Escape the deadly jungle of “Ecstasy”

  Takrinak Ecstasy is a mutant sage that grows in South America. After drifting to South America, this plant native to the Mediterranean coast has undergone centuries of mysterious evolution and then transformed into a Dangerous saprophytic plant, commonly known as “Ecstasy”. ,
  Modern science confirms: This saprophytic plant does not swallow the “prey” as in the legend, but can only digest the nutrients rotting in the soil. The unique smell of Ecstasy contains a large amount of anesthetic scopolamine, which can make the besieged animals gradually lose their minds and even die mysteriously. When other carnivorous insects have eaten up the prey little by little, Ecstasy absorbs the blood and carrion that has penetrated the soil… The smell is
  strong, and the
  41-year-old Nelson is a creature from the University of Pennsylvania. Learn teachers. In May 2005, Nelson started his own research trip. He chose Barbados in the Caribbean as his destination, a beautiful island country on the coast of South America.
  On May 8, Nelson followed a small 5-person adventure tour group to Barbados. Under the leadership of the local guide Wattaka, they started their week-long travel adventure. For the first 4 days, everything went smoothly. The tour group was immersed in the beauty of Barbados’ paradise. However, the good times did not last long. Just when they started to head towards the hinterland of the island, a sudden tropical storm hit them. The storm made the island’s originally gentle main river extremely turbulent, and the stormy waves made their plan to sail down the river to water. At the request of the tour group to move forward, Wataja finally reluctantly came up with a plan: walk 30 miles through an unknown grassland along the way, and detour to the downstream port to cross the river.
  At noon, the tour group had followed Wataka for nearly 6 miles. When everyone took out bread and other dry food while resting and replenishing energy, the naughty little Jack suddenly jumped from the ground. Shouted to his parents: “Did you smell it? It smells good! It seems to be the smell of baked French fries!”
  Everyone couldn’t help being amused by this cute little guy. “There isn’t even a single figure here, let alone baked French fries!” Nelson was thinking like this, and suddenly a strange aroma floated into his nose, and it looked a little like. The taste of French fries, but an inexplicable anxiety entangled Nelson’s heart.
  At about 4 in the afternoon, little Jack, who was walking in front of the team, suddenly bent down and coughed violently. At first everyone didn’t care too much, because little Jack had had asthma twice along the way. Even the Blacks think that if they let their son drink some medicine and take a break, he will soon get better.
  However, instead of getting better, Little Jack’s asthma has become more frequent. He had to spray some medicine into his mouth almost every hour. “Look, it’s all your mischief!” Mr. Black was worried and angry, but Little Jack gasped and said, “It’s fragrance… fragrance… I want to cough as soon as I smell the fragrance. ”
  panic, fear is out of control
  at this time, they have depth of nearly 14 miles of prairie, the days are getting dark. At this time, it was no longer Little Jack alone who had the uncomfortable reaction. The other young couple who were traveling with him, Sundeep and Jessica also began to feel slight nausea. Even Vataja himself felt a little top-heavy.
  At night, Little Jack’s condition got worse. At the same time, Vattaja found that his palm suddenly felt a little numb, and a growing tiredness began to spread from the body’s limbs. He yawned, and then as if contagious, Sundeep, Jessica and Nelson yawned involuntarily, one after another.
  Watagaa immediately realized that it was abnormal, it was still very early to his biological sleep time, and he should not be so tired. But the waves of tiredness kept harassing him, and it became more and more serious. Just when he was puzzled, Jessica yelled sharply: “Wolves! There are wolves!” Nelson and Wattaka immediately rushed to Jessica’s side, and they followed Jessica’s fearful eyes. Looking at it, there is nothing in the dark jungle. However, Jessica still pointed to a clearing not far away and shouted: “Isn’t that a wolf! Hurry, let’s run!” But there was nothing there.
  It’s an illusion! Wataka keenly discovered that it was her own hallucinations that frightened Jessica!
  At this moment, suddenly another strong smell of smell diffused from nowhere. When Vataja breathed in the first scent, he suddenly felt fatigue all over his body, as if it had happened in an instant. This weird feeling awakened him suddenly, and a thought flashed through his mind like a spark!
