Find Noah’s Ark

  In the “Bible·Old Testament·Genesis”, there is a story like this: In ancient times, God created the world and finally man. However, with the increase in the number of human beings, man has committed many sins that God cannot tolerate. Therefore, God intends to set off a huge flood to exterminate human beings on earth and create a new world.
  The great flood occurred on February 17th, when Noah was 600 years old. At that time, the springs of the Great Abyss were cracked, the windows of the sky were opened, and 40 days and nights of heavy rain fell on the ground. Due to the flooding, the world has become an ocean, and human beings and other life on the earth are on the verge of destruction.
  God decided to rescue Noah, because Noah is a kind-hearted person. Under the order of God, Noah used Gopher wood to make an ark. He and his family boarded the ark when the flood came, and all the creatures in the world that were paired with male and female were boarded at the same time. This ark is 360 meters long, 22.5 meters wide, and 13.6 meters high. It has 3 floors and is equivalent to a modern 15,000-ton ship. The flood lasted for 5 months before it began to subside. The ark floated to the top of Mount Ararat (present-day Eastern Turkey) in the flood.
  This story has been passed down for 6000 years.
  For a long time, people almost agreed that the so-called flood was pure nonsense. At least people think that the flood may be a partial flood, like a flood somewhere in Babylon, or a disaster caused by a hurricane on the coast. These terrifying disasters have been exaggerated and exaggerated by generations of people, and they have become more and more strange, so that they have formed awesome myths.
  However, it was claimed several decades ago that the mysterious Noah’s Ark was discovered on Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat recorded in the Bible is 5444 meters above sea level. According to legend, Noah’s Ark sank in the ice lake on the top of the mountain.
  Before that, in 1850, amateur archaeologist Henry Layard excavated thousands of broken clay slabs in Nineveh, the capital of the ancient Assyrian state in Iraq and the Euphrates River Basin. These clay tablets were studied in detail at the British Museum. An amateur archaeologist, Mr. George Smith, found a section of the “Epic of Gilgamesh” written by the Babylonians among numerous tablets, telling a story: in a great flood that flooded the world , A man named Vanta Napitim and his wife built a boat and were able to escape the flood. This account is exactly the same as the story of Noah’s Ark. Given the importance of Babylon in the Bible and the denouncement of Nineveh as the abyss of sin in the Bible, scholars believe that this cannot be just a coincidence, it is very likely. The two recorded the same flood, and further speculated that it may be the flooding of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, which caused the two rivers to merge into the Persian Gulf after the confluence of today’s Iraqi Khulna.
  Based on this, scientists believe that although the stories told in the Bible are completely based on religious needs and have no basis, the myths of ancient civilizations in the world have the theme of a global flood, and it seems that they cannot be regarded as pure Out of coincidence. However, even if there has been a global flood in human history, it is impossible for the flood to overflow the mountains at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters. Just imagine, if the water could reach more than 5,000 meters above sea level, what would the world look like? Of course, the “Bible” is meant to bring disasters to all creatures in this world other than Noah’s Ark.
  There is no archaeological evidence to prove that there was a flood that reached the depths of the Ararat foothills. But the daring French explorer Nabala took his 12-year-old son Rafael to Mount Ararat to find the wreck of Noah’s Ark on the ice lake. This was in 1955. In July, Nabara and his son went up the mountain. They worked hard and went through hardships, surveying around, and finally found a wooden board in the ice lake, which looked like the wreck of Noah’s Ark. They suppressed their excitement and quickly brought it back to France.
  This ancient piece of wood brought back by the Nabara father and his son was sent to universities and research institutes in France, Spain, and Egypt for testing. The results showed that this piece of wood was indeed made 5000 years ago. As part of a certain structure. Nabara firmly believed that he had discovered Noah’s Ark, so he wrote a book called “I Discovered Noah’s Ark”. The book was published in 1956 and caused a sensation.
  Later, American scholar David claimed to have found a large ship on the top of Gesa Mountain, south of Mount Ararat. The bow of the ship was in the shape of an onion and the length of the ship was 164 meters, basically in line with the traditional Noah’s Ark. Ordinarily, so far, the truth about Noah’s Ark has been revealed. However, David’s discovery could not be confirmed by others. David could neither give pictures of the Ark nor take people to visit. He said that he had discovered Noah’s Ark, which meant nothing.
