When he arrived in the town by coach, he was very strong.

  The car happened to stop in front of the National Guard barracks. The weather was cold, and the doors and windows of the barracks were tightly closed. Only a solitary lamp hung on the door plaque, emitting a faint light.

  The porter removed his suitcase from the roof rack. A man from Mumu greeted him and asked, “Are you a new doctor, Mr. Lorenzo?”

  He nodded.

“I am the clerk of the town office, Attilano. Rui Gemes, I am willing to help you.” The man said that he took the suitcase. The two walked toward the first row of houses outside the village.

  ”I have to tell you a situation, Mr. Lorenzo.,’

  ”please say.”

  “Maybe someone told you how difficult it is to get here and stay here? You have to know that there is no Lianjia Inn in this town.”

  ”But people told me…”

  ”Yes, people will say this. But you are embarrassed, no one is willing to stay outside at home, even if it is a doctor. You know, the year is not good, people here say that they can’t afford food… We are indiscriminate Filling the hunger, a piece of salty dried meat, a few potatoes… The woman is working like us, and there is no comfortable day in winter. I can’t take it easy, so I can’t take care of the cooking of the occupants. I think they even have cooking skills. Forgot… Forgiveness, Mr. Lorenzo, the days are mixed into this field!”

  ”You are right, but I have to have a place to stay…”

  ”You don’t get upset with me, you never! You will be on the streets. But I don’t; I won’t succeed; tell you that there is only one woman at the moment to stay in your stay. But I have to remind you, Mr. Lorenzo; she But a poor madman.”


  ”Yes, but she doesn’t hurt, you don’t have to be nervous. It’s just that I have to explain the situation to you, lest she should rush into you in case of nothing. The other is nothing. She loves clean, temperament, and will be home.”

  ”But she is a madman after all… What is it like – mad?”

  ”In fact, there is nothing, Mr. Lorenzo. That’s it. Her mind is often confused and said something is not marginal. Besides that, I said, she is easy to get along with. So I will borrow for two or three days and give it again. You have to change a more appropriate place… You should be embarrassed on such a night; you will want to stay on the street whimsical!”

  The house is small, at the end of an alley. The hostess opened the door with the kerosene lamp going downstairs. She was thin and thin, and her wide face was very kind. A square scarf knotted her back and covered her hair.

  ”Welcome to you,” she said, showing a sweet smile.

  This woman is called Philomena. She set the table for the guests next to the blazing fire on the upper floor. The house is full of poor weather, but it is very clean. The walls of the kitchen were carefully painted with lime. The fire made a dazzling red glow, reflected in the copper pot and the yellow rough porcelain.

  ”You are sleeping in my son’s room.” She explained, the voice was a little whistle. “My son is in the city now. You see, it’s a beautiful house!”

  He smiled on his face. The small, agile, cadre-trained woman made him faintly sympathetic and a wonderful pity.

  The room was small, and the black iron bed was covered with red bedspreads, surrounded by long tassels. The wooden floor was barely smeared and smelled of alkaline water and lime. There is a shiny mirror on the closet, and three paper roses are on the corner of the mirror.

  The woman stood with her arms in her arms and said, “My Manuel is sleeping here. You can imagine how I carefully packed this room!”

  ”How old is your son?” He – he took off his coat and asked if he had nothing to look for.

  Until the age of thirteen in August. But it’s smarter and more capable than a child of the same age. His eyes are really…”

  Lorenzo smiled, and the woman couldn’t help but blush: “Sorry, I know I have to say something stupid… but I have nothing in this world except Manuel. You see, the child was born for two months, I am pitiful. The man is dead. From that time…”

  She shrugged and sighed, and the pale blue eyes cast a sorrowful sadness. She then quickly turned her back to face the corridor.

  ”Sorry, do you have a meal now?”

  ”Okay, I will be there soon.”

  When he came to the kitchen again, the woman gave him a bowl of soup. He drank with gusto.

  ”I still have wine…” she said slyly. “If you want to drink… I keep it, wait for Manuel to come back to see me.”

  ”What is your Manuel doing?” he asked.

