Eating pizza is addictive?

Several scholars said in a paper that among the 35 foods, the most addictive foods are pizza, chocolate, potato chips, biscuits, ice cream, french fries, cheese burgers, sodas, cola, cheese, bacon. Fried chicken, popcorn, breakfast cereal, gummy bear, ranking lower, less addictive is cucumber, carrot, soybean, apple, cauliflower… This result is somewhat surprising: the most addictive actually Not a sweet tooth? It seems that the aroma is more addictive than the sweetness.

Taste experts explained that almost all tastes of pizza people love to eat. Pizza is the most addictive because it is full of fat, sugar and salt, which makes the brain feel happy. The editor of the pizza magazine said that pizza has a trinity of crispy, cheese and sauce. The cheese itself is addictive, and the fermented bread and fermented cheese are both sour and salty, and the sugared fruity tomatoes make it irresistible.

A good sauce will use curry, onions, herbs and tomatoes to form a symphony of taste. In the end, there is nothing in the pizza that is taboo, no matter which style and taste of pizza, as long as it is baked in the stove, it smells very sweet. You may be a bit repelling crayfish, but crayfish pizza may not be that bad, because crayfish is not necessarily the main ingredient.

People’s hobbies about pizza may have been caused by evolution. When you are very hungry, eating pizza can make you feel full. Fat brings a feeling of fullness, the sugar in the dough and the sauce are satisfying, and salt is a necessity for survival. People like to eat pizza, and because they think of pizza, people will think of meeting with friends and family, while enjoying the food while watching the game. It is a group food. And pizza is easy to carry, you don’t need to sit down and eat it formally, eating pizza is like having a party.


One of the magical formulas of pizza is the fragility of the edges. There is also the temptation of barbecue: the most attractive volatile molecules in cooked meat are produced by the Maillard reaction. At high temperatures, the surface of the meat forms a hard shell, creating a new reaction. Carbohydrates decompose to form sugar molecules, and proteins break down to form amino acid molecules, which was discovered by French scientist Maillard a hundred years ago. Heating causes the muscle cells of the meat to break down, releasing molecules that smell meaty, and also breaking down proteins and fats to form new molecules, especially lipids, ketones and aldehydes. These new molecules make the meat A new smell, than if it is aroma, floral aroma, nutty, grassy.

Some friends said that the food that is more easily addictive in China and the pizza is the noodles. The locals have their own special sauces, and the tomato noodles are also sour. I think that our Chinese food is close to pizza, which is a pancake dumpling. It is steamy, fragrant, nutritious and cheaper than pizza. Experts say that pizza is the most addictive, not exaggerated, but worried that people can’t resist the temptation to eat too much fat, sugar and salt. One solution is to combine the most addictive and least addictive, to those pizzas that have more vegetables and fruits, or the meat that is used to smell it and not to eat.