Every man has his own destiny, and fate is the most unreasonable.

If we reflect on our life experience, it is all due to the situation at that time and we cannot help it. But at the critical moment, it is still up to you.

Fortune tellers compare ” life – making” to boats, and ” transportation” to rivers, where boats can only walk. But there is also a ” life master” in the ” life creation”?

If the ship is going to run aground or capsize, there is still a ” I” in charge in the ship, which can also be said to be the personality of this person. This is the so-called personality determines fate.


The divine nature is equal to everyone. No matter rich or poor, superior or inferior, wise or foolish, all have souls, personalities and personalities.

However, everyone’s origins and experiences, as well as their natural abilities and talents, are far from equal. There are rich, poor, talented, incompetent, beautiful and ugly.

Why? Every man has his own ” life” which is totally unreasonable.

Confucius once lamented, ” Life is over, husband! The Sri Lankan people also have the Sri Lankan disease! The people of Sri Lanka also suffer from this disease. ” If it is life, it is stubborn. So we have to resign.

” If you don’t know your life, you don’t think you are a gentleman.” Zeng Guofan spoke highly of reality. It is said that he did not believe in heaven and believed in life. Many people work hard all their lives and are always not satisfied. They always sigh and say, ” Take your life.”


I think fate is the most unreasonable. Fools, fools, and fools enjoy riches and honor, and ignorant people can cheat the world all their lives. Talented and virtuous people suffer many calamities, wicked people gain power and good people suffer hardships.

Therefore, the person in charge of the task is called ” the child of creation”. ” Nature’s Child” is a capricious child who commits mischief and irresponsibility.

We often say ” good fortune makes man”. Westerners often say ” the irony of fate”, and often compare the god of destiny to a frivolous woman with no mind. She is unappreciative and moody.

Therefore, there is a proverb: ” If you are lucky, grab her forehead hair quickly, because there is nothing to catch behind her.” In other words, good luck is lost when it is missed, which also means that the god of destiny is frivolous and capricious.

It is strange that I think all unreasonable lives can be calculated in various ways, and the calculated results can be the same. Isn’t this proof that life has a destiny? Without reason, how can it be counted? Those who are proficient in numerology can calculate very well.

Some fortune tellers can only recite the formula and do not know how to change it, even if they are not allowed to do so.

Fortune telling depends on ” eight characters”. The ” Eight Characters” are called ” Life Creation” and the ” Way of Transportation” is calculated from ” Life Creation”. ” Life – making” is equivalent to what westerners call ” character”; ” Transport” is equivalent to what westerners call fate.

General star life home to ” life made” analogy ” ship”, ” transport” analogy ” river”. The ship only walks in the river. Ten years and one luck, two steps. Life is good or bad, luck is good or bad. If life is not well built and the way of transportation is smooth, it is the above-mentioned fools and fools who enjoy riches and honor. If they are ignorant, they can cheat the world.

Life is good and fortune is bad, that is, talented and virtuous people are excluded, envied, and never encounter difficulties in their whole life. If life is bad and luck is bad, then life will be poor and cheap.

However, the ” road of fortune” is always winding and turning frequently. One step at a time, one turn at a time. Besides the big games, there is also the year-end games, which are very important.

Not many people have good luck for 20 to 30 consecutive years, and not many people have good luck all their lives. I have no intention to learn fortune – telling, but the above are only some superficial knowledge I have occasionally heard.

Confucius liked Zhouyi in his later years. His works, such as Shuogua, Xugua, Xi Ci and Wen Yan, all emphasized the principles of yin and yang, surplus and deficiency, growth and decline, similar to fortune telling and divination. Anyway, there are numbers to calculate, there are certain principles to calculate. Otherwise, how can it be counted?

Since life has a life and is a lifetime, I can’t help it. So, what other responsibilities does ” I” have? Let it be, just let it be.

One cannot make one’s own decisions; one can tell from one’s own experience. Looking back on one’s life, many things are involuntary, but whether some things are determined by fate, character or free will is worth investigating.

After the victory of the Anti – Japanese War, a high-ranking official of the Kuomintang government once offered Qian Zhongshu a UNESCO post. Zhong Shu refused to do so. I think it is ideal to serve in the United Nations. Why did you reject it all at once?

Zhong Shu explained to me, ” That is carrot.” He is not lured by ” carrots” or driven by ” sticks”.

I think it is fate that he is appreciated by some senior official. But his ” not eating carrots” is his character and his free will. Because at that time, this position was very popular.

Only with his intelligence and personality can he refuse without thinking.