  Wattaka suddenly remembered that a local aboriginal old man had warned him to be careful a few years ago: on this isolated island, there is a mysterious and evil poisonous weed that emits a very strange fragrance. This scent can cause animals that have been inhaled for a long time to gradually lose their minds, appear various hallucinations until finally coma, and even once the scent reaches a certain concentration, it will induce various fatal diseases in the animals. The old man said that the most majestic bull would have passed out after 15 hours after inhaling the fragrance of this grass. The local people call this kind of grass “Ecstasy”.
  Did they encounter this rare poisonous weed? Wataka told everyone about his thoughts. Nelson immediately agreed with his idea. Because Nelson found that his fingers began to numb and lose consciousness, and other people in the tour group also showed signs of poisoning such as blurred vision, stiff limbs, and decreased vision. Obviously, they fell into the invisible killing formation under the “Ecstasy” without knowing it. No one knows what to do. Walking back in the dark in the middle of the night, it is very likely that you will lose your way and be completely swallowed by Ecstasy. And staying here, no one can know whether he can survive the night soberly. Fear makes everyone lose control, and this loss of control is more terrifying than death itself!
  The Jedi
  came to life, nature’s “antidote” was when fear almost made everyone breathless, Nelson suddenly stood up from the ground. He knew that something must be found to break this dull atmosphere. Nelson asked the Blacks to find some uneaten oranges and some coffee beans. Then peel off the oranges, and then use 3 handkerchiefs to wrap the orange peels in three layers and three layers, and then firmly tie them together to make a thick mask with orange peel as a filter. Finally Then tie the mask tightly to Little Jack’s nose and mouth, leaving only some tiny gaps around the mask.
  It turned out that with the professional knowledge he had learned before, Nielsen knew that orange peel is a more irritating fruit skin and has better filtering properties. Coffee beans also have a special exciting effect on the human body. If you let Little Jack If you eat some coffee beans, it will definitely help him resist the paralysis of the smell. Sure enough, after more than an hour, Little Jack’s cough was no longer so heartbreaking, and his gasping began to calm down. Nelson tells everyone, don’t let yourself fall asleep, everyone reminds each other, in short, stay awake.
  However, Vataja knew that although Nelson’s efforts could temporarily delay the paralyzing effect of “Ecstasy” on them. But to get out of this prairie where crises are lurking everywhere, these alone are far from enough. You know, they are now in the middle of the prairie, no matter which direction they go, there are unpredictable dangers waiting for them.
  More importantly, “Ecstasy” is scattered in all corners of the grassland, and their attacks are often carried out silently. Therefore, relying on their current physical strength and energy, it is harder to escape from the ambush of “Ecstasy” alive. The only way is to find an antidote that can deal with the fragrance of Ecstasy.
  As a local tour guide, Wattaka had seen old people use a fungus called Tata fungus to treat livestock that had eaten Ecstasy by mistake, and knew the location of the nearest village. However, he didn’t know where exactly these Tata bacteria grew. The current situation is one hundred thousand urgent, and it is too late to return to the village to fetch the Tata fungus collected by the villagers.
  How to do? Just as Nelson was thinking hard, Jessica screamed again: “The ant, the big ant is biting me!” At first, everyone thought Jessica had another illusion. However, soon they were attacked by ants one after another. Nelson discovered that groups of big black ants were crawling around their feet, and some of them had even crawled on them to attack them!
  Fortunately, Nielsen soon discovered that these ants just eat some sacrificial insects and do not pose a threat to their lives. As soon as these ants found that Nelson and the others were still able to move, they immediately dispersed. Looking at these ants, a question came to Nelson’s mind: Why are these ants not poisoned by Ecstasy? Suddenly, Nelson suddenly realized. Since these ants are not afraid of the poisonous gas of Ecstasy, there must be some creatures around them that can restrain Ecstasy. Nelson followed the line of ants and fumbled forward little by little. After 20 minutes, Nelson finally found the ant nest following the ant team. Around this piece of grass, he found a kind of pungent fungus growing. Nelson immediately dug out one of them carefully and ran towards Wattaka and the others holding it.
  ”That’s it! This is Tata fungus, the nemesis of Ecstasy!” Wataga looked at the wild fungus in Nelson’s hand, cheering excitedly and embracing Nelson…
  5 hours later, this adventure The tour group chewed on the Tata fungus while helping each other to take care of each other and finally returned safely to a small village near Barbados. Little Jack was quickly rescued in time, and he was completely healthy after 5 days.