” Don’t lose” eat big losses

In the 1960s, the Acropolis machine repair shop had a well-known ” no loss”. This man is shrewd and outstanding. He sees tigers burning incense, rabbits shooting and getting along with others. He never loses out on net advantages. Therefore, he is nicknamed ” not losing out”.

That year, the ” not to lose” cousin became the deputy factory director, and he also went up to heaven with the chickens and dogs and became the chief of the administrative department.

It didn’t take long to become a section chief, and it was a rainy season when ” not losing money” was especially happy. Why? During the rainy season, the staff dormitory courtyard behind the factory often leaks rain, and the staff who come to the administration department to register and repair the house rush to the rear. ” Don’t lose out” always takes advantage of lunch break every time he goes to inspect a house-it was a difficult time at that time. Grain, oil and vegetables were all supplied on the basis of this quota. ” Don’t lose out” was a camel’s stomach, and he ate a great deal. He ate his own food and felt painful. This time he finally found a good chance to eat for free.

On this day, when the lunch break bell rang, ” not to lose” lingered for a while as usual, then slowly walked towards the dormitory courtyard. He dawdled for a while in order to set aside time for others to cook so that he could catch up with the meal as soon as he arrived.

” Don’t lose” strolled out of the factory area, suddenly, he subconsciously tight smoke a few nose, yi? There was a strange smell inthe air.after taking a few deep breaths, he nodded his head and headed for the dormitory no.7 courtyard with experience.

Today, a newly-married couple moved to the 7th hospital. The husband, Shi Wen, is an accountant in the finance department of the machine repair factory. He is dull and honest. His wife’s name is Liu Fang. She is a 19-year-old country girl. She looks pretty, quick and strong.

At this time, inthe courtyard of No.7 courtyard, there is a big coal stove, onwhich sits a big ironpan, and the water inthe panis continuously tumbling. This is Shi Wen and Liu Fang’s plan to invite the neighbors in the courtyard to have a ” Shun Xi Mian” to move.

Moving to eat ” Shun Xi Mian” is an old custom in Acropolis. Noodles are made of ” Three Red Brines”. The longer the noodles are, the better. No matter how big a bowl they are, they must be filled with one piece of noodles, implying a smooth and long life after moving. However, people were all in difficulty at that time, and there was a lot less stress on the ” Shun Xi Mian”. They often went to grain shops to buy a few catties of machine-rolled slices and cooked them, one bowl for each person, which was simple and affordable.

Liu Fang wanted to show off in front of everyone because she was young and strong, and she knew how to cook noodles. As soon as she waved and danced, the dough in her hand became thin and long noodles. She ” brushed” the noodles and shook them into a large iron pan. After a while, the noodles leaned out with the boiling water, just like a dragon going to sea. Liu Fang picked up a noodle head with chopsticks in her right hand and shook it in the air. In her left hand, she took a bowl to pick it up. The noodle firmly entered the bowl. What a guy, it is really a noodles dish a bowl!

Liu Fang poured ” three bright red bitterns” into the noodle bowl, and immediately the fresh fragrance came to my sight. The neighbors could not wait to stammer.

At this time, Liu Fang noticed that the old lady Li in the next room had never left the room. Li Laotai’s wife was a boiler worker in the machine repair factory when she was alive. Li Laotai herself was deaf and dumb. Although she was said to be withdrawn and did not like to deal with people, Liu Fang felt that she was entertaining herself today and did not want to leave the old man behind.

Liu Fang pushed Li Laotai’s door open with her face. Seeing Liu Fang come in, Li laotai sat up slowly. Liu Fang motioned to her with the noodle bowl in her hand and asked her to eat noodles quickly. Old Mrs. Li took over the face. her expressionless face was slightly moved. just then, she heard a voice from the courtyard: ” what is it that tastes so sweet?”

” Don’t lose” arrived.

See ” don’t suffer” come in, Shi Wen did not dare to neglect, busy stood up and asked him to sit in the room, and called Liu Fang hurriedly ≤ noodles.

Liu Fang cooked noodles and ate all the noodles in a short while. He wiped his mouth and said to Shi Wen, ” why, did you hook up the greedy worm without being satisfied?” Shi Wen quickly lost his smiling face and said, ” I didn’t know you were coming today. if I knew, I would have met more.”

” Well, I’ll have noodles tonight.” ” Don’t lose” a pair of bean eyes glanced at liu fang, blunt Shi Wen said.

This ” does not suffer losses”, eating white food and flooding bad water, he just watched Liu Fang’s noodles have been itching. ” The public looks at the chest and the mother looks at the waist,” not to mention the face of the family, but to look at the small waist alone, one can dump one’s wife for eight streets. Shi Wen, a loser, was indignant that he had married such a beautiful wife.

