Girl Sun Ling

Sun Ling’s background is extremely ordinary, and her parents are typical Chinese farmers.

She grew up herding cows, feeding pigs, transplanting rice seedlings, picking manure… everything. It may be that she had to bear the hardships of life too early, and Sun Ling was particularly interested in learning. During the high school entrance examination, Sun Ling was admitted to the top three high schools in the county. But her father interrupted her studies on the grounds that “what is the use of girls studying?” When other people’s children were busy enrolling in school, Sun Ling could only learn haircuts from her uncle.

At that time, Sun Ling didn’t have a strong vision for the future, but she had a clear idea-“I don’t want to live this kind of life.” She begged all her relatives again and asked them to speak good things for herself in front of her father. The father finally relieved and sent her back to school. It’s just that she missed the enrollment time and could only enter a private high school.

The teaching quality of this private high school is not very good. In the 2009 college entrance examination, Sun Ling’s results ranked first among the freshmen of the school, but she did not even reach the second line.

Fortunately, a software training organization promoted in the school, and Sun Ling participated in their 7-day free summer camp. At that time, she felt the dawn of hope for a moment. She wanted to learn programming, but because of her family’s difficulties, she reluctantly passed by this light.

A month later, Sun Ling moved away from her hometown to Shenzhen and became an ordinary female worker on the factory assembly line.

Here, Sun Ling’s job is very simple. She is responsible for battery testing. The work is not hard, but it is extremely boring, and her monthly salary is no more than 2,000 yuan. She felt that compared with the cold machines in the factory, she was more like a machine without emotion. She gradually had the idea of ​​escape in her heart.

Especially, something happened at this time, which dealt a huge blow to her. Once she was about to enter the city, and when she arrived at the bus stop, she found that she could not even take a bus.

At that moment, Sun Ling made up her mind to leave the factory. She couldn’t live in that closed world. Sun Ling remembered the summer when the college entrance examination was over and the free computer training. The light of hope passed through the barrier of time and shone on her again.

In 2010, Sun Ling plucked up the courage and left the factory. She used the money she had saved over the past year to sign up for a software training organization. She wrote in her diary: “My perception is not tenable in society, not because the world around me is too small, but because I stand outside the walls of the world.”

Sun Ling is ready for the school life after leaving the factory. However, fate did not give her any special treatment. Her savings are only enough to pay the first software programming tuition. Without other income support, Sun Ling studies during the day and goes to KFC to work from 6 to 11 in the evening. She earns 7 yuan for one hour of work, which is only enough for food.

At the end of the first period of the course, she has no money to continue to apply for the second and third periods, so she wants to try to find a computer-related job and study while earning money. However, no company is willing to hire her.

However, Sun Ling did not give up. She lived frugally and searched hard, and finally met an IT training institution, which provided her with the opportunity to work and learn.

The tuition of this training institution can be paid in installments, and classes are not full-time. After that, from Monday to Saturday, Sun Ling worked as a telephone customer service, attending classes on Wednesday, Friday evening and Sunday all day. She still didn’t make enough money, so she applied for a credit card and borrowed to pay for her tuition.

After a year of hard work, a company that has a cooperative relationship with a training organization came to recruit. In this way, Sun Ling, who usually studies hard and has outstanding ability, successfully broke through and officially entered the IT industry.

At this time, Sun Ling’s monthly salary is 4,000 yuan, from nine to six, and weekends are available for two days off. Later, she changed jobs once, and her salary rose to 6,000 yuan.

With a stable job, income has gradually risen, but Sun Ling has not parked her life in her comfort zone.

In April 2012, in order to expand her skills, Sun Ling signed up for an English training organization with a tuition fee of 30,000 yuan. This time, she almost exhausted all her savings.

At the end of 2012, she found that her academic qualifications were too low, which affected her career development, so she applied for the distance education class of Xi’an Jiaotong University, with a tuition fee of more than 10,000 yuan.

This time made the already stretched life even worse. These actions may seem a bit “crazy” to outsiders, but Sun Ling herself is willing to accept them.

Finally, she not only obtained an associate degree in computer science and technology from Xi’an Jiaotong University, but also a bachelor’s degree and self-examination diploma from Shenzhen University in 2015.

This year, Sun Ling was 24 years old.

At an age when many college students have just graduated and are confused about their future and destiny, this girl who failed the college entrance examination is going all out to contribute to her life, bit by bit to correct the trajectory of her destiny.

Time came to 2017 in a blink of an eye. At this time, Sun Ling has not only made great progress in English, but also impressive in her studies and work. However, what is even more unexpected is that Sun Ling quietly reported to a computer science master’s study abroad program organized by a US university. The school requires that applicants must have programming experience, have a bachelor’s degree, have English communication skills, and can afford one year of tuition. And all these requirements, Sun Ling had all completed without knowing it. To this end, she also spent a full year and deposited 100,000 yuan.

“The so-called talents and opportunities are the overflow of basic skills.” Such words are the most appropriate to describe Sun Ling.

On September 8, 2017, Sun Ling received the admission letter from the United States. When the news came home, his father’s first reaction was: “Why are you still studying?” Sun Ling was 28 years old at this time. In the countryside, a girl at this age had already married and had children.

Sun Ling’s Diary

However, this time the father has been unable to change the fate of his daughter. On the other side of the ocean, Sun Ling began another brand-new life of her own.

Sun Ling’s study abroad life is very exciting. In addition to studying hard, she also actively participated in activities inside and outside the school, and even planned and hosted the 2018 Spring Festival Gala organized by the school. Soon, her study life was over, and Sun Ling wanted to find a job in the United States, which was a new challenge for her.

There were more than 60 different interviews in two months, and most of them ended in failure, but she was never discouraged. In October 2018, Sun Ling received an employment notice from Yipan. The job content is to connect with Google’s project. The work location is on Google’s office building with an annual salary of 820,000 yuan.

Looking back on the streets of Shenzhen in 2009, the girl who was struck by life so decently, I am afraid that her own escape turned out to be the beginning of a life change.

Sun Ling once asked her boss why she chose her. The boss smiled and said to her: “First, you are very capable of self-learning; second, you receive feedback very quickly; third, it is also my most important point. When encountering ambiguous problems, you We will figure out the problem first.”

To put it bluntly, Sun Ling has a trait of dare to think and do.

The 10 years that Sun Ling has struggled are actually 10 years in which she has solved various problems in her life. As she said in her TEDx speech: “I want to do something that touches me when I’m young, to take a look at the larger world and see how much I can survive in this world. Strong.”

This is Sun Ling, pure and simple, sincere and hardworking. There is no absolute fairness in this world, but I still want to believe that a person can get the life he wants with extraordinary efforts, knowledge and correct choices, rather than luck and evil. Because an ordinary person born in poverty escaped from the cage of fate and had the life he wanted, which is the most remarkable thing in this world.