Girls have something more expensive than face

Beauty is only a moment of wonderful, uncle that the wisdom of the girl is the most precious wealth of life.


Recently look back “wonderful work that” the first three quarters, there are two fragments of deep impression.

One is the debate “should not use the unspoken rules”, Gao Xiaosong said that in any industry can do the top of the people, in fact, rely on the strength, are clear rules.

The other is a period of “whether to participate in the former boyfriend wedding,” the debate, the right side of a debate is a long legs beauty, she just stood up, in the audience caused the commotion, the guests on the straight men who shine; But the end of the speech, the number of votes is almost no increase.

Anti-side of a debate, is a stout female man, contrast a little taste of abuse. But after her lively and interesting speech, for their team to pull about 20 votes.

Can not help but sigh, in this demon world rampant, in fact, the girl’s mind is really more expensive than the face.

In my 20 years old, earn 10,000 per month when the salary, hear Gao Xiaosong said, “to do the top by the strength of” this “nonsense”, absolutely scoffed.

But when I bid farewell to the past industry and circles, went to a more open world, met a lot of industry executives, only to find those seemingly correct the truth of the universe, or in order to flaunt himself have insight into the maturity of things, either For their own frustration to find high-sounding excuse.

When you say “this is a look at the face of the world” when it is probably because your circle where everyone has no meaning it.


Young girl, especially a bit pretty young girl, are fantasy have their own life can have a shortcut.

They do not like ordinary girls, as to get a life without food and clothing, we must exhaust all the strength; to win a love, to spend all the luck and sincere.

They will be spirited to God, that has a superior value, you can hold out his hands, catch a good luck from heaven, and this good luck is life-long system.

I know a beautiful woman, graduation into the envy of all large companies, with the industry’s big coffee, to participate in the best projects. Can be two years in the past, she can only do the basic work such as fax; for some trivial trivia, and her husband quarrel, and girlfriend tear forced.

Maybe we are wrong, can catch the good luck of life, not by your beauty, or your parents and her husband, but you have what kind of thinking level, cognitive model, intellectual and ability.

In the final analysis, your value is not as good as your mind.

Like the Republic of China two famous movie star, Ruan Lingyu and Hu Die, have the beauty of Empress Dowager, but they are indulging in a whirlpool of emotion, cut constantly chaos, and ultimately suicide for love, with faint gestures, achievements A legend.

The other one, in order to learn Mandarin, made a special trip to Beijing to find Mei Lanfang apprentice learning; thinking about how to do the commercial value of the film and the unity of artistic achievements; in order to star in China’s first La sound of sound film, It is 7 hours. So can become a no one can and after the film, is the butterfly instead of Ruan Lingyu.

Beauty is just a ticket.

Can decide how far you go, will always be your mind: your talent, your wisdom, your ability.


Often girl asked me how to grow faster, have their own dream of the cause and feelings?

In fact, you have not thought about the so-called growth, the most important thing is what? Is to enhance your cognitive ability, the biggest difference between people and people is the way of thinking.

So, when you spend thousands of dollars to buy a bottle of lamer cream, brush tens of thousands of pieces to buy a brand-name package, there is no thought, you invest in your own mind?

I am a girlfriend, a monthly salary of 3000, each month will spend 1000 to buy books; ten years after her income turned a few hundred times, I was not surprised.

Those who do the cause of the wind and water, the family is also operating exceptionally happy girl, just rely on the face? No, in fact, regardless of the workplace or love field, the final test are your ability to solve the problem.

So, when countless from the media advocated, you have to buy yourself something more expensive, you have to be worthy of their own value, your beauty is your ability, I always very emotion: In this popular burst of the times, How deep is thought.

Girls have something more expensive than the face, that is your wisdom.

Go to those who are better than those brains, to see how they face the problem, solve the problem, you will learn their top thinking mode; this is able to let you stand on the ground, live more beautiful and more free The foundation.