Knowing that there is such a question: “How do the family members of Alzheimer’s disease patients get through?” There are 763 answers under this question. Almost every answer is a family story about “boil”. It is also a story about “Forgotten” story.
  Grandpa is a cadre heading south. After resignation, he served as a juror in the District People’s Court. At that time, a tear-off calendar was hanging behind the door of the house. Grandpa would always use a red watercolor pen to make an eye-catching note on the day when he needed to go to court for jury. Up to now, every time I think about it, the small square page of the calendar is still printed in my mind very clearly.
  I ca n’t remember the day when the red mark was no longer visible on the calendar. Grandpa often walked around the room, and then suddenly stopped, anxious in his eyes, standing in confusion. He will never accompany me to play the poker game “24 o’clock”, can no longer hold the handle to operate his favorite “Super Mary”, and even, he does not even remember who I am.
  Grandpa’s memories are being stolen bit by bit. What he likes, what he doesn’t like, has something to do with him, has nothing to do with him, and is slipping away uncontrollably. But, except for one person.
  Grandpa is like a gentle gentleman on weekdays, but as long as his temper comes up, it will still let me hide behind grandma’s clothes corner quietly. After he was seriously ill and hospitalized, he would only repeatedly say one person’s name-Zhang Suyun, this is the name he changed for the grandma who did not know the big characters. After understanding, I always think that my grandfather is actually very literary, and he must live in a small fresh heart.
  In the last days, my grandfather lost his soul every day until he called on the phone. He would say to my grandma very distressed: “I’m fine, you need to be good. Rest assured, I will be able to go back soon. This time, I won’t leave, I will be with you, and will never be separated again. ”
  Someone has forgotten everything, but can firmly remember that this is his lover. This is probably the power of love, I think.
  ”The self-developed anti-Alzheimer’s disease drug GV-971 was declared for market. This is the only new drug for treating Alzheimer’s disease in the world in 16 years that passed the clinical phase 3 trial.” It was my twelfth year when Grandpa left me.
  I watched a Korean drama about Alzheimer’s disease called “Eraser in My Mind”. After reading it, I cried for a long time. Seeing this news, I think that the countless erasers will never erase the memories of loved ones.
  Recall that it turned out to be a way back.