  Some people even took a helicopter to look for it. On September 15, 1989, the American Chuck Allen and the other two were searching over the southwestern foothills of Mount Ararat and found a boat-shaped object and took a picture. The boat-shaped object is 4400 meters above sea level that was originally covered by glaciers. At that time, the high temperature of summer had melted the glacier, and it showed the true face of Mount Lu. Chuck Allen said: “I am 100% sure that this is the Ark.” But scientists do not buy the pilot’s account. Scientists 100% think that Chuck Allen is sensationalizing. The kind of vague photos he provided, if not people With super imagination, how can it be connected with the rectangular ark? Some geologists said it was a piece of weathered rock.
  So far, all efforts to find the Ark have not achieved universally recognized results. Another way to indirectly prove the Ark is in the ascendant, and that is to find evidence that the great flood happened.
  Although, even if evidence of a major flood is found, we cannot confirm that it was the flood that rained for 40 days and flooded for 150 days 5,000 years ago, let alone that it was enough to reach Mount Ararat; however, We think this kind of archeology is always more useful than Nabara’s dead wood block and Chuck Allen’s photos.
  An investigation team composed of Japanese scientists conducted arduous investigations on the Anatolian Plateau in Turkey in the upper reaches of the Euphrates River between September October 1991 and August September 1992. The results of stratum drilling revealed that there is a pebble layer at the bottom of Lake Tuz in the center of the Anatolian Plateau. Radiocarbon 14 measurements show that the fossils under the pebble layer are 5430 years ago, while the fossils in the soil above the pebble layer are 5012 years later. It can be confirmed that the great flood occurred between these two times, which happened to be the time of the legendary great flood.
  American investigators took a different approach and investigated the Black Sea not far from Mount Ararat. In 1995, a Black Sea expedition funded by the National Geological Society of the United States and Pennsylvania State University conducted an investigation on the Black Sea and its coast. It was not until the summer of 1998 that the expedition team discovered some container-like artifacts in the Black Sea. However, the expedition team believes that the Black Sea contains fresh water injected 7,500 years ago. These fresh waters exist at a depth of about 150 meters; these fresh waters should be the original waters of the Black Sea, while the salt waters came in from the Mediterranean. That unprecedented flood. Therefore, for the Great Flood, the Black Sea has research value. Secondly, if Noah’s Ark eventually sinks in the Black Sea (the Bible says that it is stranded on the top of Mount Ararat), then, under the depth of 2,100 meters of the Black Sea, it is an oxygen-free protection field. The Ark should still be well preserved, at least There are broken oars. After years of hard work and the use of robots, the Black Sea expedition team finally found part of the original coastline, and believes that they can also find “fences”, “pillars” and “houses” when people had to abandon their houses when the flood came. remains.
  In 1999, the Black Sea expedition achieved initial results. The Philadelphia Society of Natural Sciences detected and analyzed the shells of nine mollusks brought back from the bottom of the Black Sea, of which seven were saltwater animals and two were freshwater animals. Measured with radiocarbon 17, salt water molluscs lived between 6820 and 2800 years ago, while freshwater mollusks lived between 15500 and 7460 years ago. This seems to indicate that the Black Sea was a freshwater lake 7000 years ago. It was the great flood that raised the water level of the Mediterranean Sea and flooded the Black Sea to make it salty. This is the speculation of the Black Sea expedition.
  On November 18, 1999, the “Washington Post” published an article titled “New Discoveries about the Great Flood”, reporting on the discovery of the Black Sea expedition as follows:
  Scientists have discovered an ancient 186-meter long on the bottom of the Black Sea. Coastline, and it can also prove that a great flood occurred 7,500 years ago, which is consistent with the records in the Old Testament.
  At that time, the Black Sea expedition team was still unfulfilled, and planned to go to the Black Sea again in the summer and autumn of 2000 in order to find more evidence of the flood.
  Above, we have introduced the archaeological work of the Great Flood one after another, not to show that mankind has obtained strong evidence about the Great Flood (On the contrary, as the archaeologist Sanks who specializes in the Bible said: We can only think that the Great Flood is a legendary myth, because in the myths of ancient civilizations, there are basically flood stories), we want to explain that about Noah’s Ark in the Bible, people (including the author) are not wishful thinking List it as a “mystery of the world”, there are really too many people who want to investigate it and explore it, so that you can’t “mystery”.