Since then, ” not losing out” has become a frequent visitor to Shi Wen’s family, and as soon as he arrived, he named Liu Fang’s noodles. Liu Fang had no registered permanent residence. She and Shi Wen ate one person’s food. Soon, the bag of white flour she brought from her mother’s family when she got married bottomed out.

This day, ” not to lose” came again. Liu Fang was angry and hated. what angered him was that he did not dare to offend him even though he knew that ” not to lose” was free food. what he hated was that this ” not to lose” was getting more and more presumptuous, and several times he stole a glance at his eyes to think about it was disgusting.

Such as Liu Fang took out the noodle bag, tears came down and the noodle bag was empty. how could this be good? Is difficult, a basin of good white flour handed to Liu Fang, Liu Fang looked up, turned out to be the next woman Li. Li Laotai nodded to Liu Fang, put down the basin and left.

Because Liu Fang is kind-hearted, she is pitiful to see old lady Li. she sometimes brings her some food or helps her do some work. but she thinks that old lady Li has a heart and gives herself a bowl of noodles at the critical time. Liu Fang wiped her tears and made noodles with this basin of noodles. In his heart, he secretly decided to marching orders to ” not suffer losses” today.

Liu Fang quickly took out the empty flour bag from the small kitchen and shook toward ” not losing money” when he was ” not losing money” and said: ” section chief, you see this bag is empty, but I can’t help you to eat this food …”

Only to find that ” not losing out” was not at all serious. He smiled and said, ” I haven’t had enough for once, so, if you can feed me tomorrow, I won’t come again.”

That night, Liu Fang couldn’t sleep with anger and hid in the small kitchen to wipe away tears. At that moment, Li Laotai came. She looked at Liu Fang with concern and took a stool to sit opposite Liu Fang.

Liu Fangzheng humbled afflictive, at this time she also regardless of Li Laotai hear can’t hear, then tell the injustice of these days, when it comes to ” not to suffer” put forward the unreasonable request of ” eat”, can’t help but angry again shed tears. Old lady Li stood up, took out a handkerchief, wiped Liu Fang’s tears, and grunted out of her throat, ” don’t worry, son, I have a way.”

Liu Fang’s eyes widened in surprise: Li Laotai could hear her! Li Laotai told Liu Fang that in fact, her deaf-muteness was caused by her insensitivity to the world and her inability to talk to others, which was misrepresented.

At this time, old lady Li caressed Liu Fang’s shoulder and said, ” tomorrow I’ll make a” colorful noodle ” for” not losing money ” to ensure that he will never disturb you again.”

What is ” multicolored noodles”? Can you fill the bottomless appetite of ” not losing”? Liu Fang was full of doubts. Li Laotai, however, told Liu Fang to go to bed quickly, saying that everything was on her own.

The next day, Liu Fang got up early and went to the next room to have a look. he didn’t even see granny Li’s figure. It was not until the afternoon that she saw Li Laotai come back with a bag. She mysteriously pulled Liu Fang to the small kitchen and took out five small cloth bags from the bag in turn. The cloth bags were filled with flour in five colors of red, green, yellow, white and black. Finally, she took out a large piece of fresh mutton from the bag. She went to the suburbs early in the morning to find these.

After work on the same day, ” not to lose” came again in good faith. He was familiar with taking a seat at the door. At this point, a basin of red mutton was already on the table. Soon, Liu Fangduan came over to a large bowl of noodles. When he looked at the bowl of noodles, his eyes were immediately wide and round-the noodles of red, green, yellow, white and black colors in the bowl reflected each other, emitting fragrance. ” Don’t lose out” was overjoyed. He poured red gravy on the mutton without hesitation. He stammered and soon ate another dry gravy.

That night, ” not to lose” did not sleep, because for the first time in his life he was holding on! Some people saw ” not losing out” in the open factory area, sometimes touching their chests with both hands, and sometimes standing on their bellies and facing upwards, for a whole night.

It turns out that the ” multicolored noodles” are made of bean noodles ground from red beans, mung beans, soybeans, white beans and black beans. Bean flour swells when exposed to water, while mutton is hot and thirsty when eaten too much. ” Don’t suffer” after eating noodles, he drank water continuously due to thirst. The more water he drank, the bigger the bean noodles in his stomach became, which made him bloated. Since then, he has dropped a problem that he cannot help vomiting at the sight of noodles.

On that day, when the ” not to lose” deputy factory director’s cousin married his daughter, a plate of elaborate happy noodles was brought to the table. In the midst of all the praise, ” not to lose” actually shouted at Xi mian crazy ou, a good plate of Xi mian all spoiled. His brother-in-law immediately blacked out, and soon he was dismissed as chief of the administrative section.