half an hour for lunch

The sewing machine stopped suddenly and the world relaxed. The warm sun shone in through the slanting small windows in the thin sky, and countless flying dust floated in the light pillar. People stretch, yawn and look at each other one after another. Zhang’s old and inflexible faces seem to have melted, and faint smiles appear from their eye sockets and corners of the mouth. It’s half an hour lunch time, time to catch my breath, time to laugh and scold for a while – this is the usual rule, just like April Fool’s Day in the West.

The happiest people are those who have a gift – to enjoy themselves. ” What is blessing? If you think it’s a blessing, it’s a blessing, shout! ” This theory was invented by the white old man who ironed while chewing steamed bread with stinky tofu. As for who spread it enthusiastically, it is not clear. Anyway, everyone is convinced. Perhaps this theory is similar to Ah Q’s spiritual victory method, but a total of eight and a half people ( only half of them can be counted as a guy with paralyzed legs ) do not know what Ah Q is, but some people do know Lu Xun. For the sake of whether he also lives in Zhongnanhai, everyone just discussed yesterday. although the paralyzed young man expressed different opinions, they finally agreed with old man Bai’s opinion: so famous people, still need to say? Shout!

The enamel jar rang once or twice, and the low old room smelled of leek. ” How many cents of meat have you put aside?” ” Meat? Hum, tongue meat! ” So the world is so quiet again. Don’t be busy, the right topic to amuse stuffy son hasn’t been found yet.

Outside the back window came the sound of the car slamming on the brakes. People stopped chewing together and pricked up their ears. ” Tired of living!” There must be nothing running over it. Another rumble of the engine drove the car away. The prologue will begin.

” After work yesterday,” Xia Dama, who narrowed her small round eyes, leaned her neck forward and swallowed a pancake in her mouth. ” After work yesterday,” she took another quick sip of water and took a deep breath. ” After work yesterday, she almost scared me to death. Walking, that was the sound behind her back.”

” mama ah! Why didn’t you choke to death? ” The ” little foot” sitting opposite broke off a piece of steamed buns and threw it into his mouth. ” For that matter, I thought you picked up a Jin Gangzuan.” She curled her lips and turned away, her right leg resting on her left leg, and her four – or five-inch long bound feet swung triumphantly.

Paralysis of the young man eating while pulling abacus: ” Xia Dama, you this month half a day of personal leave half a day sick leave, deduct you 92 cents.”

” I looked back,” Xia dama continued, ” hutong is so narrow and car is so wide, where can I hide? I’m running … if your two precious feet have to punch a hole in the car, there’s no cure. ” She retaliated with a look at the sky. ” Drive me to alley mouth, the car didn’t drive past. A few pupils said it was ” red flag”. Just listen to people say red flag car, but I don’t know what kind of red flag car, you say … ” She took a slap on the leg, seems to be quite failed to see the red flag car carefully and regret.

All the people heard the ” red flag” with no laughter, only white old man disapprovingly ” shout!” A voice said: ” you are really a white job. Red flag car? Big! Beautiful! The glass gun in the window can’t be broken through. Made in Germany, that’s all! ” As soon as his eyes met those of the collapsed young man, he added: ” China has also succeeded in the test at the moment. The car was full of famous people from the central government. In his early years, Ma Lianliang …” Hearing the collapsed young man laughing secretly, the white old man was vague.

However, ” little feet” giggled alone. The more people called her ” crazy old woman”, the more she laughed.

” Call a car, call a car! There’s a crazy one here! ” White old man solemnly ran towards the door. ” This morning, I will see her ass is not like ass, face is not like face …”

” Uncle Bai, one day’s personal leave and two or half days’ sick leave will cost you a dollar and eighty-five cents.” The paralyzed boy has settled another account.

” buckle it, buckle it, save money thieves thinking.” The white old man squatted down from the corner of the door and said generously, but his eyes were still looking at ” little feet” with a proud and sly smile.

” Little Foot” finally stopped laughing, but belched back: ” Eh! Just now this old thing said me, ” she poked Xia dama a finger,” uh! I have to punch a hole in the car, eh! If I hit the red flag car, I’ll be lucky, eh! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

” What else would you like to smoke?” White old man narrowed his eyes and leaned in, face and changed a compliment.

” Luo! That is! ” The little foot ” gave the old white man a sideways glance and looked straight.” White old man – hum! I haven’t allowed to use you yet. White old man! Buy two Chinese filters. “

” Zha!” White old man should way, then grabbed the ” little feet” hand, serious number of pulse. ” Are you awake?” He added.

” Little Feet” gave him a shove: ” What? He hit me! ” Look at what she means, as if ” nature” is by no means difficult.

” Blunt you this bad bone? Still disappear stop a lie? It’s to disappear, stop and lie down – in the morgue or crematorium. ” The white old man broke a match and slowly stuck between his yellow teeth.

” Little Foot” has lost its word with its eyes wide open. It is really a bit timid. ” I am dead and have my son!” She suddenly regained her spirits.

