Eternal quality that should not be forgotten

  There are always some wonderful opportunities to read. You will suddenly find a lot of words worth cherishing in a short period of time. It is a statement of eternal quality, about love, about honor, about courage, about truth, about loyalty.

  Steel value

  On November 7, 2009, a new US Navy warship officially began to serve. The special feature of the “New York” landing ship is that its bow was cast into 7.5 tons of steel excavated from the “9.11” ruins. Its ship’s side is engraved with a motto, “N ever Forget.” “The piece of steel from the ruins of the zero point”, the powerful steel workers “put it on the top and touch it, the hair behind the neck is erected.” So I really want to know what it would be like if I touched the “that piece of steel” that has special significance for Chinese contemporary history.

  This piece of steel does not exist, it seems to have dissipated in the country’s triumph. Not long ago, Sunan County, Gansu Province found a large-scale soil-making steelmaking furnace group in the cultural relics survey. The entire furnace group stretches for two kilometers. According to preliminary research, it may be the largest, largest and most well-preserved group of indigenous steelmaking furnaces in the country. These steel-making furnaces were built during the Great Leap Forward in 1958, and were shut down in 1960. Some of them have not been used since they were built.

  The memory of “big steelmaking” has become a cultural relic, a cultural relic in the collapse. The “that piece of steel” I imagined was re-cast from scrap iron scrap from Daqing Iron and Steel. It is easy to throw them away and make good steel. Picking them up, re-examining, exercising, and quenching is not easy – just as it is too difficult to truly “not forget”.

  Courage of choice

  Read a movie that a distant friend interpreted with his beliefs: Katyn Forest, telling a history of Poland’s pain. I have seen the film and found that even without a firm belief, there is still a thrilling eternal belief that must be cherished by us.

  The captain of the captured Polish army was shot dead for his friend. The friend chose silence and was promoted to colonel under the new regime. He had a conversation with the wife of the murdered general to express his reasons for humiliating the burden. The lady said calmly: “Maybe your thoughts are different from them, but your approach is the same. What is the use of your ideas?”

  Captain’s father is a university professor. When the Nazis gathered professors to gather, the wife advised him not to go. The professor said: “I must go, let the Germans know that we are standing together.”

   After the end of World War II, Poland was controlled by the Soviet Union. The Katyn massacre of the Soviet massacre of Polish prisoners of war was pushed to the German fascists. The Poles have since been forced to live in a huge and high-pressure lie, and Katyn has become the touchstone of conscience. A high school graduate said in his resume for the university that his father was killed by the Soviets in 1940. The teacher told him to change it. The young man only said one sentence: “A person has only one resume in his life.” After 20 minutes, he died on the street.

  The sister customized the tombstone for the officer’s brother, insisted on writing “death in Katyn in 1940”, and was arrested on charges of spreading rumors. She had a conversation with her sister-in-law before. She said: “If I have to choose, I choose to be with him (brother).” Brother Sister said, then you chose to die. She replied: “No, I choose the victim side, not the murderer.”

  Native language shelter

  On the way back to China on Qian Xuesen in 1955, a reporter asked questions in English at the waiting room of the Kowloon Railway Station in Hong Kong. He replied: “I’m sorry, now I have to speak Chinese!”

   This is to declare the loyalty to the motherland and the nation to the world in the mother tongue. Chinese poets used to speak in the same language: Why do my eyes often contain tears? Because I love this land deeply. The Chilean poet also wrote in another language: If I have to give birth a thousand times, I am willing to be born in this place. If I have to die a thousand times, I am willing to die in this place. Such a verse can be used to send money to the public.

  ”Patriot” is a title we have rarely used. But it will not be outdated, nor will it be buried. It will permanently bloom with the iron’s generally restrained light.