   He began to feel that this home was filled with a wonderful peace. He rushed around, into the scented boarding apartment or the dilapidated residential area surrounded by gray walls. But here is very different, outside the house is the field – vast and beautiful land, he comes from there. That woman (is a madman? What kind of madness?) The thick, thick hands and slender eyes are also marked with the earth.

  ”He followed a few uncles to learn the craftsmanship of the shoemaker. You see, BLOG of Mumu gave me a pair of shoes as a Christmas gift last year. I can’t bear to give it a try.”

  She walked out of the room and took a bottle of wine and a carton later. She used the peculiar diligence of the woman who loved to keep things, calmly drunk him, and then opened the box. A smell of leather and bitter apricots is emitted from the box.

  ”You see…”

  The style of the shoes is very common, it is gray deer skin, new.

  ”so pretty.”

  ”There is nothing in the world worthy of the son,” the woman put the shoes into the box. “I told you that nothing can be matched.”

  She gave Lorenzo the meat, then sat down, crossed her arms on her knees, and relaxed with her hands. Lorenzo felt that this hard-working hand gave a wonderful sense of tranquility that was hard to say.

  ”You have all seen each other,” said the woman, staring at the fire. “According to everyone’s statement, I may not have any reason to be so happy. I am widowed shortly after I pass the door. The man is a short-time worker, so I am so poor that I have to work hard. Work, work, and strength. You see it, just because of him – my son, I feel happy. Sir, very happy. I watched him grow up a little, learn to walk, learn to talk… …——A woman is exhausted and tired is not for this?—’Wooden’s BLOG’s blind Dingfu’s literacy, his head grows tall! You know, people here say that I am crazy because I told my son to leave the country to learn crafts. I don’t want him to be exhausted by the land like his poor father. People call me crazy, you know, because I have only one thought of getting angry early: Manuel to me Send money, let him pay for his uncle’s house, meals, add clothes, buy books. He is so eager to learn, then pay attention to the meter. Do you know? I bought two books with color illustrations from the grocers, I am preparing Send it to him. I will show it to you. ……I don’t know how to read, but it must be two good books. My Manuel – I will like it. He will take the lead when he goes to school! He sometimes comes back to see me, usually likes Easter back, Easter day Go home at night.”

  Lorenzo listened in silence, looking at the woman intently. She was sitting by the fire, as if she had covered a big aura. The light seemed to come from the earth, from the distant horizon. From the voice of the woman’s voice, I can feel the earth is silent, as if condensed the general silence.

  ”It’s good to live here,” he thought. “I don’t think I will ask to move.”

  The woman stood up and cleaned up.

  ”When he returns from Easter, you will see him.”

  ”I really want to meet him,” Lorenzo replied. “Really.”

  ”People call me crazy.” The woman said that the smile on her face seemed to contain the full wisdom of the earth. “Because I can’t bear to spend money to add clothes for myself, I never want to be big-handed. But where do they know, this is definitely not what.” Sacrifice, but selfishness, just selfishness. I give everything to him, isn’t it for myself? Isn’t he more important than myself? The folks don’t understand this, neither men nor women understand.”

  ”Those talents are crazy!” Lorenzo was moved by the words. “They are crazy!”

  He stood up. The woman still stared at the fire, as if she had fallen into a dream.

  He lay down on Manuel’s bed and covered the quilt that he had never used before. He felt that a vast, long-distance, awkward happiness filled every corner of the house, and it also infiltrated like music. His heart.

  At about eight o’clock the next morning, the door was knocked.

  ”Mr. Lorenzo, the clerk of the town office came to you…”

  He put on his coat and opened the door. Attilano stood there with a hat.

  ”Good morning, Mr. Lorenzo. Things are done… Juana of Guadalama is willing to receive you. Wait and see, you are satisfied.”

  Lorenzo interrupted Attilano’s words, the wooden wood’s BLOG “I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s a rape.”

  Attilano glanced at the kitchen and heard the sound of the broom’s bumps – the woman was preparing breakfast.


  Lorenzo felt an unnamed fire rushing up. “The woman is not crazy!” He said, “She is a mother, a virtuous woman. How a woman who lives for her children is crazy… she just because there is A son feels so happy…”

  Attilano stared at the ground and was so sad. He stood with a finger, the word – said: “She has no son, Mr. Lorenzo. Her son has had meningitis for at least four years.”