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  In June 2004, 24-year-old Su Mei graduated from Fudan University with a master’s degree and applied for a well-known online game company in Shanghai as a management trainee. From the first day of work, Su Mei was determined to rely on hard work in exchange for success. Soon, she was promoted to the marketing manager, and the monthly salary doubled to 10,000 yuan.

  At the beginning of 2008, Su Mei mortgaged a small-sized house, and from then on, he had to pay a mortgage of 4,000 yuan. At this time, the financial crisis spread to China, and the company informed that it would lay off employees. Su Mei tried his best to stabilize the performance, but did not let his name appear on the blacklist.

  However, before I waited for Su Meisong to breathe, the next days were even more sad. In May 2009, Su Mei was reprimanded by the boss because a big order was stolen by the rival company. When she returned to her desk and saw the smirk of her colleagues and the sympathy of the dead foxes, she suddenly fell in love. I think that I am like a worker ant. I can’t even drink a bit of water all the time. What I get is more and more cruel competition, more and more fragile body, and more and more depressed mood.

  Back home, Su Mei is still upset, just turn on the computer to his favorite Tianya Travel Forum. From the university, she had a dream and traveled around the world, but the high travel expenses stopped her footsteps, so I had to check the photos of my friends online to comfort. Suddenly, a title caught her attention: “A romantic trip to Provence of less than 3,000 yuan?” What happened to less than 3,000 yuan? I saw a smug note below the photo: “WWOOF is really not blowing, saving money and fun!”

  Su Mei immediately Baidu, originally, WWOOF is the World Organic Farm Opportunity Organization, this organization is committed to advocating to the world It also promotes an organic lifestyle and connects organic farm owners and travelers in more than 60 countries around the world. Volunteers only need 4-6 hours of unpaid work per day for the farm to get free room and board. More than 100,000 volunteers around the world have completed “global tourism” in this way.

  After reading these introductions, Su Mei culdn’t help but tickle. She immediately logs in to the WWOOF official website, downloads the completed application form, and submits it to the application-specific mailbox. Half an hour later, she received a questionnaire on ecological protection. After completing the questionnaire and submitting it, she will receive a reply again soon and the application has been approved. In the hundreds of farm directories, she chose a kiwi farm and a goat farm in the northern New Zealand city. After communicating with the other party via email, she spent a month to complete the visa. Soon, she really received a one-way ticket from Shanghai to New Zealand.

  On June 30, Su Mei submitted his resignation to the boss, and the boss’s face suddenly fell. “Do you know when it is now? Where do you go to find such a high-paying job after you resign?” Su Mei took courage and told him about his predicament. She felt that her nerves had been stretched for too long and had to go out and breathe. The boss’s face seemed to touch him. He sighed and said, “Let’s do, you don’t want to resign. I will give you a three-month leave without pay. If you still insist on resigning, I will stop you.” Looking at him with surprise, the first time I found out that the iron-faced boss actually had a feeling of righteousness.
  On July 6, 2009, Su Mei boarded a plane to New Zealand.

  Travel to the world with work, travel around the world

  Just off the plane, Su Mei saw a blond tall man holding a big card with a red pen writing “Sue”. It turned out that the farmer Andy, he did not care about the farmer’s busy personal pick-up, so that Su Mei was very moved.

  The next day, Su Mei started working. Her job was mainly to pick kiwifruit. Su Mei has never done a farm job since she was a child, so she started to work very hard. However, a few days later, Su Mei got used to it, and the fun of farm life followed. After the daily work is completed, Su Mei happily sends his own interesting things to the forum to share with others.

  One day, Su Mei suddenly impulsively wrote an email to the boss: “I don’t go to work, don’t shop, but I am very happy.” Unexpectedly, the boss actually replied to her quickly: “Looking forward to a happy return.” Su Mei’s heart is warm.

  Two weeks passed quickly, and Su Mei reluctantly left the kiwi farm and rushed to the goat farm. The two farms are not far away and it takes only half an hour to take the bus. After Andy sent Su Mei to the bus station, she left the bus because of the busy farming. She waited for the bus with a group of white-skinned friends with curiosity. As everyone knows, the first small thrill in this journey is about to happen.

  After more than ten minutes, the bus came. After confirming that the bus went to the second farm, she got on the bus. About half an hour after the car, the driver told her that she should get off the bus and told her that she could call the restaurant in front of him. Su Mei thanked the driver and dragged his luggage into the restaurant. The kind boss called her and called in the answering machine, and asked her to wait in the store.

  One hour, two hours, the day began to rain, but Su Mei did not wait for the goat farm owner to say “open the silver car” to pick her up. She was about to lose hope. A car with a left-turning light suddenly appeared in front of her. A grandmother sticked her head out from the window to say hello to her. Su Mei jumped up. It turned out that the farm grandmother had been waiting for Su Mei at the appointed place very early, and the appointment time was up. She watched the bus whizzing past and stupidly lived on the spot. So she drove the car to chase the bus, went straight to the next town, and finally blocked the bus with the body to stop the driver! The driver told her that the Asian girl had been placed in front of a restaurant, so she rushed to turn the front of the car. Su Mei was very sorry for the wrong place, but her grandmother waved her hand and said it didn’t matter, she was worried about her. Said, she took out a coat and put on the eyebrows. Su Mei’s heart was warm and warm.

