Falling into the eyes of the money

   The stingy man has been chasing the fruit for several months. They met at a fast food restaurant in a subway station mall. When he sat in front of the fruit fruit in his fast food box, she felt really familiar, but couldn’t remember who he was. He seemed to see her troubles. After sitting down, he took the initiative to introduce himself.

   He said that I am Ma Xiaojun and I often see you.

   The fruit of the item is remembered. Ma Xiaojun was quite generous on that day. When she saw that she only had porridge, she went to the front desk and called her a beef rice set, and a few skewers of Oden. The fruit fruit swings and says, I can’t eat it.

   Ma Xiaojun is serious, no! You are too thin!

   Xiang Guoguo wants to ask him, I am thin and thin, what is the relationship with you, but see Ma Xiaojun care about her expression, some overbearing, can not resist, she feels weird and warm. Ma Xiaojun looked at his watch and said that I had to go back to a meeting, you can eat it. Will we still see you here tomorrow?

   The fruit of the fruit is sweet, say good.

  A stingy man is really annoying

   The result was disappointing the next day.

   Going to the seat, I saw two packages on the table, two cups of Pepsi, and the heart of the fruit was pulled by someone, no pain, but not a taste.

   Isn’t this their first date? How it has been like an old wife, this completely broke her previous fantasies.

   The meal of the meal was very unpleasant, but she did not show it. She also wanted to give Ma Xiaojun a chance. After all, the break time at noon was short, and the contract was not suitable. Maybe he arranged another program at night? Work, she already knows that he is a small white-collar worker with a monthly salary of 6,000. He rented a two-bedroom apartment in a relatively partial place. When he said the rent, he would gnash his teeth. Hey, the location is so bad, and it still costs 2000! What is the world.

   That was the first time that Guo Guojun thought of the word “small gas” in front of Ma Xiaojun, but soon she comforted herself. This is the lovely place of Ma Xiaojun, not disguised, not artificial. But in the next phase, this lovely virtue instantly became a wickedness.

   At noon, I had no opinion on eating fast food items. When I was at the table, Ma Xiaojun went out in the evening. He didn’t take her to the park like an old man. He was sitting on a bench in the park like a middle school student. The smallest thing is that one night they stayed until 11 o’clock, the fruit said that taking the bus is too slow, or take a taxi.

   He said that there are dozens of taxis, and tomorrow’s lunch money is out.

   The fruit was a little impatient. At this time, a bus came. Ma Xiaojun took her on the bus. She struggled twice. Ma Xiaojun’s hand was fast. He had already put the change into the coin box. The fruit can only be evil. I don’t think that four dollars can be wasted.

   Along the way, Ma Xiaojun always wanted to take the opportunity to take the fruit of the fruit, but did not succeed, he probably did not know, the fruit fruit has been bothering him at the moment.

   Half an hour later, when the bus arrived at the station, Ma Xiaojun had not had time to say goodbye, and the fruit was drunk underground. On the bus, Ma Xiaojun is the only passenger. He has always been like this for a few days. After returning the fruit, he will sit at the terminal and walk a few hundred meters to another bus stop.

  I have become stingy

   The fruit of the item has another reason for the troublesome horse, that is, he has made her stingy.

   She found that she had not taken a taxi for half a month. In the past, when working overtime, the fruit was a big hand and a TAXI, but recently, whenever she waved her hand, she thought of a taxi that cost nearly 50 yuan, but dragged her heavy pace on the bus. car. She did not want to admit that she missed Ma Xiaojun. Although he was a little stingy, she remembered that when she took her bus and sent her home, he said that he was taking a taxi home. When you were tired, you were leaning against a dirty seat, and I was at you. By the side, you can lean on my shoulder.

   At the time, she only thought that he had a rhetoric about her because she had no money, but now she is moving alone in the city, tired, and can only rely on the bus window, cold and bumpy, think of Ma Xiaojun, Just think of the wonton noodles that he often took her to eat, and his shoulders, all things that can warm her.

  Falling into the money

   In fact, it didn’t take long for the item fruit to start dating again with Ma Xiaojun.

   At the time of lunch, it was only at this time that the fruit had a chance to meet Ma Xiaojun. She turned her neck and waved to Ma Xiaojun, who was looking for a seat, shouting, Xiaojun, Xiaojun, there is a place here.

   Ma Xiaojun thought about it, then bit his lip and came over. This action makes the fruit fruit uncomfortable. Maybe her injury to him is not only as simple as falling out of love, but also about a man’s self-esteem.

   After Ma Xiaojun sat down, he began to bury his head and eat. The fruit of the fruit would not be able to be inserted. In the end, she said, holding the arm of Ma Xiaojun, who kept licking the rice in his mouth, I knew that you were worried about me, but not I don’t want to tell me about it.

   Ma Xiaojun tried to swallow the rice in his mouth and said, I just want to say a word to you, I am afraid that you do not want to listen.

   The fruit says, what?

   Ma Xiaojun said, I miss you very much.

   After that, Ma Xiaojun’s words opened up. He said that I knew that I was stingy. Everyone said that I was stingy, but I only had one purpose, that is, to save money, I want you to be my wife, and then we will squat together. Qian Shengwa, raising the baby. I am not incapable of taking you to eat seafood dinner several times, take a taxi home, I just think that you are a good girl, I want you to understand at the very beginning, the life I gave you is plain, we earned The money has to be counted to spend. Are you right?

   The fruit of the item was heard and I couldn’t pick anything wrong. Later, she finally gave Ma Xiaojun a definition, that is, his Ma Xiaojun is a love lover who fell into the eyes of money!

   As he said, Ma Xiaojun’s colleagues sat next to them and directly plugged Ma Xiaojun with a card. He said that 15,000 was returned.

   Ma Xiaojun stuffed into his pocket and put an OK gesture.

   After the colleague left, the result was very different, such an iron cock, actually lending someone another 15,000 yuan!

   Ma Xiaojun said that this was awkward. At that time, the colleague’s grandmother was seriously ill. He borrowed a few people who had a good relationship and did not lend it. When I came to me, how could I hit him again?

   The fruit of the item looked like Ma Xiaojun satirdly eating tomatoes and rice, and suddenly liked it.

   Later, several times, they changed their date to Ma Xiaojun’s house. Ma Xiaojun made a meal for the fruit, but the craftsmanship was not awkward. It took three hours for a meal, and the strength of the fruit was not enough. So Ma Xiaojun gave the rice to the fruit in front of the fruit to feed her, a rice, a dish, a soup, the tears of eating the fruit fruit came down. Ma Xiaojun was shocked. He said what are you crying?

   Xiang Guoguo did not want to tell Ma Xiaojun that among the men she experienced, he was the poorest and most timid, but he was also the most intimate. She suddenly hugged Ma Xiaojun and said, I want to marry you.

   Ma Xiaojun stepped back and pretended to panic. I am not ready yet.

   What did the fruit ask him to prepare?

   Ma Xiaojun reached out and licked his fingers. First of all, I would like to buy you a diamond ring that is not too big. Then, the wedding dress of Wang Weiwei is still OK. Finally, I decided to make a restaurant that is almost a little bit.

   The fruit does not understand, how is it almost the same?

   Ma Xiaojun said with a white eye, how can he get a table of tens of dollars?

   The fruit immediately jumped up and threw the sofa cushion to Ma Xiaojun, saying that you are a big trick!

   Ma Xiaojun broke through the sofa cushion, gently holding the fruit in his arms, and said the most touching love words, I am willing to be a little angry for you.