” The son died and grandchildren, there is no end to children and grandchildren, this mountain digging a little will be less, what can’t finish digging? Three hundred and twenty – one, three times five divided by two … ” Paralytic boy chanting the same to himself, his head not lifted, his eyes not inclined, cleaning up the accounts, bite a half fire.

” What happened to your son?” Someone asked with interest.

” He has to find a room for my son to get married! My son is thirty-two years old, and his object is twenty – nine. Wow! ” ” Little feet” eyes are much brighter, although steamed buns rolled to the ground, ” this time is copied! I still don’t like the shabby room in the housekeeping office. I need a unit with a kitchen and a toilet. My son and daughter-in-law live in one room, and I live alone … ”

White old man stabbed her: ” let me remind you – you could have been killed by a car. It doesn’t matter! I’ll live in that room for you, and I can show you grandchildren or something in the future. ” He shrugged his nose again, and it was easy for him to shed some tears. ” Even if you accumulate virtue, you’ll have to give birth to good things in the next life.”

Someone was about to laugh, but the words were picked up by another old lady. The old lady, in fact, is not very old, but has pulled out a full mouth of teeth and has not been inserted, plus a little asthma. When the ” little whistle” rang in her throat, she said, ” somehow! Let the car hit also points a life good or bad. Our old man broke his leg when he was hit by the earthquake. It was a walking tractor in the countryside. Who did you mistake? The poor drivers were jingling and pitiful … but a silly girl in our hometown was killed by a’ Shanghai’ last year. what happened? A thousand dollars! A thousand! Is a ” Shanghai” … ”

Everyone’s eyebrows are wrinkled into eight words, mouth open for fear of not round. There is no joke here anymore. Everyone slowed down their chewing frequency and seemed to be contemplating something. At that time, the old house was quite lonely. Even the white old man had no sly smile on his face.

” Aunt Luo’s sick leave lasts three days, and you will be deducted 2.77 yuan.” Except for the paralyzed young man.

” If I were,” said Aunt Luo, ” I wouldn’t want the thousand dollars. When the money is spent, I’ll ask them to find me a formal job or just babysit for them who sit on the” Red Flag “. We have an old neighborhood. I don’t know which one has accumulated virtue in his life. In a big cadre’s job as a nanny, somebody else will give you something old, useless and inedible, and it will be enough for you to have one shot. Of course, give me a formal job is ok … ”

The vertical lines on the brow of all people disappear together, which can be regarded as a complete break.

” Or is it better now?” Grandma Lu, who specializes in buttoning buttons, picked one eye from the top of her reading glasses ( by the way, she only has one eye ) and looked at everyone. she also had feelings. ” in the early years, our old man gave a shopkeeper who opened a pharmacy a monthly cart. in the tenth winter and twelfth lunar month, I held our eldest daughter to look for him. he took a piece of rice cake for the eldest daughter from the cook, but he didn’t get scolded? What do rich people eat? Eat … ” She stretched out her thumb and forefinger, it seems that there is a large bowl or plate in the middle,” eat, eat ” for half a day, and finally didn’t” eat ” anything. One eye behind the flower mirror blinked and blinked. ” You see, for the first two days our old man was still chanting … Oh, eating green-haired turtles, and letting the navy catch live prawns and the air force transport them …”

” that was Lin Biao j you got mixed up.” Paralytic young man hands holding gills, gherardini said.

” Shout!” White old man grinned, stood up, turned a circle on the spot and sat down on the stool, ” you can follow blind admixture? Lin Biao has become the shopkeeper of the pharmacy again. You have eaten Lin Biao’s rice cakes again. How can you explain to your children when you are old and have a historical problem? ” In the roar of laughter, Grandma Lu slowly closed her outstretched fingers and smiled shamefully for a moment, then stopped talking.

People returned to the original topic.

” If I say anything, I have to ask them to bring our father back to Beijing. They say they will come back in three years to support the third line. That’s good. We’re all 13 this year.” Someone sighed in the corner.

Someone lit a cigarette in front of the stove: ” Needless to say, if only I could ask them to help me transfer my son back from Yunnan.”

” I have to get a formal job!” Post back spit out one mouthful phlegm, ” we two boy back from Inner Mongolia for more than two years, has been unable to allocate out. If the red flag car arrives at the gate of the factory, what is the next order? The factory director also has to fart dian fart! Unfortunately … ”

” alas! Also don’t greedy, can give za kiddo son long a few pieces of salary … ”

Once again, the low old house was silent, saying that it was a daze after a full meal. Obviously, it was not accurate, because pairs of eyes were shining with a strange light – yearning light? The light of joy? Or is it the light you wish for? I don’t know. In a word, it is the rare light in this small workshop, which is stagger, and it is the rare light in the eyes of over half a century old. People like a statue of stone, looking straight at a fixed place. Some are picking up moles on their cheeks, some are picking up hairs in their nostrils, some are picking something out of their nostrils to probe between their fingers … as if they are all listening to some good news.

” Ice – stick!” The wind in late autumn brought in a long call that woke people up from that state of ecstasy.

” Well, I don’t want a car to kill me.” I don’t know who was the first to take a tumble. A happy smile broke out deep in the alley. Mixed with vulgar foul language.

The sewing machine ” chugging” rang and the world became tense again.