  My grandmother’s farm is not big, so Su Mei’s work is not much. She gets up at 8 o’clock every morning to clean the sheep dung and squeeze the goat’s milk. These jobs can be done in half an hour, and later she will have a leisurely breakfast with her grandmother.

  Next, what Su Mei has to do is to transport the cut trees to a centralized place with a wheelbarrow. Because most of the trees that were cut down were placed in the sheepfold, Su Mei had to “go on the black bean-like faeces”, and when she was working, the flock would also playfully harass her, causing her to laugh and cry.

  My grandmother will make soaps with goat’s milk every Thursday, and Su Mei will help. Goat milk soap is very popular in New Zealand, it can cure pain and beauty. The first time Dell’s grandmother did was the original olive soap. She first poured olive oil, coconut oil and goat’s milk into a stainless steel vessel and adjusted it to a precise low temperature. Then pour the sodium hydroxide into the water and pour it into the vessel. Stir it again and let the oil mix with the water until the liquid becomes fluid. Finally, the raw materials were poured into various models, stored for three weeks to wait for solidification, and the production of soap was completed. In fact, if you use a high temperature of 80 degrees to cook, the soap will solidify in a few hours, and it is no different from the low temperature soap. But Grandma said that such high temperatures would ruin the essence, and she would not do such a wicked thing. Su Mei recalled the life of the past, whoever has this kind of empty space is not a fool. Perhaps everyone is missing the purity and kindness of Grandma.

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  After leaving New Zealand, Su Mei went to Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries. Unconsciously, time has passed more than two months. Su Mei will set the final stop in Denmark. Soon, she contacted a otter farm in Asp. Unexpectedly, it is expected to be the most romantic trip, actually encountering the most terrible adventure in life.

  The farmer Anders is a very enthusiastic middle-aged man. He not only took the initiative to pick up the plane at the airport, but also took the eyebrows to the main street of Asp City. It was night at the farm, and Su Mei discovered that only Anders was alone in the entire farm. However, she did not think much. Because of the tiredness of the journey, Su Mei had already taken a rest early. Sleeping in the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up and found a black shadow standing in front of the bed. She was so scared that she turned the light and found out that it was Anders. Anders faced his face and said that he just came to marry her to sleep well, then went out. However, Su Mei was still a little scared, and quickly used the table to hold the door, and did not dare to close his eyes one night.

  Early the next morning, Su Mei ran into the nearest police station, and she was shocked: Anders had been accused three times for alleged sexual harassment. Although he was acquitted in the end, the police advised Su Mei: “Miss, Anders is a pervert only with a sheepskin, you must not stay at his house!” Finally, accompanied by a policeman, Su The eyebrows returned to the farm, and Anders was not in the house. She quickly picked up her backpack and fled.

  Su Mei knows that WWOOF will not investigate the farm in advance, so members should ask other people about the employer before departure, or ask the local police if they have any bad records, or ask the locals about the employer’s reputation. Otherwise, not only will you be unhappy, but you may even be in danger. Especially for single women, it is best to choose an employer with a family.

  What moved Su Mei was that the policemen were very enthusiastic and helped her to contact another farm nearby.

  In the work, after talking with the farmer, the farm was affiliated with the famous Copenhagen fur company, and Su Mei immediately awe. However, something that even surprised her is still behind. It turns out that the Danish mink farming industry was also very general at first, and the price of exported mink was kept low. Later, 2,100 Danish mink farmers joined forces to form the Copenhagen Fur Company. The company’s operation is to auction its own mink, held four times a year, which attracted buyers from all over the world, and finally successfully evolved into the world’s most authoritative industry trading platform.

  Like their great ancestor Andersen, the Danish farmer also wrote a contemporary fairy tale. Perhaps the character of the Danes who are always moving forward and never admitting is the reason for their success. At this time, Su Mei suddenly thought of herself, how can she give up on the road of career because of temporary pressure?

  On the last day of Denmark, Su Mei went to Copenhagen. At the port of Langerini, the bronze statue of the little mermaid still sat quietly on the huge pebbles. The cool sea breeze has a fresh taste, and the sea water presents a calm blue.

  In the forum, Su Mei wrote with tenderness: “If your childhood memories have been accompanied by those faint and beautiful fairy tales, if you always think of the mermaid finally disappearing above the blue water of the cornflower And the flowers of Xiaoyida rise up and dance at night. If you want to see the traces of time in the real ancient palace, then go to Denmark. It is a place where fairy tales can become reality and reality is fairy tales. . ”

  in October 2009, ending the global organic tourism humphead wrasse, he returned to Shanghai.

  In the three months of wandering around the world, Su Mei learned a lot. The agricultural knowledge of sowing, weeding and harvesting need not be said. More importantly, she released the heavy shackles of the former and regained her mind. Happy mood. Maybe she will still face the bottleneck of work and the pressure of life in the future, but she is not afraid, because she knows that there is another life to choose from, a kind of life where there is a lot of fun.