Good father, slow half racket

In those days, when I decided to transfer my family, I said silently with the strong man’s determination to break his wrists: I want to be a good stay-at-home mother and do my best to take care of my baby. So I kept learning, set an example for my children, observe other people’s parenting styles, and save myself every day. I can really give myself a “diligence” medal.
However, as warm as I am, life is as cold as ice. Children are full of tricks on their way to growth, and every day in their lives, chickens fly and dogs jump. Accompanied by wave after wave of enthusiasm for child-rearing, there are pots of cold water, inexpressible frustration and anxiety.
If negative emotions are not expressed in time, it is terrible, just like a container with a fixed volume, which constantly squeezes the bad mood into it. If it cannot be filled, it will explode. I don’t allow myself to explode. I decide to express my emotions all the time. How to express it?
Want to want to go, the child father let me very not pleasing to the eye. He is always so calm, slow, not angered by children, and seldom anxious. This made me very angry. I decided to send all my bad emotions to him, yelling at him from time to time, scolding him a few times and kicking him occasionally.
After venting, my heart relaxed a lot and I began to think: why am I so anxious when my father is so relaxed in the face of the same children?
If you think about it carefully, it is still important to have a mental attitude: if you don’t relax, anxiety will be passed on to your child. If you treat life with a relaxed attitude, happiness will infect children.
For example, the children’s kindergarten has spring break and the whole family goes to the seaside. The place where he lives is on the second floor and the stairs are outside. Xiao Bao likes the stairs very much. his short legs are not much higher than the stairs, but he grabbed the handrail of the stairs and climbed up and down carefully.
Every time we go out, we always let Xiao Bao down the stairs in advance. even so, the whole family had to look up at him downstairs at last …
In fact, he works very hard. It’s not his fault that people with short legs are small. Once when I was anxious to go out, my father said, “son, let me hug you!” With that, he held out his hand and “clamped” Xiao Bao up. before his foot had reached the next level, Xiao Bao protested loudly: “no, no! Go down, go down, yourself, yourself! ” Dad had to put Xiao Bao down.
He was willing to go on his own. to my surprise, my father told Xiao Bao sincerely, “I’m sorry!” The simple three words really fall on my heart, which is respect. In my heart, I respect my father. Although the child is small, he is an independent individual and has his own opinions. He wants to go down the stairs by himself. Adults cross the border to offer help without his consent. Apologizing is of course.
In the process of raising children, we often neglect their feelings because the children are small, because they are weak and provide help compulsorily. This not only violates the autonomy of the children, but also is a manifestation of adults’ selfishness: helping them is not to save their waiting time. And even if adults realize their mistakes, how many parents will sincerely say “sorry” to the kid wearing diapers?
Childcare is sometimes not about profound theories, but the respect, justice and courtesy embodied in small things in life, which are equal eyes of adults and children.
In addition, due to differences in parenting styles, there will always be times when mom is anxious to go to the house to uncover the tiles while dad is carefree and light. Sometimes, it may not be beneficial for a mother to be too attentive to her children, while lazy fathers unintentionally exercise their children.
Xiao Bao’s speech was not neat and clear enough. He often popped up one or two words and could not articulate clearly. I can understand all Xiao Bao’s words, even if he doesn’t say, a gesture, can understand his intentions, and then immediately meet his needs. And dad, he didn’t understand. It may be true or fake. He always asks the child over and over again, “What do you want?” “what are you doing? Tell dad. ” “Where are you going?” Repeatedly asked, he didn’t meet the child’s needs until the child roughly expressed it clearly.
Such examples abound in life. A careless father actually has a deep love for his son under his careless appearance. After carefully measuring dad’s contribution in the process of raising children, I think it is necessary to change the label of “pig teammate” to “good dad who knows how to raise children” and also say to the good dads in the world: hard work!