Don’t Be “conjoined twins” in Marriage

My husband is a tech otaku and I am a liberal arts minor. When we are in love, we are very sweet, just like conjoined twins. However, shortly after my wedding, I had a big argument with my husband. After marriage, her husband gradually revealed his “true colors”. For example, I like to travel on holidays, and my husband likes to stay at home and play games and watch football matches. On weekends, I like to go to the cinema to watch romantic movies. My husband only likes to watch Marvel …
On this day, I asked my husband to go shopping with me. My husband was playing a game. When he heard that he was going shopping, his eyes dimmed and he eagerly begged me: “Go yourself and let me play a game at home.” Seeing my husband sticking to the sofa like a dogskin plaster, I lost my patience and went straight to pull him.
My husband was a little angry and hugged the pillow on the sofa hard: “I really don’t want to go out. I travel more than 100 days a year and only want to stay at home when I rest.” I was angry: “I want to travel with you before getting married, I want to go shopping with you, and I want to go to a love movie with you. how can you be like a different person after getting married?”
In a huff, I picked up my bag and slammed the door. I walked aimlessly in the street, getting angrier and angrier. I walked to a coffee shop. I happened to be a little tired, so I ordered a latte and found a window seat. I thought that my best friend Xiaoping lived near here, so I called her.
Ten minutes later, Xiaoping arrived. After hearing my complaint, she burst out laughing: “I thought something big had happened to you!” I wondered, “isn’t this a big deal? He is a liar! ” “Isn’t he just guilty of not going shopping with you?”
I wanted to think, too. Xiao ping looked at my tangled appearance and inspired me: “there are some things men are not interested in, why do you have to do with him?” I still don’t give up: “However, we are all married, and of course we have to do things together.”
Xiao Ping’s eyes widened: “You are married, but you have not become conjoined babies.” Then, she popularized her theory of “marital singleness” to me. That is to say, even if you are married and have a partner for a lifetime, you should still be able to remain single.
Xiao ping looked at me thoughtfully and continued to inspire me: “how did you live without knowing your husband?” Recalling the past, my face glowed: “I have a colleague who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and likes to watch exhibitions. We often go together. I have a cousin who is a travel expert. We often work together and have been to Nepal together … Sometimes, when I want to do something and can’t find a partner, I go by myself. ”
“Your single ability is good!” Xiao Ping winked at me. “Why don’t you try to regain your single strength today?” As a result, encouraged by Xiao Ping, I decided not to be a conjoined baby with my husband but to go shopping directly with her.
I have to say that shopping with my best friend is happier than shopping with my husband. We walked hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, one after the other. We commented on clothes, styles, fabrics and upper body effects … I said to Xiao ping: “touching my conscience, it’s not as good as having my husband go shopping with us.”
Only when I queued to pay the bill did I have time to take out my mobile phone. Unexpectedly, my husband’s missed calls and unread WeChat clattered out. It turned out that my husband was angry for several hours and was worried when he saw that I had not heard from him. He couldn’t help contacting me. I was having fun shopping and didn’t even notice the sound of my cell phone. He went to several places I used to visit, but he couldn’t find me. Worried, he repeatedly apologized sincerely in WeChat: “I will accompany you wherever you go in the future.”
Seeing that my husband took me so seriously, I quickly contacted him. When I learned that my best friend and I had a good time shopping, my husband was not annoyed at all. Instead, he was extremely happy: “You are happy.”
When I got home, I saw my husband’s tired look, a little distressed and a little self-reproached. My husband is a technician and spends half of his working time in other places every year. When traveling on business, you have to run around, so you want to rest at home on weekends, and people are especially homesick. Thinking of this, I said to my husband, “Husband, I will never ask you to accompany me in everything. Let’s be single this weekend! You can play the games you want to play and watch the football matches and movies you want to watch. ”
Seeing my attitude make a 180-degree turn, my husband grinned, “don’t you hate me doing these things the most, don’t you object?” Soon he was puzzled again: “Wife, what does it mean to be single on weekends?”
I patiently explained to my husband that the two men discussed a six-month trial period. The following weekend will be arranged separately. I can follow like-minded friends to do things I like. This will also give each other enough time and space to do things he or she likes. So, I went shopping and he played. My best friend and I went to see exhibitions and travel. He stayed at home and enjoyed his games and football matches.
Surprisingly, without the moral constraint of having to attend and accompany at all times, my husband is sometimes willing to participate in my “single life” instead, and the two have a sweet date from time to time. We are happy and relaxed with each other, and the feelings of the two people are better. We have become truly connected people.
Therefore, don’t be a “conjoined twins” in marriage. Two people are tied together all the time. Moderate looseness of ties and “single strength” can make marriage happier.