difficult feelings.

Until the third time quarrel, small shadow angrily said: so hard, that break it Ah Xuan light back to the sentence: OK, I also tired of the tired. Hung up the phone.

Small shadow suddenly panic, no matter how to call, A Xuan is not connected She directly ride the car rushed to A Xuan school, did not change the established outcome.

At that time the small shadow cried like a tear, swollen eyes and told me that she never thought to leave A Xuan, from high school began to like so many years, she will not let him go.

This flash, college graduation more than a year.

Small shadow to the city where the A Xuan set the work, still did not change back to A Xuan’s back, but he heard the news of his love.

I thought that a small shadow from the school to learn to put down, did not expect to see her friends circle forward that paragraph.

As a girlfriend, I was distressed little shadow. But from an objective point of view, I have always disagreed with her practice.

Humble to keep a obsession, spending their best youth time, and so a person who no longer love you, and a can imagine the answer, how worth it ah.

Compared to the small shadow, I am now my colleagues Shu Yi, live may be free and easy.

University talked about four years of boyfriend, did not escape graduation to break up the curse. Later, Shu Yi himself wiped away tears, a person dragged his luggage to Beijing, like every North drift, like hard to find a job looking for a house, and gradually settled down.

Graduation, but more than two years, she was from a small intern, into a good personnel, treat people between things calmly and without sincerity, the company is very happy.

Every day elegant makeup, seemingly random but delicate dress, gestures are full of vigor and charm.

Originally the company we do not know her college had that romance, until the boys fooled to appear in the company.

Before almost a week for a week, every day someone sent a bouquet of roses placed in the table on the bed, we could not help but curious about joking, that she is expected to single, she listened to just smile, do not do more response.

Later, the boys have been sending flowers finally appeared, quite high-profile holding the flowers standing at the front desk of the company to call, Shu Yi said that the work is not convenient, the boys said you do not see me I do not go, Shu Yi had got up meet him.

Two people dialogue, we all know that the man is not the pursuit of flowers, but the former boyfriend Yue Yi.

He said to Shu Yi: “You do not say that we can not go back, then I will chase you again.

“I do not need someone to accompany and support you now, and now I no longer need to have you.”

Men do not read: “You are no longer love for more than two years, is not waiting for me?

Shu Yi bow, mouth briefly exposed a little smile, and then very seriously raised his head and looked at each other said: “I did not wait for you, just no casual.

I did not wait for you, no casual.

This may be the best after the separation of the state it

No matter how much love, how sweet time, separated is separated. You can not let go of a person, there will be no longer write the story of the leading edge.

All reunion after the reunion is also happy and happy plot, fear is only the brain stump will be staged a gimmick it

In reality, most of the reunion, but never repeat the same mistakes, toss some of the final or only a separate outcome.

Since the two people who love each other will be separated, it is because of inappropriate, there are only some separate problems can be resolved, or, at least one of the two people do not love.

Together is the two people together that “I am willing” to decide the matter, but as long as there is a person who does not love, there is no longer back to the road can go.

The other side do not love, why do you stubbornly guarding a broken no hope of love, clutching do not let go. You know do not know, even if you lower the worth, wronged himself, the other side will not look back at you.

The case of people from the first and last is affectionate, and the wrong idea is not affectionate, is stupid, but also a waste.

In the best twenties, what you have to do is like Shu Yi.

Do not read the past, fear the future, know what they want, and constantly upgrade themselves, practical for the future efforts. Sensible treatment of feelings, do not look back, nor will it be.

I never worry about such a girl Yue Yi no better people, I think her own heart must be very clear, waiting for that person to appear.

Looked at the smart Shu Yi, and then think about my little wisdom girlfriend small shadow, I opened the WeChat, sent to her line of words:

Girl, he does not love you, you want to love yourself more.

Hope that small shadow can understand,

Also hope that no less than the predecessor of you, but also understand.