Soon after the victory of the Anti – Japanese War, the War of Liberation began again. Many people are terrified and just want to escape abroad. Our thoughts are not progressing. We have read many reactionary novels which describe the life after the ” Iron Curtain” in the Soviet Union, especially the situation of intellectuals, so we are not afraid of the Communist Party.

Those who advised us to leave our motherland provided various conveniences and arranged good work for both of us.

There is more than one way to go abroad. Among those who advised us to leave it for liberation were Mr. Zheng Zhenduo, Mr. Wu Han and Mr. and Mrs. Yuan Zhen. They said that the Communist Party attached great importance to intellectuals. We believe this. But we know that we are not useful intellectuals.

We are not scientists, nor are we intellectuals who can take Marxism – Leninism as their criterion. It is useless to be a free-thinking scholar like us. After much consideration, we are still reluctant to leave our father’s and mother’s country. We expect that it is possible to settle down, sit on the bench, live on bread and water, and be a docile and good citizen.

This is our own choice, not a last resort.

Another example is that when I was 28 years old, I was the headmaster of a high school, which was my life.

I knew that I was not the headmaster’s material. I only promised Mr. Wang Jiyu, the headmaster of my alma mater, to help her make the Shanghai branch. It was originally agreed to last six months, but it was later extended to one year. Mr. Ji Yu just wouldn’t let me quit.

This is my fight with Mr. Ji Yu. If you continue to do it, you will be able to do it smoothly. Resignation is a boat sailing against the current. It is also a headwind. It is difficult step by step. But I just quit. At that time, I needed work and salary. A good high school principal did not do it and became a substitute primary school teacher.

This is not a necessity, it is my choice.

Because I think if I obey Mr. Ji Yu’s request, I will obey her expectation and inherit her position for the rest of my life. I want to be creative. I dare not say or think about this, except that I would never want to be the headmaster.

I firmly resign is my choice, but I insist on my own will. Not life.

But the script that I wrote in my spare time was put on immediately, and if it was successful, it would be a fate. Although I resigned as the principal, I am still the principal in name, because the principal who takes over is only an ” agent”. On the diploma of students, the principal is still my name and my seal.

After Pearl Harbor incident, the ” isolated island” sank and the branch school was dissolved. I had no chance to be the principal. However, my resignation, in any case, cannot be said to be fate, it is my choice. Perhaps it can be said that I have been the headmaster for two years.

If we reflect on our life experience, it is all due to the situation at that time and we cannot help it. But at the critical moment, it is still up to you.

Fortune tellers compare ” life – making” to boats, and ” transportation” to rivers, where boats can only walk. But there is also a ” life master” in the ” life creation”?

If the ship is going to run aground or capsize, there is still a ” I” in charge in the ship, which can also be said to be the personality of this person.

This is the so-called personality determines fate.

The martyrs died and the loyal ministers died for their country. Can it be said that it was not their choice but fate? They listen to the call of their spiritual conscience and would rather die than surrender. If you are afraid of death, you cannot help it.

It is a firm choice to die rather than surrender. It is by no means involuntary. It is people, not life, who make the decision.

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Japanese aggressors invaded China. After the fall of Wuxi city, Qian’s family had a male servant who lived in the countryside of Wuxi. when he learned that Nanjing had been lost and Wuxi had been lost, he built a large wood pile with local methods to burn people in the grain field of his family. five or six people, old and young, jumped into the fire and burned one by one.

Nanjing was lost, and the Japanese aggressors massacred the people and raped women, which soon spread to Wuxi. They do not want to be raped or slaughtered, and their whole family set themselves on fire.

People may not know what martyrdom is, but their behavior is martyrdom!

Can it be said that their behavior is not their own choice, but involuntary? This matter was reported to Qian’s family by local people who fled to Shanghai. Qian Zhongshu has gone to Kunming. I don’t know their names.

The fate we have seen is unreasonable. We are fond of joking, playing tricks on people and making trouble. Both China and foreign countries hold the same view on fate.

God’s heaven, how can children of nature play with the world and rule the world? Those who cannot serve their lives have doubts about the gods of heaven.

When we think about problems, we cannot lightly affirm them or lightly negate them whenever we encounter doubts. In this way, we lose the ability to think, walk into the maze, doubt in confusion, disappointment and despair.

We can be puzzled, but we can imagine that there may be a reason. Because the gods of heaven, is everyone can understand?

The misbehavior of the children created an unreasonable world. But can such a small earth as ours be the home of the world? Also know this unreasonable world, is god’s nature deliberately arranged?

If God wills, he will not allow children to rule the world.