Every bull is actually a snail

The great people in this world are actually snails. This is not a satire, but a heartfelt approval.

There are no exceptions for anyone who wants to be a great person in a certain field.

Malcolm Gladwell said: “The genius in people’s eyes is not superhuman, but continuous effort. Ten thousand hours of training is necessary for anyone to change from ordinary to extraordinary. Conditions.” What kind of concept is 10,000 hours? It takes 416 days to reach the proficiency level without eating or drinking and studying for 24 hours.

This must be accumulated as long as a snail, even the genius in the eyes of the world is no exception.

Bill Joy, the genius founder of Sun. When I was studying at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the school was one of the first universities in the world to implement a computer time-sharing system. For Joey who entered the University of Michigan during this period, this is a very rare opportunity.

Being in such a university greatly stimulated his interest in computers, and at the same time ensured that he could have a lot of time to study programming. He was programming almost day and night, and when he entered the UNIX project team, he had already met 10,000 hours of practice time and had already become a high-level computer engineer.

Zhang Ailing, a brilliant writer of the Republic of China. At the age of twelve, Zhang Ailing published her first novel “Unfortunately Her”. In the summer of 1942, Zhang Ailing began her writing career, writing film and drama reviews in The Times. In 1943, Zhang Ailing’s “Agarwood Crumbs·First Incense” was “burned” in the monthly magazine “Violet” edited by writer Zhou Shoujuan. This incense was “burned” in Shanghai for three months, which made Zhang Ailing’s reputation. The well-known Zhang Ailing, the novel collection “Legend” quickly sold out within a few days, and her works have been put on the stage of drama many times. This year, she was 24 years old.

The famous contemporary writer Bai Xianyong once commented: “Of course Zhang Ailing is a genius born out of the world…. She is actually very knowledgeable in traditional Chinese culture.” This makes us once again focus our attention on the back of this literary genius: Zhang Ailing, who was born in a scholarly family He began to receive private school education at the age of four. He was a “book idiot” since he was a child. He is proficient in classics such as “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “Journey to the West”, “Seven Heroes and Five Righteousnesses”, and learned to write old poetry with his father. The steps accumulated in 20 years have only fulfilled her dream of “reaching thousands of miles” in the field of literature.

Everyone must become a “snail” if they want to become a bull. Even if it still needs luck and opportunity to bless, to become a star that millions of people watch.

Through the “New King of Comedy”, Zhou Xingchi tells the decades of hard work that a star has to go through before becoming famous: an ordinary young woman with no background and beauty, like a dream, has persisted on the road for more than ten years. Acting as a dead body, had to wear scary makeup to celebrate his father’s birthday; used as a stand-in, was beaten and bruised all over; pretended to be a statue; in the process of looking for opportunities, he was constantly ridiculed and ridiculed…

The road to the dragon set has been bumpy, but she still cherishes the shots of each dragon set and carefully considers the acting skills each dragon set requires. Under the circumstances of the betrayal of friends, the deception of her boyfriend, and the incomprehension of her family, she struggled, but she persisted in acting. In the end, her dream came true after more than ten years of gathering, and she transformed into a star with first-class acting skills.

Having said that, perhaps we still comfort ourselves “this is just a movie, not convincing enough”, but art comes from life. Returning to life, in the real world, their level of effort is no less than the movie reflects.

In 2004, the Beatles, which was selected as the first “50 Greatest Pop Musicians in History” by “Rolling Stone” magazine, were able to win many awards and records since their debut, including the release of their first album, setting a top position for 30 consecutive weeks. The record of No. 1 on the British Pop Music Albums Chart, the record of winning the top 5 of the Billboard Hot100 singles chart in April 1964, and the 7th Grammy Award for Best Band in the same year. These honors are not only due to luck and opportunity. , It is the tempering that goes through before opportunity and luck arrive.

At that time they were just a band of unknown high school students until they were invited to participate in a “Hamburg Trip.” In Hamburg, they perform 8 hours a day. Between 1960 and 1962, there were 270 performances in total. Before they became famous, the Beatles had actually performed 1,200 shows, and many popular bands were unable to perform so many shows in their entire acting career.

Of course, whether it is a talented genius or a well-known celebrity, it is a minority in the crowd. The majority of our lives are ordinary people like us: neither outstanding talents nor overwhelming luck. However, if you have a heart that wants to be a “bull man” and are willing to be a snail, ordinary people will also become bulls.