Game and invention

  The Chinese are very bullish now. They feel good about themselves. They will compare with others and admit the gap. But they feel that the gap is not big, as long as they can catch up in time. And by the mouth of some irresponsible Westerners, say that China will lead the world of rhetoric. I thought that this is a very ridiculous illusion. If we look at everything that is popular in the world today, regardless of politics, economy, culture, technology, and secular life, you will find that no game is invented by Chinese people today. From modern politics to market economy, from aerospace technology to football matches, from the Olympics to the Internet, television, movies, telephones, airplanes, subways, cars, highways, Coca-Cola, suit shoes, credit cards, rock music, condoms… no different origins In China.

  The Chinese invention seems to be completely concentrated in ancient times, such as the famous four inventions. All the symbols of China that are relative to the world seem to have nothing to do with today, such as Confucius, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Giant Panda, the Martial Arts… As for dumplings, lanterns, and the Spring Festival, things related to folklore and people’s livelihood are still prevalent today, but they are also limited. Within the country or the Chinese world. Are there things that the Chinese invented and enjoyed in the world? Not only enjoy it universally, but also enjoy it. Yes, Chinese food. But that doesn’t seem to be the invention of the Chinese today. The world’s interest in Chinese things is still mainly singular, but does not go deep into the indispensable level of lifestyle.

  Today’s Chinese are like an athlete. They have the ambition and the strength to win medals, but he is by no means a referee. Perhaps a skill is superior in a certain competition, but the project itself is not established by the Chinese. There are authoritative forces and mechanisms behind it to control, control everything, establish rules, establish standards and ruling them. Within this range, the Chinese are basically indifferent. It’s useless to worry, and it’s not helpful to yell and yell. Inventing the game and having someone play it is a willingness to fight. Relative to the world, the gameplay created by today’s Chinese is only for domestic demand (such as the mobile phone yellow section), and it is promoted so that everyone can play without a door. Of course, if all the people come to play your game, even if you play less than the other, it is a victory, and it is the most fundamental victory. The taste of this victory has not been tasted by the Chinese for a long time.

  In the glory of ancient times, this taste of Chinese people has tasted. For example, is the Qing Dynasty in the Central Plains, and finally it is not finished? It is not a game to play Han Chinese, but it is better than the Han people. Isn’t the Han Chinese proud of this? Today is not enough, you have to play other people’s games, even if you play better than others, what is the use? Still not a winner in the fundamental sense. Therefore, the Chinese are depressed. But depressed is better than numbness, and you won’t be vain to think that playing other people’s games can be overwhelming if you play advanced.

  Admitting a certain premise of imperfections can make us cautious, smarter, and energetic before we can make it to a place. The comparison is three-dimensional, not only more than quantity, scale, strength, but also more important than quality, mode, direction, original invention is always the most important. No matter which period of civilization is marked by creative development, today’s globalization is also true. The Chinese should not be content to be a follower, catcher, champion or champion. The higher pursuit is to be a pioneer, a designer, to make rules and to take the lead. It should be like the ancient Chinese who have the capital and pride that are defeated (if it is really better than others), and can not have the arrogance of unreasonable blame – that is fundamentally rough.

  If one day, modern Chinese invented one or more games (regardless of politics, economy, culture or other aspects), people all over the world are playing, playing with interest, not really, then really A little bit too good. But we still don’t see such signs, so we still have to be cautious.