Fish that Can Save People

In the Meigong River in Laos, there is a fish that can save people.

This fish is about 50 cm long, with a broadsword shape, soft dorsal fin and wide tail. Once someone falls into the water or the ship is killed, the fish will immediately slap the water with its tail, ” notify” the companions to gather, then swim in groups to the fallen, use their bodies to lift the fallen person or ship out of the water in time and swim to the shore until they are out of danger. According to the characteristics of fish, locals call them ” saving fish”.

As a result, local fishermen have a well-established rule, that is, they will never prey on rescue fish, and even if they catch rescue fish by mistake, they will be released in time. However, because the fish is delicious and its economic value is considerable, some people secretly catch the fish.

A man named Solang pretended to be killed in the boat in the thick night. When the rescue fish sent him ashore and was ready to leave, he suddenly threw the already prepared fishing net at the rescue fish! Sorang, who had tasted the sweets, has been lying at home to sleep during the day and pretending to fall into the water at night to trap and rescue fish.

Because only one person needs to be saved and only a few fish are deployed to save him ashore, Sorang thinks it is too slow to make money at this speed. If more than a dozen people or more can be dispatched at once, then the rescue fish will certainly be dispatched more, so his harvest will be more. if he is lucky, he can become a rich man overnight! Because catching fish to save lives is something people despise, it is definitely impossible to find so many people! In the end, Sorang came up with a way, that is, many grass – workers, all pushed into the water during the night.

Soon after Solang jumped into the water with the grasshoppers, he saw a large group of rescue fish beating their tails against the water and swimming towards him. Solang was so excited that he almost cried out, ” I’m going to be rich!” But before Solang could cry out, he found his leg cramped in the water!

Sollen took a few sips of water. He rowed to the water as hard as he could and shouted, ” Help!” However, because the fishermen were sleeping in the village at night, no one could hear his cry for help. No matter how he shouted, the fish were all busy ” saving lives”. when the fish pushed a boat full of grasshoppers ashore, solang had sunk to the bottom of the river!

This is a story that has been circulated among Lao people for many years. The old people always use this story to educate their children: those greedy people, although they can also get lucky, will eventually be sent away by greed.