Don’t make so much noise, let father sleep for a while.

When I went back to my hometown, I was sitting opposite an old man and a young man in the waiting room. I overheard their conversation.
The young man said, “Dad, don’t worry, the doctor said, it’s all right. The disease can be cured.”
It turned out to be a father and son, looking at some medicine in the bag beside them. Probably, the father was ill, and the son took him to the big hospital in the city for diagnosis and treatment. This is going home.
I couldn’t help feeling sympathy and gave the father a second look. The father is not too old, about 50 years old, but his face is sallow, very thin and looks very weak. He was wearing a slightly larger white shirt, brand-new, which did not quite match his dark skin. Probably, he bought it for the city. The son next to him is very well dressed. It seems that he should have taken root and sprouted in the city.
Hearing his son’s words, the father shook his head and said in a low voice, “I can’t say I can’t see it. you’ve given in and wasted your money. I know my illness, and now that you are all successful, I have nothing to worry about. I just hope to walk faster and not drag you down. ”
The son didn’t answer the question, turned his face and tears slipped quietly. He quickly raised his hand to wipe it away from his father.
My heart suddenly felt a little pain. It seems that my father’s illness is not as easy as my son said. Perhaps, where will you go’s sadness has spread in each other’s hearts.
Neither of them spoke again. After a long time, the father seemed tired, leaning against his son’s shoulder involuntarily, his eyes closed, and it seemed that he had fallen asleep.
The waiting room was crowded and noisy and was not a place to sleep. The son held his father’s waist with one hand and gently covered his father’s ear with one hand, trying to resist some noise for him.
I saw my son like a soldier on sentry duty. His body remained motionless, but his eyes looked nervously at everyone who passed by them. His eyes were filled with requests and seemed to say: Shh, don’t make so much noise, let father sleep for a while.
I met the same scene in a hospital.
It was an 80-year-old father, supported by his two daughters, who came to the hospital for a medical examination. My father is really very old, leaning on a crutch and his eyes are glazed. He will go when his daughter helps him go, and he will sit when his daughter helps him sit. He is like an obedient child.
Looking at the strange eyes cast by others, the daughter explained, “the father is old and has senile dementia. he cannot take care of himself. Even if my father doesn’t know us, as long as he is healthy and alive, we feel it is a comfort. ”
When the daughter spoke, the father looked at her all the time. Obviously, he was extremely dependent on the children, just as the children depended on him when they were young. Waiting is boring and long. After sitting on the bench for a while, the father seemed tired, leaning over his daughter’s shoulder and fell asleep.
The hospital is not very quiet. The daughter hugged her father and did not dare to move her body. The other daughter hurriedly put a coat over her father and pulled it up deliberately to cover his ears.
Looking at this scene, everyone lowered their voices and even the doctors eased their steps.
I suddenly felt that my eyes were sour. No matter in noisy waiting rooms, crowded trains or long queues of hospitals, children always rest on their father’s shoulders. When did we see a strong father take a rest in public? Fathers have always played the role of protectors. Only when they are sick, old and unable to protect their children can they take a nap without any distractions to relieve their exhaustion.
When we see a father sleeping on the shoulders of his children, it must be because his time in this world is running out. Therefore, no matter where, no matter when, when you see a sleeping father, don’t make any noise, don’t make any noise, let the father sleep quietly for a while.