Every day had something different waiting for us to find

Second half of 2012, I fell into a state of unprecedented anxiety, changes in his life quietly hit me, upset all my plans before. Experienced this misfortune caught off guard, I suddenly realized that a problem, so many years after graduation, in addition to travel, I barely have left Hefei, this is a terrible thing ah.
 “Body and soul, there must be a way,” “do not travel on the old”, these slogans are always stimulate my sensitive nerves, my heart sprout from an intense desire that I wanted to go out go.
My company’s leadership after the talks, decided to turn full-time part-time, as long as a few days each month to help the company reported tax audit reports fixed on it, and that this can be done online, so a lot of air time .
It so happened that a friend heard that I travel the open condition after, they told me that they just lack of a company accountant, if I can go, I’ll go out each month tour. I feel ecstatic, first, because I was finally able to travel into a part of the job, and the second is the way I can make money, it can be described as travel paycheck.
However, often it lies between reality and the ideal of a great divide.
I remember the first time the tour in September, when a travel agency Quanpei staff, I and some colleagues, led dozens of elderly people to play along Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.
In my mind, the grassland should be a “wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep,” the beauty, not to mention the fall was still okay? Everywhere you looked, however, no major cattle renowned for rare and yellow grass. In addition, large temperature difference between day and night prairie, I am also wearing a thick sweater, noon to wait for them to wear a short-sleeved.
The most troublesome case of accommodation, food and water to the prairie, people really big head. We had lived in a yurt, which is the result of support from a few planks of bed, night wind whistling blowing, knock doors banging, people can not sleep. The worst thing is quite scarce water resources in the grasslands, water is scarce, so the local herdsmen seldom wash the dishes, and the feet in their opinion is the extreme luxury thing. There are food, in addition to the grasslands of lamb or mutton, fruits and vegetables into a distant dream.
I feel terrible, it is said that a good trip? How little romance did not feel it?
However, the peer team, there is an old couple was able to enjoy themselves, they came after the barren steppe never a word of complaint. They got up early in the morning, enjoy a coat prairie sunrise; evening, the old couple in the endless prairie walk, their backs against the background hand in the sunset, really beautiful.
I admire their leisurely state, they like to find free chat.
They said to me, in fact, people are traveling in this life, lived to the age of this, they feel where to play is not important, important is that no one was worried about heart full of joy.
An old married couple told me, actually makes them so happy secrets not travel itself. According to them, they worked hard at a young age, after having carefully nurturing children, now retired, married and have children, life events have been successfully completed, this has been enjoying every mood and the capital of a journey .
I seems to have realized.
Engaged in the travel industry that time, I have come into contact with some visitors, they live with themselves and unhappy, the whole travel process, they are irritable, a little small thing can make them furious.
After staying for a few months, I quit the travel agency.
December the same year, just a chance to have Mr. Xiamen study, I followed him went to Xiamen. During the day he was learning in class, I was a man holding a map of Xiamen, Gulangyu island went. On the island, I met a man quite figure who trained, he is “Qi Huang Shan Fang,” the owner, known as “Qi old.”
Qi old in this life not have to leave the island, he had a special garden hut, there are many kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicines. When I stepped into the garden this time I was shocked: this piece of garden planted with less than a hundred herbs, each of which are close to the exquisite label, like Toki old familiar to me about him and every encounter a herbal story, I found his eyes glistening.
I have not seen such a long time in the eyes, the kind of certainty and joy from the heart. Later, he took me into his house, there is also the Xiamen government awarded him a variety of awards. I am delighted to tell the old man, he unwinding ordered to take care of this piece of garden herbs, has now become many medical school students and teachers to visit the base.
I was the popular touch, in such a materialistic earth, I was fortunate to have met such a man, life just focus on doing one thing, so assured and joy, not to travel to him, what difference does it make?
On the way back, I’ve been thinking about travel in the end is for what?
proxyBefore that the old couple, they do a good job in life to do things, so only the mood to enjoy the trip. The Qi old, only one life and the things you like about it to the extreme, every day immersed in the great joy, and even had a complete state of ecstasy, he has found the meaning of life and value, Where really not elapsed.
I suddenly got the epiphany-like inspiration.
The original does not need to travel a long journey, it does not even require you to leave the place they live, because travel is more a state of mind, an open, curious and exploring mind. Once he had this attitude, no matter where you are, can feel every day is fresh.
After realized this, I began to try to experience the great joy and pleasure from some of the little things in life.
For example, I carefully shopping at home in front of that small alley, I was surprised to find a lot of unique shops and restaurants, then I will covenant with his mother, to savor some fresh dishes going on everyday. Morning running, I saw both sides of the road opened a silk tree flower, every flower looked different attitude and color, I feel a sense of excitement. After dinner, I’ll take a walk, accompanied by his family, in the neighborhood, we found a lot of scenery did not notice before.
Every day had something different waiting for us to find that the only thing we need to do only one thing, that is to try to slow down their pace.
Over the years, I have always been not to buy a car, because I find faster, more and more people are vexed.
If possible, I would choose to walk to work, because walking brought me surprises far beyond health. I will find the way to work I realize I have so many snacks, so many interesting shops and fruit and flowers never pay attention. I would choose to travel by bus, the bus in the car I can meet a lot of people, I like to watch everyone’s face, carefully understand their different living conditions. Occasionally, I would choose a taxi, and the taxi driver on the way I used to talk, they often tell me a lot of different knowledge.
Finally one day, I found myself no longer have to envy those who can travel in, because in my opinion, these things can be done as long as the money and time, and the day to live rich, than to travel more meaningful thing.
I finally came to understand, in their own money, no time, you should not interfere with the travel of their own state of mind to live each day, because you can learn about the world through reading and observation. And when I do have time to get out of money, I can use a forgiving heart, to experience a different life.
Travel is a way to enrich our lives, is to life, it is more like icing on the cake embellishment; but the real Jin, is that we can have a good life every day.