Grab a red envelope

Zhang Yan is the teacher of No.6 Middle School in the city. That night, she visited a student’s home. The visit ended very late. Zhang Yan was thinking about the students all the way. After waiting for a while, he noticed the surrounding environment and got a fright. It was dark here. What if there were bad people?

Zhang Yan comforted himself in his heart that there were not so many bad people. He pretended to hum the tune with ease and walked on. I was really afraid of anything. When she walked to a remote area not far from her home, several people suddenly flashed out. One of them hugged Zhang Yan from behind and put a knife around her neck. Zhang Yan gave a cry of terror, and the people behind him said: ” Don’t shout, shout again and you will die!”

After listening to the voice, it is still changing. It is estimated that Zhang Yan is still a minor child. After a pause, he said, ” What do you want to do?”

Another voice said, ” We just want the money and give it to us honestly. There is nothing.”

Zhang Yan studied adolescent psychology. These people spoke in a short voice, indicating that they were also very nervous. At this time, there was a man with his hand to pull Zhang Yan shoulder bag, Zhang Yan know fairly well, she only took some change when she went out, there was a mobile phone, some cosmetics, nothing else.

Sure enough, the men did not turn over anything and were disappointed. One of them whispered, ” How about a few dollars?”

The other said, ” I think this mobile phone is worth two dollars, so I’d better sell it.”

Zhang Yan felt distressed for a moment, but she just spent more than 3,000 yuan on the mobile phone. Her mind was full of countermeasures. Suddenly she said, ” There is satellite positioning on the mobile phone. If you take it, you will find out soon.”

Zhang Yan’s words really worked. Instead of running away with her cell phone, several people stood and looked at each other. Zhang Yan took the opportunity to say: ” Now anyone who goes out with money can pay for a cell phone anywhere. You let me go. I have money in my cell phone. Can I give you red envelopes? ”

A few people hesitated. The man behind Zhang Yan said, ” We let you go. What will you do if you run away?”

Zhang Yan pretended to smile easily and said, ” Are you big men still afraid of me being a little woman?”

The men made eye contact and really let Zhang Yan go. Zhang Yan relaxed at once. She stretched her arm and turned back. Only then did she see that three boys had kidnapped her, one wearing a red shirt, one wearing glasses and one with yellow hair. The man with yellow hair holding a knife was the one who hugged her from behind. Their age is really not big, should not exceed 18, but the light is too dark, the specific face can’t see clearly.

Three people surrounded Zhang Yan, fearing that she would run away. Zhang Yan opened WeChat with the light of his mobile phone screen and said, ” How much do you want?”

The three boys thought for a moment, and one of them said, ” Just five hundred, just enough to buy game equipment.”

Zhang Yan said, ” Who will add me? I will give him 500 dollars. Will you go back and branch again?”

” Yellow hair” was alarmed: ” No, I added you, you report the case again, find out my number, I am not finished?”

Zhang Yan smiled and said, ” It’s only 500 dollars, and people don’t file a case. Besides, I give you red envelopes. What evidence do you have that you robbed me?”

As soon as the three boys heard this, their yellow hair said, ” OK, I’ll add you.” ” Glasses” and ” Red Shirt” quit and said to the yellow hair, ” No, we don’t know you. You took the red envelope and left. Where are we going to find you?”

Only then did Zhang Yan know that the three boys were not yet together. She had a brainwave and said, ” That’s all right. I’ll set up a group temporarily and add you all in. I’ll give you red packets and you can rob them. Whoever steals the most counts. How about disbanding the group when I’m done?”

When the three boys heard about stealing red envelopes, they immediately took an interest and said yes.

Soon, Zhang Yan created a group and added all three boys. Zhang Yanxian handed out three bags for 100 yuan. As a result, yellow hair robbed more than 50 yuan, glasses robbed more than 40 yuan, and red shirt robbed less than 10 yuan. The red shirt said unhappily, ” No, no, it’s not fair. Have another one.”

Zhang Yan sent another 100. This time, he grabbed more than 70 red shirts, 20 glasses and less than 5 yellow hair. Huang Haifa said: ” This gap is too big, no, come again!”

Zhang Yan sent another 100. The three boys all stared at the cell phone. As soon as the red envelope was given, they couldn’t wait to rob it. As a result, Lucky Wang became a glasses this time. He robbed more than 60. The two men said straight out that they were unlucky and called for another round.

In a short time, Zhang Yan had already handed out several red envelopes in succession. The three boys were still not satisfied and were all immersed in the pleasure of grabbing red envelopes.

At this moment, they quietly behind one more person, that is a tall police. When he coughed, the three boys looked back at the police uniform he was wearing and realized that things were not good: they were here to rob, not to rob red envelopes!

The police approached them and asked, ” What are you doing?”

The three boys were unable to speak hesitatingly. At the critical moment, Zhang Yan said, ” These are my three students. We are playing with” giving red packets. ”

The police looked at them suspiciously. Zhang Yan winked at the police. The police looked at Zhang Yan and said, ” It’s getting late. Go home and go to bed early. What if you meet a bad person in a place like this?”

When the police left, Zhang Yan picked up his cell phone again and said, ” Come on, let’s keep sending.”

This time, the three boys did not take their cell phones. They looked at Zhang Yan with yellow hair and said, ” Auntie, you are a good man. If you shouted just now, we would be finished.”

Zhang Yan sighed and said: ” In my eyes, you are still young, especially when playing, how much like children!”

Hearing this, the three boys all cried. The red shirt said, ” Auntie, I’m sorry, we were wrong. Just now you sent 7800 yuan, and we’ll give it back to you. ”

But Zhang Yan smiled and said, ” I gave you what I gave you, but I am very worried about one thing. You are now at the age of studying. Why did you come out in the middle of the night to do such a thing? Can your parents rest assured? ”

The three boys bowed their heads and told Zhang Yan their respective experiences:

It turns out that these three boys met only occasionally in the internet cafe. they had no money in their hands when playing games, so they discussed to rob the two money. thus, the scene happened just now. Yellow hair ran out of his home in the countryside, because he got lost in playing games and his grades dropped. His father beat him and he ran out in a fit of pique. The father of glasses, a migrant worker, brought him to the city to study, but he was addicted to playing games. He lied about going to school every day, but he actually stayed in an Internet cafe. The home of the red shirt is in the city, and he is also addicted to an online game because he has no money to buy game equipment.

Zhang Yan urged the three boys: ” Go back to study hard, your parents are not easy. If you don’t go home, they won’t worry much! ”

The yellow hair said, ” Thank you auntie, we will never do this kind of ridiculous thing again.”

Zhang Yan said: ” To tell the truth, I am a high school teacher. Maybe you will become my students in the future!”

The glasses said anxiously, ” If we really become your students, will you have a bad impression on us?”

Zhang Yan smiled and said, ” It’s so dark, I can’t even see what you look like. Well, don’t think so much, go back and have a good rest. ”

The three men said, ” Goodbye, teacher!” Zhang Yan said, ” Well, I have to study hard when I go back. I will teach you in the future.”

The three boys disappeared into the night.

Zhang Yan looked at the direction in which the three children were leaving and thought, What a close call! In fact, the policeman who just came over is Zhang Yan’s boyfriend. When she handed out red envelopes, she secretly sent her boyfriend WeChat to share her position. But when her boyfriend arrived, she could not bear to see the childlike appearance of the three children. If they were taken away by the police, it would be a stain on their life, so she lied to her boyfriend.